Dear members of the UMC team,

As a kind of ritual, here is the monthly "status & roadmap" post.

For the newcomers: this one only contains update information. The previous ones can be found on the team wiki page (Meetings section):


Team and project organization

We are now 30+2 members, with varied skills (developers, packagers, web designers, admins, graphic designers, users/beta testers, translators, ...).

This includes members from the following communities and development teams:

  • Debian,
  • Elisa,
  • LIRC,
  • Ubuntu MOTU,
  • Ubuntu Planet bloggers...

Florian Boucault (Elisa / UMC) and I will tomorrow attend the Community Council (CoC: meeting to ask for the project blessing.

This would (will) allow us to gain mainstream, and have more resources, such as official (and archived!) mailing lists (umc-{users,devel} Having more stable resources will also allow to communicate more widely, and attract more contributors...

Projects, Specifications and implementation

For detailed information, all the below specs are available on the wiki, through the team page. I've recently made a general polish & completion pass on the various specs, but proof reading is always welcome Wink ;-)

Software architecture

We are closely working with the Elisa team on the new architecture (aka elisa 0.2 or svn/rewrite-1):

Florian told me that the 0.2 release *must* be out for the GUADEC (July 15th).

So, comments, feedback and help welcome. Quickly if possible Wink ;-)

User Interface

We are also working with the Elisa team on the new UI:

The UMC wiki spec is still opened for comments though.

Remote Controls Support

This spec is complete, and Loic Dardant has made some implementation progress:

  • the LIRC Hardware DataBase file will be generated with the upcoming lirc 0.8.2 release.

I will take care of its integration in the debs.

  • the key naming standardization is about 60 % complete.

I'm looking for kernel hackers and GUI coders for the next big step.

As a side note, I still have HWDB ideas in mind (the kind of the LIRC ones in the Remote controls support spec). If somebody is interested in the subject...


Jason Simanek has produced a cool logo (the one used on the launchpad page), along with the color palette for the upcoming icons and artwork. Jason should also submit some variations, including medias.

I'm waiting for the CoC decision to call again for graphic designers on the ubuntu-art list, and via the planet.


I've created one more page to track down the packaging work. I will work with Loic Minier (Debian) and Philippe Normand (Fluendo) on the Elisa packaging. More information soon...

Media Center State of the art

This one is mostly complete. It still needs some completion and polishing though! More specifically, some pros and cons from a user point of view.

Open (and simple) task.

UMC Codecs Support

The only remaining points are to:

  • check for codecs list completion,
  • fill the table according to the gstreamer capabilities,
  • list the packages for the various codecs.

I'm looking for somebody to complete these.


The roadmap is still simple. For the moment we need to:

  • be blessed by the CoC tomorrow Wink ;-)

  • complete the Architecture discussion,
  • complete the UI spec and discussion,
  • complete the logo,
  • get some more graphic designers,
  • discuss about the general artwork things,
  • complete elisa packaging,
  • complete lirc tasks.

if you are interested in taking over one of the open tasks, contact me back for more details. Dont be shy, anyone can make his contribution, even small, and whatever his skills are.

We *really* need you all. The more we are, the quicker we will succeed Wink ;-)


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