Note from the Team admins

Hi Ubuntu MediaCenter members,

As you probably noticed, the UMC project has been on low-profile for several months. Work has been stopped and Fluendo doesn't currently have the resources to continue on this community effort Sad :(

So unless someone raises the hand to take over the UMC project, we are going to close this mailing list and the UMC/Launchpad stuff.

In the meantime Elisa became Moovida few months ago, the UI has been updated to give a more profesional end-user experience. We encourage you all to try Moovida. We really hope to have sometime in the future a better integration with Ubuntu in the spirit of UMC Smile :)

Thanks to you all for your efforts on this project!


This Team works on making the Ubuntu Media Center dream come true.

For a good definition of a Media Center, have a look at Wikipedia.

The main tasks of this Team are:

  • Federate all Ubuntu and upstream forces interested in the subject and create a Development Community.
  • Sum up the state of media center artwork and select a base software.
  • Specify the functions and the look & feel of the Ubuntu Media Center.

  • Create the needed resources (graphical and textual components) and plugins.
  • Package and maintain everything needed for an Ubuntu Media Center.
  • Create a specific distribution for UMC installation.
  • Maintain and improve the results.
  • Work closely with upstreams (Elisa, Debian, LIRC, etc.).

The Ubuntu Media Center will be both suited for desktop usage and operation as a dedicated appliance.

The base software that will be used is Elisa.


Either contact the Project Leader or the Launchpad UMC Team to get in touch with us.

We have set up a temporary mailing list for team usage, while waiting for the official umc-*@lists.ubuntu.com ones. Subscribe here.

How to Contribute

  • Sign up on the launchpad page.

  • Join the temporary development mailing list as described above.
  • Lay down your useful skills in the Sandbox.

Projects and status

Launchpad Membership Policy

Any kind of participation is welcome! So, if you feel you are motivated, and have to express ideas and/or skills in the MC area, join us!

However, we are especially looking for:

  • Kernel Hackers for LIRC integration
  • Graphic Designers for the UI and Artwork
  • Python Developers for Elisa plugins and skins

Strike Forces

The Ubuntu Media Center Team is subdivided into Strike Forces (SF). Each Strike Force is dedicated to varying goals and projects.


Weekly IRC meetings are held on Wednesday at 7 PM UTC in #elisa on irc.freenode.net.

Status Reports

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