This is an excerpt of the Ubuntu Community Council meeting, that took place on May, 15th 2007. Only the part about the UMC project are kept.

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<Uzuul> Hi there. I'm Arnaud Quette, from the UMC team ( ...

<dholbach> next item: Uzuul wants blessing for the

<Uzuul> I've put the latest status & roadmap here:

we're on the road to success, federating *all* the players in the field (Debian, Ubuntu, Elisa, LIRC, ...) to work together...

<jsgotangco> that's a healthy spread of team members

<jsgotangco> how do you forsee this project going during gutsy development?

<Uzuul> jsgotangco: well, we will have releasable things. Elisa 0.2 will be out for the Guadec, packages are underway...

<elmo> sorry, but what does federating mean in this context?

<Uzuul> the only point is about the artwork (missing gfx designers) and the achievement of our UI goals. I've no exact idea yet!

<dholbach> looks like you have lots of ideas and a lot of people in the team

  • how many people are working on getting the changes you propose into Ubuntu?

<Uzuul> elmo: team members, working together on the same aims...

  • dholbach: some 10 peoples really active. but we are quickly growing...

<dudanogueira> Uzuul, i know a very good gfx designer. vdepizzol. he probably will be very interested in design it.

<dholbach> I'm asking because the goals you propose in look quite some work

<Uzuul> dholbach: we work a lot upstream, so hiting ubuntu by side effect...

<Uzuul> dholbach: Elisa team already address a lot Wink ;-) Isn't it Kaleo

<Kaleo> About the artwork, we have a graphist in the Elisa team

<Uzuul> dudanogueira: thanks for this. I'll contact him...

<Kaleo> Feature-wise, Elisa is meant to achieve many of the points listed in soon

<sabdfl> as i understand it, the initial step is just packaging Elisa, right?

  • that in itself would be a very good start

<dudanogueira> Uzuul, he is wright here:

<jsgotangco> that's how i got it as well

  • package Elisa, and have it on Ubuntu as a good platform

<sabdfl> that's fine by me!

<Uzuul> sabdfl: right ! I'm working, as a DD, with Loic Minier, on this point.

<sabdfl> super

<sabdfl> once you have a core piece of software like that in place, you can build a custom derivative easily enough

<Uzuul> sabdfl: but that's just a small beginning. The big things comes then Wink ;-)

<sabdfl> well, let's take one step at a time Smile :-)

<jsgotangco> there's huge interest in having free software in the entertainment hub and having this go along with Ubuntu will definitely create a following

<Uzuul> sabdfl: right, but some things can be done in // without impacting the schedule (like the LIRC improvements) Wink ;-)

<sabdfl> we get a LOT of requests for media centre functionality, so it will be great to be able to point folks at Elisa

  • LIRC?

<Seveas> infrared

  • remote control things

<jsgotangco> ahh for all-in-one remotes

<mako> sabdfl: absolutely

<Treenaks> (shouldn't lirc be replaced by proper kernel input drivers?)

<dholbach> I'm very happy you're keen on getting this done and are so enthusiastic about it; I'm with sabdfl here: I'd recommend splitting up the long list of goals in tiny tiny tasks, so you can easily track them and get people involved with them

<Uzuul> sabdfl:

<Daviey> Treenaks, being worked on already

<Treenaks> Daviey: \o/

<Uzuul> Daviey: can you contact me back for more info? I have a task underway upstream on that...

<Daviey> Uzuul, pm

<Uzuul> dholbach: the tasks splitting is planned.

<sabdfl> Uzuul: what do you need from us right now?

<Uzuul> sabdfl: an official blessing, and a mailing list.

<sabdfl> +1 from me

<MikeB-> +1 from me, definitely an area Ubuntu should support

<jsgotangco> there's some work to be done, but it seems there is more work being accomplished upstream, so I would give my +1 as well to have something for Ubuntu in the future

<dholbach> +1

<mako> if you really have ~30 members, it seems that this would be overdue

  • +1 from me

<sabdfl> elmo?

<dholbach> Uzuul: it'd be nice to hear back from you team every now and then to see how you're progressing (maybe on one of the other mailing lists)

<elmo> +1

<sabdfl> Uzuul: i think you can proceed, elmo will likely chime in with additional comments and questions in due course

<sabdfl> ok

<sabdfl> congrats Uzuul! please keep us posted, and good luck building your team

<jsgotangco> Uzuul: good luck along with the team!

<Kaleo> thank you guys Smile :)

<Uzuul> sabdfl: thanks fellows. I'll keep you informed (any prefered ml?)

<philn> \o/

* kjcole is here

<hku> cool Smile :)

<sabdfl> Uzuul: keep the UWN folks abreast of news that the whole community will be interested in, and perhaps report back here every month or so initially

<sabdfl> dcteam!

<dudanogueira> Uzuul, congrats!

<sabdfl> let's go

* beuno takes nots for the UWN

<beuno> *notes


<Uzuul> all: thanks. we'll do the necessary to succeed. see you soon. bye


<beuno> Uzuul: get in touch with me for the UWN


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