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(02:10:13 PM) mdke: ok, off we go. Agenda is here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
(02:10:27 PM) mdke: so we'll defer jono's item as requested, onto the Mass team
(02:10:51 PM) mdke: leftyfb: would you like to introduce your team?
(02:11:07 PM) sabdfl: hey Seveas :-)
(02:11:17 PM) Seveas: hi sabdfl !
(02:11:34 PM) leftyfb: sorry .. currently at work and apparently when I tell people i'm busy from 2-3, that means give me 2 URGENT projects to start ASAP
(02:11:37 PM) juliux: hi sabdfl
(02:11:42 PM) Seveas: I'm picking up my secretary duties again as of this meeting
(02:12:01 PM) mdke: leftyfb: ok, well the wiki pages are very clear, let's pause for the council to read them
(02:12:03 PM) sabdfl: welcome back!
(02:12:04 PM) MikeB: Seveas: welcome back
(02:12:05 PM) mdke: Seveas: great
(02:13:05 PM) leftyfb: I am from the Massachussetts team. I'm sure you have all had some contact or heard of our team with the recent case badges project that Martin Owens (doctormo) spearheaded and I helped a bit.
(02:13:06 PM) DPic: Well the Massachusetts Team has been holding regular meetings since we got started https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings
(02:13:21 PM) leftyfb: We also have our first Installfest planned for this Saturday at MIT
(02:13:29 PM) sabdfl: DoctorMO sent me some of those badges and they are awesome
(02:13:56 PM) DoctorMO: hey all
(02:14:04 PM) DPic: Hi
(02:14:05 PM) sabdfl: the man himself :-)
(02:14:05 PM) mdke: leftyfb: for my part I'm pretty impressed with the team's wiki pages, seem very organised and you have a good few events under your belt. Has jono reviewed your application?
(02:14:06 PM) leftyfb: there he is :)
(02:14:14 PM) DoctorMO: sorry for the delay, running late from Thai lunch
(02:14:56 PM) andrea-bs: heya dfiloni2, Jak-o
(02:15:01 PM) sabdfl: leftyfb, DoctorMO: i see you have both a mailing list and a dedicated forum. do you find much overlap? and if not, how do you coordinate across those?
(02:15:10 PM) dfiloni2: Hi andrea-bs!
(02:15:20 PM) dfiloni2: hello men
(02:15:50 PM) DoctorMO: The mailing list is where we co-ordinate all out actions and notices of events; the forums are for helping users rather than organising events and funtion different needs
(02:15:51 PM) ***nairov Cheers loudly for the MA team! 
(02:16:26 PM) DoctorMO: function*
(02:16:31 PM) DPic: The mailing list is for those more involved with the time. Right now it
(02:16:41 PM) ***johnc4510 gives a big hand to MA team
(02:16:50 PM) MikeB: what areas of MA are you active in?
(02:18:02 PM) DPic: The Boston area but we have people who are in central MA who will hold meeting in Worcester to reach out to those not near Boston.
(02:18:14 PM) DPic: meetings*
(02:18:19 PM) nairov left the room (quit: ).
(02:18:58 PM) mayeco: whois mayeco
(02:19:02 PM) mayeco: ops...
(02:19:04 PM) MikeB: DPic: excellent
(02:19:04 PM) juliux: where some of your team at the boston summit this year?
(02:19:23 PM) mdke: good stuff. It's definitely a +1 from me, assuming jono has reviewed the application and ok-ed it
(02:19:57 PM) DoctorMO: juliux: the boston summit is yet to happen
(02:20:32 PM) juliux: DoctorMO, ok i thought it is allready over;)
(02:20:38 PM) mjg59: DoctorMO: No, the boston gnome summit was this weekend
(02:20:40 PM) MikeB: +1, the great wiki
(02:20:50 PM) mako: i showed up at the summit this weekend
(02:20:59 PM) mako: and i participate in the team from time to time
(02:21:24 PM) Seveas: mako, so you can't vote :)
(02:22:00 PM) DoctorMO: mjg59: missed, I don't think anyone from our group knew
(02:22:21 PM) mdke: DoctorMO: can you confirm that jono has ok-ed the application?
(02:22:27 PM) DoctorMO: mako: apart from Mako it appears
(02:22:35 PM) leftyfb: The developers summit is in a couple weeks which we will be attending
(02:22:38 PM) DoctorMO: mdke: no, is he not available?
(02:22:40 PM) DPic: I was the one who sent Jono the application
(02:22:56 PM) sabdfl: +1 from me, it's clearly a very well-organised team that's aware of the social context within which they rock
(02:23:02 PM) mako: it's an active and involved community
(02:23:11 PM) mdke: DPic: ah, ok. he was ok with it?
(02:23:21 PM) mako: and i'd recommend it, although i'm happy not voting sine i've been involved in the past
(02:23:36 PM) Seveas: elmo, what's your vote?
(02:23:38 PM) DPic: His exact words were, "Looks good. :)"
(02:23:43 PM) elmo: +1
(02:23:45 PM) mdke: DPic: good, thanks for confirming that
(02:23:51 PM) Seveas: ok, 5 times +1
(02:24:11 PM) Seveas: congratulations, Massachusetts!
(02:24:17 PM) sabdfl: welcome aboard guys
(02:24:33 PM) sabdfl: and congrats on your energy and quality of work so far
(02:24:34 PM) Seveas: popey, you're up
(02:24:34 PM) juliux: welcome massachusetts
(02:24:40 PM) popey: hi
(02:24:41 PM) leftyfb: :)
(02:24:42 PM) DPic: Woohoo!
(02:24:44 PM) maccam94: thank you!
(02:24:46 PM) DPic: Thanks so much!
(02:24:47 PM) DoctorMO: woot
(02:24:55 PM) nealmcb: ahh - another part of the country changes color to APPROVED!
(02:25:06 PM) sabdfl: holy crap that ROCKS!
(02:25:06 PM) Seveas: nealmcb, yes, the US is taking ove Ubuntu :)
(02:25:10 PM) DoctorMO: nealmcb: care to link?
(02:25:15 PM) ***popey has some general comments to add, in addition to what's on the application page
(02:25:17 PM) Mamarok: congrats Massachusetts from Switzerland too :)
(02:25:21 PM) mdke: popey: go ahead
(02:25:23 PM) sabdfl: (screencasts)
(02:25:30 PM) popey: We get a lot of positive feedback in comments on the site, and I get quite a bit of personal email from people both asking technical questions, but also just saying "thanks". Notably I've had a few that have said they were concerned about running Ubuntu but after seeing the screecast their doubts were quashed. Which is a really nice feeling!
(02:25:36 PM) ***Seveas ♥♥♥♥ the screencasts team 
(02:25:38 PM) nealmcb: it should happen soon at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/TeamList
(02:25:51 PM) popey: Having a policy of "eating our own dogfood" is important because it shows we _can_ produce quality videos (I hope) on Linux just like Windows and Mac people do with the aid of their wallets, and loss of freedom of course :).
(02:26:09 PM) popey: Making the decision to make screencasts in HD720p was hard as it requires quite a bit of computing power, disk space and eats bandwidth every time we upload a video - and we do that in 6 formats!
(02:26:25 PM) popey: We'd like to progress the spec of "Screencasts in Ubuntu" to the point where it's ubiquitous to just click an icon in an app and get a video showing you how to do what you want.
(02:26:38 PM) popey: Further to that we'd like to make it _real_ easy to make and submit screencasts to that project. At the moment whilst there are easy to use apps like istanbul et al, there are still technical challenges that need ironing.
(02:26:47 PM) popey: <EOF>
(02:26:59 PM) leftyfb: I find those screencasts VERY helpful. We're actually going to be having them run in a playlist on a projector at our installfest this Saturday
(02:27:00 PM) mdke: popey: do you have thoughts on how "screencasts in ubuntu" can relate and be integrated with documentation?
(02:27:03 PM) Seveas: popey, whenever you are in NL and in need of beer, call me :)
(02:27:19 PM) sabdfl: amazing - who will be in Boston to champion this? It's very classy thinking, but it would help if we made the whole team more aware of it
(02:27:21 PM) popey: wow leftyfb, fantastic!
(02:27:27 PM) popey: i will be in boston at UDS
(02:27:36 PM) sabdfl: figure out how to integrate screencasts into the whole ubuntu experience
(02:27:39 PM) Seveas: I'll be playing screencasts at the Ubuntu release party
(02:27:46 PM) Seveas: in NL
(02:27:50 PM) popey: yes, I would like to work on that sabdfl
(02:28:02 PM) sabdfl: popey: will you be at UDS-Boston at the end of the month?
(02:28:13 PM) popey: mdke: I just don't know, I guess some hooks which link to the local player to trigger a "how to" video
(02:28:17 PM) popey: yes sabdfl
(02:28:21 PM) DoctorMO: popey: do you have a link to your screencasts?
(02:28:25 PM) ***Barty cheers for screencast team
(02:28:28 PM) popey: DoctorMO: http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/
(02:28:39 PM) mdke: popey: let's brainstorm about it sometime
(02:28:39 PM) popey: or just google ubuntu screencasts - we take up the whole first page pretty much
(02:28:44 PM) sabdfl: popey: have you had any conversations with the ubuntu marketing team, and canonical marketing, about the Month of Screencasts? I think we should push for radical awareness and publicity of this superb work
(02:28:45 PM) popey: mdke: wilco
(02:28:58 PM) popey: it was mentioned on the fridge
(02:29:06 PM) popey: and they are syndicated on p.u.c
(02:29:13 PM) popey: (there's one there right now at the top :) )
(02:29:33 PM) popey: i have only recently started working with the marketing team and the fridge guys
(02:29:49 PM) mako: yes, the screencasts are very exciting
(02:29:51 PM) sabdfl: ok, will send a note to canonical marketing now. email addy?
(02:30:01 PM) popey: mine? alanpope@ubuntu.com
(02:30:33 PM) tonyyarusso: I had written on the -marketing ML recently about integrating various projects, including the screencasts, and popey has been most involved with keeping track of other teams and inserting info about the screencasts as appropriate of the projects I mentioned.
(02:30:54 PM) popey: yeah, "screencasts" is a kinda highligh/trigger word for me
(02:31:03 PM) popey: I home in on anyone who says it anywhere, in any medium :)
(02:31:10 PM) mdke: popey: is there a good level of contribution from other members of the team, aside from yourself, nowadays?
(02:31:29 PM) popey: mdke: making screencasts, not so much, translation and transcription, lots
(02:31:40 PM) popey: we have some subtitled in like 6 languages now
(02:31:42 PM) mako: popey: how many other people are producing screencasts?
(02:32:03 PM) popey: I'm pretty much the only one who makes them regularly :S
(02:32:13 PM) popey: we have had contributions for which I am majorly happy!
(02:32:47 PM) sabdfl: how straightforward is the process of making one?
(02:32:49 PM) popey: i think at least in part one of the problems is the high standards I like to think i have
(02:32:52 PM) OgMaciel: popey: any integration with other doc teams to create i18n versions?
(02:32:54 PM) sabdfl: is the a screencast-on-making-screencasts?
(02:32:55 PM) popey: sabdfl: not as easy as it could be
(02:32:59 PM) popey: hehehe
(02:33:07 PM) maccam94: popey: are there clear guidelines for creating a screencast? I'd be interested in contributing...
(02:33:08 PM) popey: I am so glad you asked that sabdfl
(02:33:19 PM) popey: sabdfl: no, but I have it on my to-do to make one
(02:33:20 PM) mdke: sabdfl: see their roadmap ;)
(02:33:21 PM) mako: popey: does that mean other people submit them that you do not publish?
(02:33:38 PM) popey: maccam94: join the mailing list or drop me a mail any time
(02:33:48 PM) popey: mako: not really, maybe people are put off
(02:34:02 PM) sabdfl: popey: if you can get that one up in the next few days, we can call attention to it, as well as the translation capability (do we use gettext? rosetta?) so that you get contributions for the Month
(02:34:12 PM) mako: so i love your work
(02:34:12 PM) popey: translation is tricky
(02:34:23 PM) popey: i would love to get a system to be able to import subtitles into lp
(02:34:26 PM) juliux: popey, you should be the speaker of an ubuntu news broadcast
(02:34:31 PM) popey: who can I speak to to do that?
(02:34:34 PM) mako: but a team with one person doing the core work seems strange :)
(02:34:41 PM) mdke: the team is really well organised, and doing great work now for several months. my only concern is that popey is doing all the work, but that doesn't stand in the way of approval for me
(02:34:58 PM) mdke: popey: what does approval mean for the team?
(02:35:00 PM) mako: mdke: well, a team means multiple people
(02:35:05 PM) popey: mdke: recognition
(02:35:19 PM) tonyyarusso: popey: Is there a "how to make screencasts" session for UOW scheduled yet?
(02:35:25 PM) mdke: popey: really? there is no formalprocess for approving non-locoteams
(02:35:31 PM) mdke: mako: true...
(02:35:44 PM) mako: so i'm happy to recognize popey's work, but good work, even great work, doesn't make it a team
(02:35:44 PM) popey: tonyyarusso: jono asked me, and I did do one last UOW
(02:35:48 PM) mako: right
(02:35:48 PM) popey: but it wasn't that successful
(02:35:55 PM) sabdfl: errr, we are the formal process :-)
(02:36:07 PM) Seveas: popey, re: subtitles: ask in #launchpad :)
(02:36:18 PM) coolbhavi: excuse me please gentlemen... Its already october 10 here and I have not slept for 21 hrs on a trot... Wanted to know when will I have my turn so that I can get some sleep!!.. Sorry to disturb you.... Please excuse me....
(02:36:18 PM) popey: thanks Seveas, will do
(02:36:24 PM) mdke: sabdfl: well, I mean there is no wiki page detailing requirements as there is for locoteams; and there are no advantages of being approved, as there are for locoteams
(02:36:45 PM) sabdfl: ok, +1 from me for the team, even though it still needs broadening out as a team
(02:36:45 PM) popey: I already have canonical hosting
(02:36:50 PM) popey: so it's not like I'll get that :)
(02:36:56 PM) mdke: but we approved the mythtv team, and ubuntu-women I guess
(02:37:00 PM) sabdfl: popey has done lots of teamwork and i have every confidence he will grow the team well
(02:37:03 PM) popey: sabdfl: willing to take input from all on how to achive that
(02:37:09 PM) mdke: I think the team is in a good position to grow too
(02:37:19 PM) popey: i don't mind approval being deferred until we grow
(02:37:32 PM) popey: gives us something to aim for :)
(02:37:44 PM) DoctorMO: Can I just quickly ask the CC where approved teams are listed and where the contact is mentioned? it should be me but it may be yuiry who set up our teams resources
(02:37:59 PM) Seveas: DoctorMO, wiki.ubunut.com/LoCoTeamList
(02:39:28 PM) ***popey taps the mic
(02:39:33 PM) Seveas: any other questions or is it time for votes?
(02:40:13 PM) Seveas: I'd say voting time. mdke/mako/elmo/mikeb?
(02:40:13 PM) MikeB: none here
(02:40:40 PM) mako: i'm going to abstain. i like popey's work but i don't like creating official structures before the team and if it's only one person making screencasts, i have a hard time calling it a team
(02:40:53 PM) popey: I totally understand
(02:41:03 PM) mdke: I'm slightly uncomfortable about approving without a process, because i know a lot of other teams around the community that would probably apply too
(02:41:09 PM) elmo: I feel a bit weird about +1-ing a one man team too, but I mean no disrespect to popey or the work he's done
(02:41:17 PM) mdke: but definitely +1 about popey's work and the team structures
(02:41:20 PM) popey: well technically it's not one man
(02:41:26 PM) popey: we have one person doing transcription
(02:41:31 PM) MikeB: +1 here, because I think a offical team may encourge more people to participate
(02:41:32 PM) popey: people from various locos doing translation
(02:41:44 PM) popey: but yes, I actually make most of the screencasts, yes
(02:41:50 PM) popey: thin line
(02:42:09 PM) sabdfl: i think mikeb has a good point
(02:42:23 PM) sabdfl: making the team official may well encourage people to step up
(02:42:50 PM) OgMaciel: popey: maybe you didn't see this, but... any integration with other doc teams to create i18n versions?
(02:42:50 PM) popey: I'll work on the "how to screencast, screencast" as a priority
(02:42:55 PM) Barty: Can screencasts be recorded as a team? A does the video, B gives voice-over?
(02:43:01 PM) popey: i didn't OgMaciel
(02:43:07 PM) OgMaciel: no worries popey
(02:43:17 PM) popey: OgMaciel:  I don't know that subject well, but contact me after, please
(02:43:22 PM) popey: Barty: in theory yes
(02:43:23 PM) OgMaciel: k
(02:43:35 PM) Barty: k
(02:43:43 PM) popey: Barty: better if one person plans / scripts, then another does video + audio
(02:43:44 PM) ***mdke is still unsure of what "official" means here
(02:43:50 PM) popey: then another re-encodes and uploads perhaps
(02:43:52 PM) sabdfl: given that we have a month-of-screencasts coming up
(02:43:55 PM) popey: distribute the loads somewhat
(02:44:02 PM) popey: sabdfl: it's already running
(02:44:02 PM) sabdfl: is it not worth trying to accelerate this?
(02:44:08 PM) popey: sabdfl: and overrunning
(02:44:27 PM) sabdfl: oh, i misread the "9 days"
(02:44:35 PM) sabdfl: i thought it meant it would start in 9 days :-)
(02:44:39 PM) popey: thats the countdown to gutsy :)
(02:44:43 PM) sabdfl: right
(02:44:48 PM) popey: we have already made 16 of them
(02:44:52 PM) sabdfl: well, nonetheless
(02:45:02 PM) MrEgg964: I'm sure having a plan / script laid out would help and encourage making screencast
(02:45:12 PM) popey: but as we are a small team, the workload is high
(02:45:14 PM) popey: so we have overrun
(02:45:25 PM) popey: MrEgg964: agree
(02:45:32 PM) sabdfl: it seems to me no hassle for the CC to approve the team, but i suppose we could also just say "We all think Popey's work rocks and want to encourage folks to join him and do more of this"
(02:46:01 PM) mdke: I'll definitely support that :)
(02:46:09 PM) popey: fine by me :)
(02:46:32 PM) lamont is now known as lamont-lunch
(02:46:43 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, I think promotion like that (on your blog for instance) will have more effect than making the team official, which will be noticed by much less people many of whom already know about the screencasts
(02:46:48 PM) popey: sorry to have taken up so much time
(02:47:23 PM) mdke: popey: you could get jono to blog about it too :D
(02:47:31 PM) sabdfl: ok
(02:47:32 PM) mako: right, i'd prefer the latter
(02:47:34 PM) sabdfl: i'll blog
(02:47:35 PM) mako: great :)
(02:47:38 PM) popey: only if I add the magic words "community" and "jokosher"
(02:47:42 PM) mako: popey: awesome dude :)
(02:47:44 PM) popey: yay
(02:47:45 PM) sabdfl: other's welcome to blog too!
(02:47:46 PM) mako: look forward to seeing you at the summit
(02:47:50 PM) Seveas: Two +1's out of 5 members do not make quorom, so let's defer for now and move on to members
(02:47:51 PM) popey: ditto!
(02:47:54 PM) mdke: thanks popey for everything you've done
(02:47:59 PM) popey: thanks guys! :)
(02:48:01 PM) popey: np
(02:48:01 PM) sabdfl: and then some
(02:48:02 PM) Seveas: popey, please keep rocking!
(02:48:14 PM) popey: \m/
(02:48:17 PM) mdke: not only in that team but generally as well
(02:48:25 PM) MrEgg964: Would it be possible to have screencast scenarios for which we could all contribute, add our thoughts etc., then having it reviewed and approved by acknowlegded members ?
(02:48:33 PM) Seveas: totopalma, you're the first in the list of members who's actually here
(02:48:37 PM) totopalma: ok :)
(02:48:40 PM) Seveas: please paste your introduction
(02:48:46 PM) totopalma: Hello,
(02:48:47 PM) totopalma: Iam Salvatore Palma (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PalmaSalvatore / https://launchpad.net/~palma-salvatore).
(02:48:57 PM) totopalma: I am 28 years old and i live in the south Italy.
(02:48:57 PM) totopalma: I started using Ubuntu with Breezy, and now i am using gutsy.
(02:48:57 PM) totopalma:  I am an active member of  the Ubuntu Italian Forum, where I try to help new users to solve their issues since december 2006, getting moderator status after 9 months of activity
(02:48:57 PM) totopalma: http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.php?action=profile;u=4870
(02:49:10 PM) totopalma: After a year, I obtained  Ubuntu Italian membership.  I'm working with Ubuntu-it Promotion Group and I coordinate two other projects as well, they are:  Stickers Project:
(02:49:10 PM) totopalma: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-it/+spec/stickers-ubuntu
(02:49:10 PM) totopalma: Stickers project goal is the distribution in Italy of system76's stickers. I'm coordinating the project, you can even see my name in system76 web page.
(02:49:10 PM) totopalma: These are the guidelines that we are following: http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/GruppoPromozione/StickerUbuntu/LineeGuida
(02:49:12 PM) totopalma: but they are in Italian! :)
(02:49:23 PM) totopalma: and the  Cd Ubuntu Project:
(02:49:23 PM) totopalma: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-it/+spec/cd-ubuntu
(02:49:34 PM) totopalma: Actually lots of people in Italy don't have a DSL Internet connection, they are still stuck on dial-up and they can't download Ubuntu's ISOs. There's shipit service, but sometimes CDs are not available or arrive a little late. In this way we can distribute CDs locally in shorter time.
(02:49:47 PM) totopalma: People send us the blank CD and we burn one of Ubuntu's ISO on it, the user could choose wich version we should burn.
(02:49:47 PM) totopalma: The main things this group takes care of is promoting ubuntu in the whole italy trying to fix the bug #1 every single minute, hour or day.
(02:49:47 PM) totopalma: In the near future I would like to join the ranks of the Ubuntu Italian Translators Team trying to improve the overall quality
(02:49:48 PM) totopalma:  of italian translations
(02:49:48 PM) ubotu: Launchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1
(02:49:54 PM) mdke: whoosh
(02:49:59 PM) Seveas: long intro :)
(02:50:07 PM) totopalma: yes :)
(02:50:36 PM) mdke: I'd quite like to support totopalma, I know him well from the italian community, he's doing an incredible job as organiser of various initiatives, such as distributing stickers and cds, he is always very willing to listen and help, and is generally a fabulous asset to the community
(02:50:41 PM) Barty left the room.
(02:50:42 PM) DktrKranz: Salvatore is a very active person: he is moderator of Italian forum and he's involved in several projects related to marketing issues. He puts a lot of efforts to spread Ubuntu in Italy, and his work begins to pay. Nice work, Totò!
(02:51:08 PM) totopalma: mdke, tanks :)
(02:51:11 PM) Seveas: mdke, wow, totopalma gets CC members to cheer :)
(02:51:17 PM) totopalma: DktrKranz, :)
(02:51:33 PM) bluekuja: I would like to support Salvatore as well, he's doing a great work for the italian community
(02:51:46 PM) mdke: Seveas: wholeheartedly
(02:52:09 PM) sabdfl: mdz: are we going to have a collision of TB and CC here in 8 minutes?
(02:52:28 PM) mdz_: sabdfl: my calendar says TB
(02:52:34 PM) sabdfl: +1 to salvatore from me
(02:52:47 PM) mjg59: mdz_: Fridge doesn't have TB, for some reason
(02:53:06 PM) Daviey: @schedule london
(02:53:07 PM) MikeB: +1 for me
(02:53:24 PM) Seveas: 3 done, 2 to go
(02:53:30 PM) Seveas: going well totopalma!
(02:53:40 PM) elmo: +1
(02:53:54 PM) Seveas: mako, ?
(02:55:04 PM) Seveas: no mako, it seems
(02:55:24 PM) Seveas: well, 4 out of 5 is quorum as well, so congrats and welcome aboard totopalma!
(02:55:35 PM) mdke: good job dude, keep doing what you're doing
(02:55:38 PM) DktrKranz: totopalma, \o/
(02:55:40 PM) bluekuja: congrats totopalma"
(02:55:40 PM) totopalma: thanks at all :)
(02:55:43 PM) bluekuja: :)
(02:55:46 PM) Seveas: mako, if you read back later and have objections, please shout
(02:55:46 PM) DktrKranz: totopalma, a pizza for the CC!
(02:55:54 PM) bluekuja: lol
(02:56:01 PM) totopalma: DktrKranz, lol
(02:56:10 PM) Seveas: Hattory, you're up next, let's keep this meeting moving!
(02:56:18 PM) Hattory: o/
(02:56:20 PM) Hattory: Hello, my name is Paolo Naldini, I'm 16 and I live in Italy ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NaldiniPaolo ).
(02:56:21 PM) Hattory: I joined Ubuntu on Februray 2006 with Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger" where I began to give support to the Italian Forum of Ubuntu. After that I tried to help in other support channels too.
(02:56:23 PM) twilight: ops, i'm late...my support is not needed... but, totopalma, congratulation :)
(02:56:29 PM) Hattory: After about a year, I obtained Ubuntu Italian membership.
(02:56:29 PM) Hattory: At the moment I focus on the translations in Rosetta and on the Italian wiki. The universe of "packaging" has always fascinated me but I don't have enough time to make all these things at the same time (I also attend high school :D ), let's see what will be in the future.
(02:56:29 PM) Hattory: In my wiki home page it's possible to see some of my translations made for Italian wiki, you will be able to find other translations in my launchpad account (https://launchpad.net/~hattory/).
(02:56:38 PM) Hattory: I'm waiting to join in the Ubuntu Italian Translator.
(02:56:38 PM) Hattory: I joined Ubuntu Italian Promoters Team too, where I'm working to the Stickers Project and the Cd Ubuntu Project.
(02:56:52 PM) Hattory: ;)
(02:56:52 PM) Mamarok: auguri totopalma :)
(02:57:10 PM) DktrKranz: Paolo is young, but he's pretty involved in Ubuntu. He recently started to poke with answer tracker and Rosetta in Launchpad, but his interests do not stop here: he provided a lot of help on the Italian forum and IRC chans. A very talented guy.
(02:57:11 PM) mdke: sabdfl, mdz, mjg59 : can the two meetings run simultaneously? We could carry on dealing with membership applications maybe
(02:57:24 PM) mako: Seveas: sorry, got called away.. will read the backlog
(02:57:34 PM) sabdfl: mdke: not easy
(02:57:35 PM) Seveas: mako, np, you said you were in another meeting :)
(02:57:40 PM) sabdfl: TB agenda is... short?
(02:57:46 PM) mdke: I'll support Hattory too, I've seen him doing lots of good work in the community, although I don't know him as well as totopalma, he gets my support
(02:57:54 PM) mdke: good wiki page too
(02:58:12 PM) Hattory: thanks mdke ;)
(02:58:15 PM) bluekuja: Paolo is an active member of the italian community and he's doing a great work for the italian wiki translating all the MOTU section. So I fully support his application! Rock on Paolo!
(02:58:23 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, tb agenda is 'Other business' and 'update agenda' -- possibly very short :)
(02:58:37 PM) sabdfl: i saw
(02:58:37 PM) Hattory: bluekuja, thanks bro :D
(02:58:43 PM) mdz_: sabdfl: I think the only issue for TB is delegation of MOTU membership
(02:58:52 PM) sabdfl: i think there's a discussion we could have about letting MC approve new MOTU's directly
(02:59:05 PM) sabdfl: and also about having TB officially nominate new MC members
(02:59:06 PM) bluekuja: Hattory: :)
(02:59:10 PM) sabdfl: (MC == MOTU Council)
(02:59:21 PM) sabdfl: those are sort of CC-ish anyhow
(02:59:25 PM) Seveas: indeed
(02:59:26 PM) sabdfl: and should be short
(02:59:40 PM) sabdfl: since TB is mainly focused on the release
(02:59:59 PM) Seveas: but can we please finish Hattory's application first - I'm seeing many cheers and good things
(03:00:07 PM) Hattory: :D
(03:01:00 PM) MikeB: +1 here, great work shown on wiki and launchpad
(03:01:04 PM) elmo: +1
(03:01:07 PM) sabdfl: Hattory: the LP picture is a bit thin
(03:02:22 PM) sabdfl: unless i'm misreading it, it looks like just 57 translations?
(03:02:22 PM) Hattory: bit thin??
(03:02:36 PM) Hattory: a ok
(03:02:39 PM) Hattory: :D
(03:02:53 PM) elmo: sabdfl: karma shows a fair bit of translation approval and answer tracker stuff
(03:03:15 PM) Seveas: Bug Management   17
(03:03:15 PM) Seveas: Translations in Rosetta  1559
(03:03:15 PM) Seveas: Answer Tracker  1107
(03:03:21 PM) mdke: good non-launchpad work too, which counts double!
(03:03:49 PM) Hattory: Not enough?
(03:05:23 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, mako: +1/-1?
(03:05:38 PM) sabdfl: -1 from me
(03:05:58 PM) sabdfl: i would like to see a more sustained picture
(03:06:07 PM) bluekuja: lol
(03:06:10 PM) sabdfl: but i know i'm not factoring in other contributions like forums, mailing lists, advocacy
(03:06:24 PM) sabdfl: if other folks feel he's over that hump, go ahead and +1
(03:06:27 PM) bluekuja: sabdfl: of course...not the lp picture he pushed on his profile...
(03:06:28 PM) Hattory: LOOOL
(03:06:55 PM) sabdfl: what's the story on TB now?
(03:06:57 PM) sabdfl: mdz?
(03:07:06 PM) mdz_: CC finished?
(03:07:21 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, how are you judging sustained? LP karma summary doesn't really go back beyond a few dozen of the 2683 items so it's hard to track that
(03:07:30 PM) sabdfl: no, i thought we could have those 2 TB conversations, then come back to TB
(03:07:40 PM) sabdfl: karma value != # contributions
(03:07:44 PM) mdke: we certainly shouldn't use LP karma as the only basis to judge contribution
(03:07:52 PM) mdz_: I think it would be more sensible to finish this meeting and then do TB
(03:07:55 PM) mdz_: or reschedule TB for another time
(03:07:58 PM) mdz_ left the room ("Ex-Chat").
(03:08:03 PM) mdz_ [n=mdz@ip-81-1-105-230.cust.homechoice.net] entered the room.
(03:08:04 PM) sabdfl: mdz, we have a lot of members to process
(03:08:12 PM) mdz_: otherwise, the other CC members will have to wait around during TB
(03:08:21 PM) mdz_: (and the members, for that matter)
(03:08:22 PM) sabdfl: we SHOULD have the regional member vetting teams in place by now hint hint ;-)
(03:08:41 PM) Daviey: or make membership harder :)
(03:08:41 PM) sabdfl: since we have said the CC will move away from vetting members, i think we should act on that
(03:08:43 PM) mdz_: I'm happy to reschedule, the agenda is not urgent
(03:09:11 PM) sabdfl: i'd like to get the MC things settled, if we have TB and CC here, if it is not quickly consensual we can defer
(03:09:22 PM) RicardoPerez: Sorry for the noise, but... is it necessary for the Ubuntu Member application for me to stay in the meeting? Sorry, but I must go in a few minutes, and I would like to know if that can be a problem... Thank you!
(03:09:43 PM) bluekuja: RicardoPerez: yeah, you need to be in the channel, and present yourself
(03:09:47 PM) mdz_: mjg59: are you still here?
(03:09:58 PM) RicardoPerez: bluekuja: ok, thanks!
(03:09:58 PM) Seveas: RicardoPerez, you should be there when your applications is up for discussion but you don't need to be there before that moment
(03:10:13 PM) mdke: Hattory: we'll just wait for mako to see your application, and discuss these other issues in the meantime, don't despair
(03:10:34 PM) Hattory: ok i'm always here....
(03:10:38 PM) mdke: thanks
(03:11:01 PM) RicardoPerez: Seveas, thanks a lot
(03:12:04 PM) Seveas: mdz_, sabdfl: we could do the impromptu TB/CC meeting about the MC now since mako is still away
(03:12:14 PM) mdz_: sabdfl: we're missing 2/4 and for a delegation matter I think we should have a full complement
(03:12:57 PM) sabdfl: ok
(03:12:59 PM) sabdfl: defer TB
(03:13:04 PM) mjg59: mdz_: Yes
(03:13:05 PM) sabdfl: let's continue with members
(03:13:09 PM) mjg59: (sorry)
(03:13:10 PM) sabdfl: err...
(03:13:15 PM) sabdfl: is that 3/4?
(03:13:23 PM) mdz_: it is
(03:13:28 PM) mdz_: Scott is on a train
(03:14:03 PM) sabdfl: mjg59: are you happy for TB to nominate MOTU Council folks, rather than just me? confirmation / selection-from-shortlist vote would be whole ubuntu-deve (MOTU and core)
(03:14:21 PM) mjg59: I'm happy with that
(03:14:24 PM) sabdfl: cool
(03:14:35 PM) sabdfl: any comments from community folks on this subject?
(03:15:10 PM) nealmcb: Do you have a link to the agenda or topic you're discussing?
(03:15:11 PM) mdke: no problem from me
(03:15:21 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, +1
(03:15:31 PM) sabdfl: ok, let's mail keybuk, and if he's +1, let's discuss the suggestions dholbach has made for new MC folks
(03:16:00 PM) sabdfl: next, TB, are you happy for MC to approve new MOTU members directly, notifying TB, rather than suggesting them for TB's approval?
(03:16:13 PM) mdz_: I believe I suggested it, so yes
(03:16:29 PM) sabdfl: i'm +1, I think the MC are doing a super job
(03:16:33 PM) nealmcb: It seems that two meetings this morning have run into scheduling problems and some frustrations because of some problems with the meeting scheduling system - hopefully those can be fixed soon :-)
(03:16:42 PM) mjg59: +1 here too - I've no reason to doubt their judgement so far
(03:17:11 PM) sabdfl: ok. we will have complete visibility on everything they do via LP in any event
(03:17:12 PM) mdke: that involves granting membership too doesn't it?
(03:17:14 PM) mdz_: we've had no substantial issues with their selections and they've been rigorous in recording their rationale
(03:17:27 PM) sabdfl: mdke: yes, good point, any comments from CC?
(03:17:59 PM) mdke: I'm happy with whatever the TB decides, seems clear that the MC are doing a great job
(03:18:15 PM) sabdfl: MikeB, elmo, mako et al?
(03:18:34 PM) elmo: fine by me
(03:19:13 PM) MikeB: fine here
(03:19:36 PM) Seveas: (mako still afm)
(03:19:47 PM) sabdfl: ok, i'll mail lists giving keybuk and mako a chance to object, but i think it's clear we're all generally in favour
(03:19:48 PM) Seveas: so unanymous +1 of all active CC/TB members
(03:19:56 PM) RicardoPerez: sorry, I must to go. see you!
(03:20:02 PM) Seveas: bye RicardoPerez !
(03:20:02 PM) sabdfl: congrats to dholbach and the MC for doing such a great job
(03:20:08 PM) RicardoPerez left the room (quit: "Saliendo").
(03:20:14 PM) sabdfl: thanks TB
(03:20:18 PM) sabdfl: any other TB business?
(03:20:19 PM) bluekuja: sabdfl: new MC members vote is scheduled for?
(03:20:39 PM) sabdfl: bluekuja: no schedule but likely soon, we have some good candidates
(03:20:46 PM) sabdfl: TB is discussing
(03:20:58 PM) bluekuja: sabdfl: really nice to hear, thanks
(03:21:06 PM) sabdfl: ok, thanks TB, mdke take it away
(03:21:20 PM) ***mdke passes on to Seveas 
(03:21:26 PM) sabdfl: :-)
(03:21:29 PM) ***Seveas passes on to kagou :)
(03:21:32 PM) Seveas: you're up!
(03:21:40 PM) kagou: Seveas, ok let's go
(03:21:53 PM) kagou: Hi, my name is Patrice Vetsel, i'm french, i'm 36 years old. I'm using Linux since 1993. I discovered no-name-yet (thanks to seb128) and since this great day, i'm completely ubuntu addicted
(03:21:58 PM) kagou: I'm doing my best helping people (irc/forums/tutorials), triaging bugs and i'm trying to do more and more patches or packages upgrades (playing with ppa)
(03:22:03 PM) kagou: At this time i'm writing a dozen articles for a special edition (gutsy) of a french magazine.
(03:22:18 PM) bluekuja: Seveas: sorry, but what's the final decision for Hattory's application?
(03:22:23 PM) Hattory: ehm....
(03:22:33 PM) Seveas: I've seen Patrice since forever
(03:22:56 PM) Seveas: bluekuja, Hattory: no decision yet, with the -1 from sabdfl we need a vote from mako for quorum
(03:23:12 PM) Hattory: ah, ok no problem......
(03:23:14 PM) Hattory: ;)
(03:23:15 PM) bluekuja: Seveas: thanks, we have to wait mako then
(03:23:28 PM) bluekuja: thought it got deferred
(03:24:35 PM) bluekuja: kagou: do you have a wiki/LP page to show up to the CC?
(03:24:43 PM) mdke: kagou: what are your most active activities at the moment?
(03:24:45 PM) sabdfl: lots of folks saying patrice has been very active for a long time
(03:24:46 PM) kagou: indeed
(03:24:51 PM) ***mako is back
(03:25:01 PM) kagou: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VetselPatrice https://edge.launchpad.net/~vetsel-patrice
(03:25:01 PM) bluekuja: wb mako
(03:25:21 PM) bluekuja: kagou: sorry for bothering, but that's required for your presentation :)
(03:25:21 PM) kagou: mdke, my top priority is finishing articles
(03:25:24 PM) seb128: I confirm that kagou is around for quite some time now and an useful community member
(03:25:27 PM) sabdfl: lots of bugs associated with kagou too
(03:25:34 PM) mdke: bluekuja: it's ok, we have it on the agenda
(03:25:38 PM) sabdfl: +1 from me based on support from longstanding ubuntu stalwarts
(03:25:54 PM) bluekuja: mdke: oh sorry then :)
(03:26:09 PM) mdke: yes, impressive array of comments from key members
(03:26:21 PM) kagou: mdke, i'm very honoured by them
(03:26:23 PM) mako: [CATCHING UP] +1 on totopalma, nice work! :)
(03:26:39 PM) kagou: and thanks seb128  :)
(03:26:46 PM) mdke: kagou: what sort of articles?
(03:27:34 PM) totopalma: mako, thanks :)
(03:27:41 PM) seb128: kagou: you're welcome ;)
(03:27:47 PM) kagou: i'm talking about, what an user can do after gutsy installed (user management, sharing informations/printers/where to find informations/help …)how to contribute
(03:27:47 PM) elmo: +1
(03:28:23 PM) mdke: kagou: is that for the ubuntu-fr site or elsewhere
(03:28:43 PM) MikeB: +1 for kagou,
(03:28:47 PM) kagou: mdke, it's for http://www.ed-diamond.com/
(03:28:56 PM) kagou: Linux Pratique HS  Gutsy
(03:29:01 PM) mdke: ah, nice
(03:29:15 PM) mdke: good work; +1 from me for contribution over a long period
(03:29:30 PM) sabdfl: i think that's the ticket?
(03:29:41 PM) mdke: yep, well done kagou
(03:29:44 PM) Seveas: yup, apart from reading-back-mako :)
(03:29:51 PM) kagou: Great ! Thank you all :)
(03:29:52 PM) Seveas: well done, welcome aboard!
(03:29:59 PM) bluekuja: kagou: welcome!
(03:30:03 PM) Seveas: OgMaciel, you're next
(03:30:09 PM) OgMaciel: Seveas: k
(03:30:24 PM) OgMaciel: My name is Og Maciel, born in Brazil but living in the United States since 1991. Graduated from Pace University with a BS in Biochemistry in 1997. Married since 2000, father of a 5 1/2-year-old and a 8-month daughters.
(03:30:33 PM) OgMaciel: After a very successful 18 months as the leader for the Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team, I decided to step down so someone else could have a chance to perform this task. I also decided to dedicate whatever time I had free to translate directly with the GNOME, XFCE, and KDE upstream teams.
(03:30:43 PM) OgMaciel: Recently became a GNOME Foundation member, leader for the XFCE Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team, helped release a 100% translated GNOME Desktop for the last two release cycles, became a developer for Foresight Linux and saw my free time cut down dramatically due to the events already mentioned. :)
(03:30:51 PM) OgMaciel: basically, I'm here to renew
(03:30:53 PM) Seveas: OgMaciel, you're ubuntu member already :)
(03:30:54 PM) OgMaciel: :)
(03:30:58 PM) mdke: I find it extraordinary that OgMaciel isn't already a member; negligence somewhere
(03:31:04 PM) OgMaciel: basically, I'm here to renew
(03:31:12 PM) OgMaciel: sorry for the confusion
(03:31:28 PM) mdke: ah. You don't need to; you can renew yourself
(03:31:34 PM) Seveas: OgMaciel, ah, there's no need to come to a meeting for that
(03:31:38 PM) bluekuja: mdke: for membership renew, should a member come to a CC meeting again or just renew by LP?
(03:31:47 PM) OgMaciel: mdke: I figured I'd let you guys decide it  ;)
(03:31:58 PM) bluekuja: mdke: oh ok,  answered already :)
(03:32:16 PM) mdke: OgMaciel: definitely +1 from me then
(03:32:20 PM) Mamarok: brb
(03:32:31 PM) MikeB: maybe we should put a note about renewals on top of the CC agenda:)
(03:32:36 PM) Seveas: MikeB, +1
(03:32:46 PM) bluekuja: MikeB: yeah, thanks
(03:32:48 PM) OgMaciel: mdke: thanks!
(03:32:48 PM) mdke: MikeB: from what I understand, he *wants* us to consider his renewal for him
(03:32:54 PM) mdke: I can appreciate that
(03:32:55 PM) OgMaciel: mdke: yes
(03:33:23 PM) mdke: we have a lot of renewals from people who aren't contributing any more, and OgMaciel is more than worth it for me
(03:33:24 PM) ***OgMaciel strongly believes in meritocracy(sp)
(03:33:44 PM) mako: FTR, i'm +1/happy with the MC proposal
(03:33:54 PM) MikeB: +1 here, Og has done and is doing great work for Ubuntu
(03:33:59 PM) bluekuja: nice to have you around OgMaciel
(03:34:02 PM) OgMaciel: thanks MikeB
(03:34:07 PM) OgMaciel: bluekuja: :)
(03:34:09 PM) elmo: mdke: (we do?)
(03:34:12 PM) juliux: OgMaciel, i like your way to go again to the cc
(03:34:15 PM) sabdfl: nice to have you around again OgMaciel, please definitely renew yourself!
(03:34:18 PM) elmo: mdke: (renewals from people who aren't contributing)
(03:34:18 PM) sabdfl: thanks mako
(03:34:31 PM) OgMaciel: thank you sabdfl
(03:34:32 PM) elmo: +1 for OgMagciel's renewal
(03:34:34 PM) mdke: elmo: I see em sometimes when I don't have enough other email to read
(03:34:57 PM) mdke: elmo: perhaps "a lot" is an exaggeration though
(03:35:09 PM) mdke: should have said "plenty"
(03:35:17 PM) ***mako is +1 for kagou
(03:35:20 PM) Seveas: mdke, can't disagree with that :)
(03:35:20 PM) Seveas: (I have killer lag btw)
(03:35:46 PM) kagou: thanks mako :)
(03:35:49 PM) mako: +1 from me for og, very suprising it hasn't happened yet
(03:35:53 PM) ***mako is caught up now
(03:36:03 PM) mako: i'm talking to Hattory in a query, ATM
(03:36:08 PM) mdke: ah, thanks
(03:36:08 PM) Seveas: ok
(03:36:09 PM) mako: i'll get back on that in a second
(03:36:15 PM) OgMaciel: well, I lost a good friend from the GNOME community yesterday and for what is worth, I dedicate my renewal to Raphael Higino
(03:36:15 PM) Seveas: thanks for the heads up
(03:36:26 PM) OgMaciel: thank you all
(03:36:26 PM) effie_jayx: OgMaciel,  cheers dude...
(03:36:28 PM) mdke: OgMaciel: sorry to read about that
(03:36:38 PM) OgMaciel: cheer effie_jayx  :)
(03:36:44 PM) OgMaciel: thanks mdke :/
(03:36:59 PM) mayeco: nice OgMaciel!!
(03:37:12 PM) OgMaciel: thanks mayeco
(03:37:24 PM) Seveas: OgMaciel, good job, good luck in the coming years with Ubuntu~
(03:37:37 PM) Seveas: DPic, you're up
(03:37:42 PM) OgMaciel: thanks Seveas! Hope to see you soon
(03:37:52 PM) DPic: Hello! My name is Danny Piccirillo https://launchpad.net/~danny.piccirillo https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Dpic I am 16 years old and a proud member of the Ubuntu-MA LoCo Team which just got approved :)
(03:37:54 PM) ***OgMaciel goes back to his world of Python and Ajax
(03:38:07 PM) DPic: I started using linux with Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft and i have been more and more involved ever since. I have been most involved with wiki work. I did a big portion of the work on the Ubuntu-MA LoCo Team Wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam including restructuring the entire wiki to make it more efficient for new visitors not familiar with the group. This took some planning out and a lot of time.
(03:38:37 PM) DPic: I created the Exchange Project https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Projects/Exchange which hasn't gotten started up yet but aims to be a service we provide to take in computers for people to install Ubuntu on and then return them.
(03:38:56 PM) DPic: The Donation page i created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Donate serves to take in donations of money which we can spend for projects or events or hardware which we can give away to schools and libraries with ubuntu installed.
(03:39:22 PM) DPic: Other wiki contributions to the team i have made are still being worked on but i do hope to expand my wiki contributions to outside of my Loco team as well. Outside of the team i contribute simply by advocating Ubuntu wherever i can. I have even gotten the Technology Department Head at my school to provide me with a brand new iMac (right out of the box) to install Ubuntu on and collect feedback from students. :)
(03:40:01 PM) mdke: nice wiki page DPic. How long would you say you have been involved in contributing?
(03:40:31 PM) DPic: Well probably only a month or so after trying Ubuntu for my first time which is around one year ago
(03:41:01 PM) mako__: soryr about that
(03:41:49 PM) sabdfl: DPic:  you mean you've been contributing for 11 months, or 1 month?
(03:41:49 PM) mdke: would anyone who has worked with DPic like to big him up?
(03:42:06 PM) DPic: 11
(03:42:47 PM) DPic: leftyb, DoctorMO?
(03:43:05 PM) sabdfl: DPic: would you say most of your contribution has been in the form of advocacy, rather than documentation, translations, code etc?
(03:43:21 PM) DPic: Yes
(03:43:46 PM) sabdfl: can you point to specific outcomes from that advocacy?
(03:43:48 PM) mako left the room (quit: Nick collision from services.).
(03:43:49 PM) DPic: I do a lot of advocacy. I'm an activist at heart and an environmentalist too!
(03:44:00 PM) sabdfl: both good things in an ubuntero :-)
(03:44:31 PM) leftyfb: DPic has done a ton of work with our wiki and made a lot of effort to organize our group based on that
(03:44:39 PM) DPic: Well like i mentioned i have gotten Ubuntu on one computer at my school so far. With the help of the Ubuntu-MA team i think we can advocate to schools, or even entire districts
(03:44:57 PM) DPic: At our last meeting we brought up going to elementary schools first
(03:45:01 PM) leftyfb: sorry, I was off troubleshooting power supplies at work :)  (nobody makes then like they used to)
(03:45:48 PM) mako__ is now known as mako
(03:46:05 PM) DPic: Also, possibly coordinating a small team to show off Ubuntu to schools and let them try it out for themself
(03:46:17 PM) coolbhavi: sorry for disturbing you gentlemen... hi i am bhavani shankar studying BSEE in india (https://launchpad.net/~bhavi) I am currently the head of the bmslug of our college and presently I am doing work on ubuntu media center edition btw hanging round in the answer tracker helping out newbies.. and just now started doing with translations... I am the head of bangalore ubuntu user group.. Have discussed with the team members about kannada localisation
(03:46:17 PM) coolbhavi: and will set up a irc channel and mailing list soon as  possible since i m busy with my academics going side by side... I am also the driver of indubuntu project But which i have defered due to lack of support! So I started working on ubuntu media center edition now sir... btw I am doing research on processor design and comp security sir..Here goes the synopsis sir..I am currently doing research  in processor design trying to find a relationship b
(03:46:18 PM) coolbhavi: etween number of cores feasible and transistor integration levels... power in a processor is given by dynamic capacitance(to maintain IPC efficiency)*voltage squared of the transistor i/o buffers*switching frequency of transistors and true performance of a processor is given by frequency of the processor*instructions per clock cycle.. Now I over clocked my Pentium D processor on 945G chip set( Intel doesn't provide OC bios, So I OC using Integrato
(03:46:22 PM) mode (+o Seveas ) by ChanServ
(03:46:22 PM) coolbhavi left the room (requested by Seveas).
(03:46:22 PM) mode (-o Seveas ) by ChanServ
(03:46:31 PM) mayeco: woow
(03:46:35 PM) leftyfb: very rude
(03:46:51 PM) Seveas: quite
(03:47:21 PM) ajmitch: full dump of the wiki page?
(03:47:57 PM) bluekuja: ajmitch: yeah, seems so..
(03:48:19 PM) jpatrick: back on topic...
(03:49:35 PM) Seveas: CC members, you're all awfully quiet
(03:49:35 PM) mdke: leftyfb / DoctorMO : any comments on DPic's contributions?
(03:49:48 PM) mdke: ah, missed yours leftyfb, sorry
(03:49:48 PM) sabdfl: DPic: good work so far, but i think you should keep it up, build more of a track record, then come back
(03:50:13 PM) mdke: I'd be ok with giving my +1 based on the work towards the team wiki pages, which are really good
(03:50:14 PM) sabdfl: ok, how many folks in the queue?
(03:50:25 PM) Seveas: 4
(03:50:34 PM) sabdfl: they really are very good wiki pages
(03:50:52 PM) coolbhavi [n=bhavi@] entered the room.
(03:50:58 PM) DPic: Thanks :)
(03:51:01 PM) sabdfl: but i feel that's a relatively recent burst, if that's not the case, shout DoctorMO or leftyfb
(03:51:11 PM) sabdfl: welcome back coolbhavi, we'll come to you shortly
(03:51:14 PM) leftyfb: I think DoctorMO is AFK. DPic has done a lot of work on our wiki and helping our team keep organized within it's guidelines. This includes submission to getting our team approved and making sure and helping out with the requirements for the approval
(03:51:17 PM) DPic: sabdfl is there anything specific you think i should work on more?
(03:51:56 PM) leftyfb: DPic has been with the team longer than I have (i joined in April) so i'm not sure how long he's been contributing to be honest.
(03:52:13 PM) sabdfl: hmm.. ok
(03:52:21 PM) mako: DPic: drop your introductory information in a query, i missed it
(03:52:26 PM) leftyfb: But he's been a key player and one of the most active sinde i've been there :)
(03:52:46 PM) DPic: I joined before we really built up any momentum and helped construct the wiki to push us in the right ddirection
(03:52:48 PM) ***mako is happy with a +1 for Hattory
(03:52:53 PM) mako: Hattory: welcome
(03:52:59 PM) sabdfl: ok, +1 from me then, MassTeam is definitely active and if DPic's at the center of that, kudos
(03:53:00 PM) mdke: well done Hattory
(03:53:03 PM) Hattory: thanks bro ;)
(03:53:10 PM) Hattory: i'm very happy
(03:53:12 PM) sabdfl: ok, rocking on
(03:53:15 PM) Seveas: congrats Hattory !
(03:53:18 PM) Hattory: CC ROCK
(03:53:21 PM) Hattory: :D
(03:53:25 PM) coolbhavi: sabdfl Sir I am running out of sleep almost for a day sir, Please bare with me sir... And excuse me for any mistake commited on my part sir..
(03:53:26 PM) bluekuja: congrats Hattory, well done
(03:53:31 PM) maruscia: grats, Hattory !
(03:53:35 PM) DktrKranz: Hattory, yeah!
(03:53:36 PM) jpatrick: congrats Hattory!
(03:53:47 PM) Hattory: thanks all
(03:53:49 PM) Hattory: :D
(03:53:49 PM) twilight: congrats Hattory :)
(03:53:55 PM) sabdfl: no problem coolbhavi. Seveas can we sequence the next 4 by TZ starting with the most sleep-=deprived?
(03:53:57 PM) mayeco: i'm next but I want to give the change to coolbhavi to go now if the CC want
(03:54:07 PM) sabdfl: very good of you mayeco
(03:54:12 PM) mdke: elmo, MikeB, mako: DPic?
(03:54:18 PM) MikeB: +1 for Dpic
(03:54:30 PM) mayeco: thanks sabdfl :D
(03:54:32 PM) coolbhavi: thank you sir
(03:54:41 PM) mayeco: np coolbhavi
(03:54:46 PM) sabdfl: coolbhavi: sec, seveas will give you the go-ahead shortly
(03:54:52 PM) DoctorMO: I think DPic has done great work and he's always there at meetings
(03:54:55 PM) DPic: Thanks MikeB, sabdfl!
(03:54:59 PM) paolettopn: congrats Hattory :)
(03:55:00 PM) elmo: +1
(03:55:07 PM) Seveas: coolbhavi, you're up when mako/elmo voted but please shorten your intro. The stuff you pasted in the query to me is far too long and not relevant to this meeting :)
(03:55:12 PM) andrea-bs: I have to go, see you next meeting!
(03:55:14 PM) andrea-bs left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(03:55:17 PM) Hattory: paolettopn, ;)
(03:56:17 PM) coolbhavi: I cant sir because that was a shortned intro sir.. I am writing a book on hacking sir..
(03:56:36 PM) mako: DPic: i'm trying to place your face. i'm sure we met at MA things
(03:57:11 PM) leftyfb: he came with the posse of friends to the FSD
(03:57:13 PM) Seveas: coolbhavi, books on hacking are not relevant to ubuntu -- limit your intro to ubuntu contributions please
(03:57:28 PM) coolbhavi: OK sir
(03:57:29 PM) DPic: I have dreadlocks if that helps. I don't think we actually met though i was at Software Freedom Day
(03:57:34 PM) paolettopn: I'm exit, see you next time...
(03:57:39 PM) Seveas: (CC: sorry for being a bit harsh, but the stuff he pasted in the pm was 2 pages of scrolling :))
(03:57:47 PM) paolettopn left the room ("stò uscendo da questo canale...").
(03:57:48 PM) mako: ah, from newton high school?
(03:58:00 PM) ***mako is fine with a +1 ,looking forward to seeing DPic this weekend :)
(03:58:11 PM) Seveas: DPic, yay, welcome aboard
(03:58:18 PM) Seveas: coolbhavi, you're up
(03:58:19 PM) DPic: Thanks mako, everyone!
(03:58:28 PM) ***DoctorMO is looking forward to seeing our first batch of feisty cds
(03:58:36 PM) leftyfb: yay DPic!
(03:58:49 PM) DoctorMO: congratulations DPic
(03:58:55 PM) jpatrick: grats DPic
(03:59:44 PM) maruscia left the room ("Sto andando via").
(03:59:56 PM) Seveas: coolbhavi, ?
(04:00:09 PM) mako: i am caught up or did i miss doing something?
(04:00:09 PM) coolbhavi: Hello to all.. i am bhavani shankar studying BSEE in india (https://launchpad.net/~bhavi) I am currently the head of the bmslug of our college and presently I am doing work on ubuntu media center edition btw hanging round in the answer tracker helping out newbies.. and just now started doing with translations... I am the head of bangalore ubuntu user group.. Have discussed with the team members about kannada localisation and will set up a irc chan
(04:00:11 PM) maccam94: congratulations DPic!
(04:00:11 PM) coolbhavi: nel and mailing list soon as  possible since i m busy with my academics going side by side... I am also the driver of indubuntu project But which i have defered due to lack of support! So I started working on ubuntu media center edition now sir... btw I am doing research on processor design and comp security sir..
(04:00:42 PM) bluekuja left the room (quit: Nick collision from services.).
(04:01:23 PM) bluekuja [n=andrea@ubuntu/member/bluekuja] entered the room.
(04:01:28 PM) Seveas: coolbhavi, have you collected testimonials from other community members?
(04:01:41 PM) coolbhavi: No sir....
(04:01:52 PM) mdke: coolbhavi: the names of the teams you have created are a little odd; for example "ka" is the language code for Georgian (https://translations.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ka), you've avoided conflicting with that team by missing out the "l"
(04:02:03 PM) juliux: coolbhavi, when you started working for ubuntu?
(04:02:18 PM) mdke: also, the disabled team seems to overlap with the accessibility team
(04:02:26 PM) coolbhavi: since warty days...
(04:02:44 PM) mako: right
(04:02:58 PM) Seveas: 27 karma for translations since warty is a bit on the low side
(04:02:58 PM) mako: ubuntu for the disabled seems to overlap completely with the accessibility team
(04:03:02 PM) lamont-lunch is now known as lamont
(04:03:06 PM) mdke: do you work with the accessibility team or the
(04:03:23 PM) mdke: ah, I think the link you wanted for the first team is https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-kn/
(04:03:27 PM) sabdfl: coolbhavi: what are you contributing to the media center edition?
(04:03:40 PM) mako: coolbhavi: do you have any testimonials?
(04:03:53 PM) coolbhavi: Ok sir I ll change it...  Gaming in Ubuntu media center
(04:03:55 PM) mako: my sense from looking at your page is that you've started a lot more projects than you've joined
(04:04:42 PM) sabdfl: coolbhavi: usually, we would look for indications of contributions to existing teams or initiatives
(04:04:44 PM) mdke: Rosetta appears to show that you've translated only 4 strings so far
(04:04:59 PM) sabdfl: sometimes we have folks who have setup new initiatives or teams
(04:05:00 PM) mdke: but you have good karma from the answer tracker :)
(04:05:16 PM) sabdfl: but we usually only give them membership once those teams grow into something significant
(04:05:26 PM) sabdfl: in this case, it seems you have touched lightly on a lot of areas
(04:05:48 PM) sabdfl: but it's not clear in which part of ubuntu you have made a contribution that would be described as "significant and sustained"
(04:06:01 PM) coolbhavi: I have been in constant contact with aramud quette but never knew about the tetimonals sir..
(04:06:23 PM) sabdfl: arnaud?
(04:06:33 PM) coolbhavi: yes sir
(04:06:53 PM) mako: coolbhavi: testimonials are described in the process documentation
(04:06:54 PM) sabdfl: ok. well, perhaps he will be willing to do a testimonial for you
(04:07:01 PM) mako: one, they help us know that you are doing good work
(04:07:11 PM) mako: second, and equally important, they show that you are working as a good team member
(04:07:14 PM) sabdfl: there are lots of ways to become a member, but just being a user or lightly involved is not enough
(04:07:25 PM) mako: i'd like to withhold voting until we've see that
(04:07:36 PM) mdke: coolbhavi: ideally I think I'd like to see some more contribution and a more organised wiki page
(04:07:41 PM) sabdfl: membership is for people who have earned a say in who leads the project, and major issues that confront the project
(04:07:50 PM) sabdfl: i'll defer voting too
(04:07:53 PM) MikeB: I'm curious, on your wiki you want to make a distro based off of Ubuntu. Is this to learn how to make a distro, or do you feel something is missing from Ubuntu
(04:08:05 PM) mdke: coolbhavi: but don't be discouraged, please keep contributing
(04:08:26 PM) sabdfl: yes, your enthusiasm is contagious, please keep it up
(04:08:32 PM) ***mako nods
(04:08:42 PM) mako: coolbhavi: yes, great work. please try to build up a few testimonials and come back :)
(04:09:12 PM) sabdfl: should give the gracious mayeco the floor?
(04:09:17 PM) Seveas: yes please
(04:09:25 PM) Seveas: mayeco, the mic is yours
(04:09:27 PM) mayeco: can I go now?
(04:09:29 PM) mayeco: ok
(04:09:31 PM) mayeco: thanks
(04:09:43 PM) mayeco: Hello, My name is Mario Young. I am also known as mayeco. I have been using only GNU/Linux since Ubuntu 6.06 the great Dapper Drake. I'm the current contact for the Ubuntu Panama Team, I have been the webmaster of http://www.ubuntupanama.org/ since the creation, I'm planing to move it to ubuntu-pa.org, I am also a moderator on the mailing list and forums. I have helped many people with ubuntu giving CD's and with training/support
(04:09:43 PM) mayeco: in IRC, mail list and personaly. I like very much programing in C++ and now I'm learing Qt4/KDE4, I have SVN account and I make a few commits for the community! :), My wiki page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mayeco
(04:10:18 PM) coolbhavi: I am on the ubuntu India Irc channel helping out newbies and I am an open source advocate sir my chair dr.Ravishankar deekshit ( ravi_yedatore@rediffmail.com) is a testimonal sir...
(04:10:21 PM) Riddell: ooh, KDE
(04:10:34 PM) mayeco: XD hey Riddell
(04:11:32 PM) mayeco: Riddell: I see you in the applet aKademy picture
(04:12:27 PM) Riddell: feel free to hang around in #kubuntu-devel, plenty of qt/kde bits to be done
(04:12:47 PM) jpatrick: mayeco: me parece muy bien lo que estas haciendo :)
(04:12:57 PM) mayeco: gracias jpatrick!!!
(04:12:57 PM) juliux: mayeco, for which case you have created the edubuntu-users team on launchpad?
(04:13:08 PM) mayeco: mmmmmmm I want to make this
(04:13:20 PM) mayeco: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuUsersMembers
(04:13:30 PM) mayeco: but this is other discusion
(04:13:49 PM) juliux: mayeco, thxs
(04:13:57 PM) sabdfl: it's a very nicely laid out wiki page, mayeco
(04:14:01 PM) mdke: nice testimonial from effraie; good to hear you're working closely with the other spanish speaking teams
(04:14:16 PM) mayeco: thanks sabdfl!
(04:14:19 PM) mdke: mayeco: are there others working with you in the panama team, or are you the major contributor?
(04:14:37 PM) coolbhavi: OK SIR thanks for the advice..:) and I am actually building a distro on ubuntu sir...... Can I come back tommorow sir?
(04:14:37 PM) macd: sorry Im a bit late!, Im on the list for membership.
(04:15:00 PM) mayeco: please finish with coolbhavi :D
(04:15:00 PM) Hattory: I must exit.... great meeting and thanks again... see you
(04:15:14 PM) sabdfl: coolbhavi: we don't meet that often. there will be an asia team in place shortly that can work with you
(04:15:22 PM) ***beuno would like to express his support for mayeco, he ahs been very active in getting all the spanish LoCos organized
(04:15:23 PM) Hattory left the room ("Ex-Chat").
(04:15:32 PM) mayeco: thanks beuno!!
(04:15:35 PM) sabdfl: mayeco: how many loco's are you actively working with?
(04:16:07 PM) sabdfl: and how many people are participating in the panama loco, echoing mdke's question
(04:16:09 PM) mayeco: mmmmm ubuntu-co (born in colombia) ubuntu-pa(live here in panama) and ubuntu-ve( that guys are great!!)
(04:16:47 PM) mayeco: ahhhh well... now people that really work.... 2
(04:17:27 PM) mayeco: ahhh no no...
(04:17:34 PM) mayeco: 4
(04:17:42 PM) sabdfl: and on the list?
(04:17:47 PM) sabdfl: or forums?
(04:18:27 PM) mayeco: in the forum there are not much activity
(04:18:45 PM) mayeco: and in the list we organize the team
(04:19:03 PM) sabdfl: ok. well, i think the work across multiple regional loco's is most interesting
(04:19:10 PM) mayeco: here in panama is _very_ hard for me to find people
(04:19:22 PM) sabdfl: it would be great if there were more testimonials like that from effraie
(04:19:35 PM) mayeco: I think that we should me more marketing becouse here the bug#1 is everyevere
(04:19:39 PM) sabdfl: any other thoughts from the CC?
(04:19:54 PM) mdke: for me a definite +1, great work, good collaboration, good testimonials
(04:20:15 PM) mayeco: mdke: thank you!
(04:20:25 PM) coolbhavi: OK sir....... I am going to take the responsibility of my team members... and start a loco team of bangalore soon and AS it is I am on the mailing list for ubuntu contributing answers to peoples questions... Thank you for your advice sir..
(04:20:29 PM) MikeB: none here, great work across multiple groups and areas:+1
(04:20:33 PM) mdke: sabdfl: note also beuno's comment above
(04:21:25 PM) beuno: I've interacted with mayeco quite a lot in our effort ro coordinate the spanish speaking LoCos, with documention, translations, etc
(04:21:34 PM) beuno: he has put in a lot of valuable work  :D
(04:21:35 PM) MikeB: Seveas: I will have to go in about 20 minutes to pick up my son from school
(04:21:43 PM) Seveas: MikeB, 1 more candidate
(04:21:52 PM) sabdfl: +1 from me
(04:21:54 PM) mayeco: thanks beuno!
(04:22:01 PM) Seveas: mako, elmo ?
(04:22:35 PM) beuno: mayeco, :D
(04:22:46 PM) elmo: +1
(04:23:16 PM) mdke: keep up the good work mayeco
(04:23:22 PM) mayeco: sure!!!!!!!!
(04:23:29 PM) Seveas: excellent, welcome aboard!
(04:23:36 PM) mayeco: thanks all for the support!!!!!
(04:23:36 PM) mako: +1 from me then as well
(04:23:37 PM) Seveas: last on the list is Supremus
(04:23:43 PM) Supremus: Hello,
(04:23:43 PM) Supremus: My name is Daniel Schwitzgebel, I am a 17-year-old Swiss boy, I attend computer science high school and I work for a big Model House.
(04:23:43 PM) Supremus: I started using Ubuntu with Breezy, now I am using both Gutsy and Debian sid.
(04:23:43 PM) Supremus: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Supremus and https://launchpad.net/~schwitzd
(04:23:43 PM) Supremus: I am an active member of the Ubuntu Italian Forum, where I help new users to solve their problems: http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.php?action=profile;u=7028
(04:23:46 PM) Supremus: On April I obtained Ubuntu Italian membership. I'm working with Ubuntu-it Marketing and Ubuntu-it Documentation, I prepared lots of wiki pages, here you can see them: http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/DanielSchwitzgebel
(04:23:46 PM) ***mayeco soooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(04:23:51 PM) ***mayeco soooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(04:23:51 PM) Supremus: Recently I discovered the community behind Ubuntu development, and I realised I like contributing with it in my spare time.
(04:23:54 PM) Supremus: https://launchpad.net/~schwitzd/+packages
(04:23:54 PM) macd: Seveas, I came in late, can I still go this time?
(04:24:04 PM) jpatrick: felicitazions mayeco!
(04:24:13 PM) DktrKranz: Daniel is a very cool guy involved in several Ubuntu projects, as he explained in his introduction. He recently started to contribute to MOTU world with passion, the same he shows when doing the other Ubuntu tasks!
(04:24:14 PM) mayeco: muchisimas gracias jpatrick!!!
(04:24:22 PM) coolbhavi left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(04:24:37 PM) Seveas: macd, ok
(04:24:42 PM) Gwaihir: II would like to sponsor Supremus, he is young but very motivated...
(04:24:47 PM) mdke: we approved Supremus recently for ubuntu-it membership, he does a lot of good work in the community (4000 posts on the forum!)
(04:25:09 PM) Gwaihir: he's very active in the Italian forum and also on the wiki
(04:25:09 PM) mdke: impressive list of wiki pages worked on too
(04:25:11 PM) bluekuja: Daniel is doing a great work for the Italian community. He started recently to get involved inside MOTU world as well
(04:25:21 PM) mdke: Supremus: some of the list of wiki pages are broken links, though
(04:25:25 PM) bluekuja: so I fully support his application :)
(04:25:37 PM) twilight: Yes, great work in the italian community, very active member.
(04:25:42 PM) Supremus: mdke, sorry :)
(04:26:02 PM) totopalma: Supremus, is an active member
(04:26:05 PM) totopalma: :)
(04:26:19 PM) sabdfl: Supremus: how long have you been posting on the IT forum?
(04:27:12 PM) Supremus: sabdfl, 1 years
(04:27:20 PM) mdke: 4 July 2006
(04:27:33 PM) Mamarok: he is also in touch with the Swiss Team, so we can coordinate in our various language regions
(04:27:36 PM) sabdfl: ok, 4000 posts is a lot! how much of that is spent helping folks, how much on other topics?
(04:27:45 PM) Mamarok: +for Supremus from the Swiss Team too :)
(04:28:11 PM) stgraber: +1 from me too (Swiss Team too)
(04:28:23 PM) sabdfl: +1 from me for Supremus
(04:28:26 PM) mdke: +1
(04:28:34 PM) Supremus: sabdfl, a lot
(04:28:38 PM) elmo: +1
(04:28:47 PM) MikeB: +1 here
(04:29:12 PM) Seveas: mako, ?
(04:30:06 PM) ubotu has changed the topic to: Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 10 Oct 12:00 UTC: Forum Council | 10 Oct 16:00 UTC: QA Team | 11 Oct 15:00 UTC: Community Development Team | 16 Oct 16:00 UTC: Kernel Team | 17 Oct 16:00 UTC: QA Team | 23 Oct 15:00 UTC: Server Team
(04:30:14 PM) Seveas: macd, please paste your introduction
(04:30:18 PM) macd: I'm David Portwood irc as macd https://edge.launchpad.net/~dzportwood http://wiki.ubuntu.com/dzportwood.  I'm a advocate of ubuntu and have been supporting users in #ubuntu for a few years though over the past year, I've found myself there daily helping users transition into linux.  I'm a platform architect by day, linux zealot by night. I try to answer a few questions a week on launchpad, as well as a few bugs, mainly gathering info and assi
(04:30:18 PM) macd: nging bugs to maintainers.  I have been working on a RubyonRails stack (LAMMRR?) in time for Hardy, there is a spec on LP for it, for now it will live in PPA. I'd like to see ubuntu get more commercial visibility, the Dell deal has been great, and I think more OEM's will follow suit if it continues to go well. I've just joined the Loisiana LoCo, which currently is a pretty small group of people, trying to get the local LUG (new orleans) to ge
(04:30:19 PM) macd: t involved at this time most of them are gentoo users, so I've been pleaing with them why compile when you can apt ;)
(04:30:20 PM) mdke: keep it up Supremus, well done
(04:30:26 PM) macd: wow that was longer than I thought.
(04:30:28 PM) Seveas: Supremus, welcome!
(04:30:32 PM) bluekuja: Supremus: grats
(04:30:50 PM) Supremus: thanks
(04:30:51 PM) DktrKranz: Supremus, you rock!
(04:30:51 PM) twilight: Supremus: congratulation ;)
(04:30:54 PM) MefistoRQ: Supremus: :)
(04:30:56 PM) stgraber: Supremus: grats
(04:30:58 PM) Supremus: thanks all
(04:31:03 PM) sabdfl: well done Supremus
(04:31:08 PM) totopalma: Supremus, congratulation :)
(04:31:11 PM) sabdfl: and thanks to everyone for participating
(04:31:16 PM) sabdfl: TB and CC in one day!
(04:31:24 PM) paolettopn: Supremus: good work!
(04:31:26 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, one more to go :)
(04:31:29 PM) sabdfl: Seveas: welcome back, good to have you in the chair again
(04:31:32 PM) sabdfl: oh doh
(04:31:41 PM) Seveas: macd arrived a bit late
(04:31:46 PM) sabdfl: ok
(04:32:05 PM) macd: yeah, sorry about that, the CC wiki page had no date the other day, and I forgot to check back in
(04:32:09 PM) mako: +1 for me from Supremus
(04:32:12 PM) bluekuja: Seveas: BugMaN should be around too
(04:32:25 PM) Seveas: bluekuja, he arrived way after meeting *ending* time
(04:32:32 PM) Seveas: and I'm tired :)
(04:32:40 PM) bluekuja: Seveas: lol ok :)
(04:32:40 PM) Seveas: and mikeb has to go
(04:32:53 PM) bluekuja: Seveas: just wanted to let you know
(04:33:02 PM) sabdfl: macd: did you write the dual boot doc?
(04:33:15 PM) BugMaN: i'm here too
(04:33:22 PM) mdke: any testimonials for macd from irc support people?
(04:33:26 PM) macd: sabdfl, no, I just have some links to reseources I find people commonly need
(04:33:50 PM) sabdfl: macd: the rails stuff look interesting, and probably hugely in demand
(04:33:56 PM) sabdfl: who are you working with on that?
(04:33:59 PM) macd: sabdfl, is it ever!
(04:34:05 PM) mdke: macd: what are your plans for contributing in the future? Do you have an interest in documentation?
(04:34:21 PM) macd: currently Im working on it locally, but Ive gotten some help in -motu with building some of the packages
(04:34:25 PM) sabdfl: macd: are PPAs helpful so far in the beta program?
(04:34:54 PM) macd: mdke, I've got more of an interest in contributing source+apps over docs to be honest
(04:35:04 PM) macd: sabdfl, yes PPA is great
(04:35:22 PM) macd: Im having some problems with it recognizing signed source but I think thats on my end
(04:35:23 PM) mdke: macd: that's cool
(04:36:27 PM) macd: the rails stack is something I'd really like to pursue further, the rubyonrails channel here on freenode osthe officia ror channel, and alot of people want a debianized/ubuntuized one step install
(04:36:58 PM) sabdfl: chat with sg and dendrobates, perhaps
(04:37:15 PM) sabdfl: they are thinking about more standardised stacks
(04:37:40 PM) sabdfl: macd: where would you say you have actually made the most contribution that other people are using or benefitting from, so far?
(04:37:49 PM) macd: yes, I have talked to dendrobates on some server things
(04:37:54 PM) BugMaN left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(04:38:02 PM) macd: sabdfl, most likely IRC, launchpad/answers
(04:38:43 PM) Supremus: i go
(04:38:45 PM) Supremus left the room ("Sto andando via").
(04:38:48 PM) bugman_ is now known as BugMaN
(04:39:07 PM) mdke: it would be nice to have some testimonials about the irc work
(04:39:11 PM) MikeB: sorry, I have to go
(04:39:20 PM) macd: how about a line count from logs over the past 2 years ;P
(04:39:25 PM) Seveas: MikeB, no worries, see you next time!
(04:39:28 PM) sabdfl: thanks MikeB
(04:39:40 PM) ***mako nods
(04:39:43 PM) MikeB left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(04:39:50 PM) sabdfl: macd: do you do IRC ops? are you on that team?
(04:39:58 PM) mako: macd: why don't you put together some testimonials and come back. that would make most comfortable
(04:40:10 PM) macd: sabdfl, Im not sure what you mean? Im not an ircop
(04:40:19 PM) mdke: macd: it's not that we doubt that you've contributed, it's that we'd like to hear about you from others; it can be very useful
(04:40:23 PM) Seveas: macd, linecount since oct 28 last year: 2169
(04:40:59 PM) sabdfl: ok. that's a damn good contribution, but it would help to have some other perspectives on it from people with whom you've worked
(04:41:01 PM) Seveas: jrib's linecount is 19436 :)
(04:41:03 PM) macd: mako, mdke I understand
(04:41:13 PM) Seveas: 2169 is good though
(04:41:17 PM) Seveas: jrib is just insane :)
(04:41:25 PM) ompaul: Seveas, be nice
(04:41:29 PM) sabdfl: ok, thanks for coming by, see you again soon
(04:41:39 PM) sabdfl: i think he meant "insane" in the good sense ;-)
(04:41:49 PM) ***mako nods to sabdfl 
(04:41:50 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, indeed
(04:41:57 PM) ompaul: sabdfl, I have no doubt, but I could not resist ;-)
(04:41:59 PM) Seveas: jrib is one of the best IRC contributors
(04:42:04 PM) macd: thanks guys, I'll try to round up some fans for next time
(04:42:06 PM) sabdfl: ok, is this the drumroll moment?
(04:42:09 PM) Seveas: anyway, THE END for today
(04:42:12 PM) Seveas: next meeting?
(04:42:14 PM) sabdfl: :-)
(04:42:15 PM) mdke: we could just finish off BugMaN
(04:42:18 PM) mdke: since he is here?
(04:42:22 PM) BugMaN: yes
(04:42:24 PM) macd: should I just leave myself on the CC wiki for now?
(04:42:26 PM) sabdfl: in the good sense of "finish off"?
(04:42:30 PM) sabdfl: macd: sure
(04:42:33 PM) BugMaN: :)
(04:42:33 PM) mdke: sabdfl: heh
(04:42:37 PM) mako: alright.... :)
(04:42:43 PM) BugMaN: i'm past my presentation?
(04:42:47 PM) mako: macd: add yourself again once you've put together the testimonials
(04:43:01 PM) macd: sure sure, thanks.
(04:43:14 PM) Seveas: mako, I'd actually prefer not to since he arrived way past official meeting end time and this may set a bad example
(04:43:16 PM) Seveas: but your call :)
(04:43:25 PM) mako: how many CC members do we have?
(04:43:26 PM) mdke: we have an end time?
(04:43:31 PM) sabdfl: me, briefly
(04:43:34 PM) Seveas: 43 minutes ago ;)
(04:43:51 PM) mako: are there people here ready to do testimonials for BugMaN?
(04:43:59 PM) mdke: yeah, I will
(04:44:03 PM) DktrKranz: one is here
(04:44:04 PM) BugMaN: Hi, my name is Maurizio Moriconi. ( Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaurizioMoriconi | LP: https://launchpad.net/~bugman ). I'm a 28 year old boy living in Rome (Italy). I started using Ubuntu from Warty beta version. I'm an active member of many team of the Italian Locoteam and others team from international community.
(04:44:04 PM) BugMaN: I'm work in Ubuntu Community as handyman: translate packages, coding, web design (italian site), bug finder (BugMaN is not a casual nickname!) and support via launchpad.
(04:44:08 PM) mdke: Seveas: that's just a token meeting end :)
(04:44:20 PM) Seveas: mdke, I'd like to make it more strict
(04:44:22 PM) sabdfl: what i would rather do is ask for a volunteer or pull straws get someone to see the streamlined membership process through
(04:44:37 PM) Seveas: since attention drops a lot after 90-120 minutes
(04:44:42 PM) sabdfl: we really should stop doing members in CC meeting
(04:44:47 PM) mdke: sabdfl: I'll touch base with jono and see where he is on it
(04:44:50 PM) ***mako nods to sabdfl 
(04:44:50 PM) sabdfl: focus on systemic project issues
(04:45:05 PM) Seveas: sabdfl, can't we do what the MOTU do now?
(04:45:05 PM) sabdfl: will be more likely to get wider project interest in the meetings
(04:45:08 PM) mako: sabdfl: i agree, we should put together a proposal at UDS
(04:45:26 PM) sabdfl: if we have tougher goals for the meetings
(04:45:30 PM) mdke: so BugMaN is an administrator of the translation team and has participated actively in in for a good couple of years I guess. He's a major asset in the italian community, and as you see above works in other areas too
(04:45:31 PM) ***mako nods
(04:45:37 PM) DktrKranz: Maurizio is extremely active on the Documentation Team, he is member of the official Italian Translator Team and member of Italian Wiki Staff. He also provides high-level replies on the answer tracker and recently started to look at MOTU and Desktop Team issues by uploading some packages.
(04:45:49 PM) sabdfl: Seveas: proposal was to have the regional teams behave as MC did - sending nominations with a rationale
(04:45:59 PM) sabdfl: then bless them to handle it direvtly once we are confident
(04:46:02 PM) Seveas: sounds sane
(04:46:25 PM) mdke: Seveas: there's a spec at StreamlineMembershipSomething
(04:46:52 PM) Seveas: ok, will look
(04:46:56 PM) sabdfl: BugMaN: how does the italian weekly news relate to the fine UWN?
(04:47:17 PM) sabdfl: Seveas: it was discussed and IIRC +1's by the CC, just waiting on execution
(04:47:19 PM) BugMaN: the italian weekly get some news from UWN and some from italian community
(04:47:25 PM) mdke: Seveas: ah, "Approval"
(04:47:26 PM) sabdfl: is it weekly? ;-)
(04:47:49 PM) BugMaN: in the start we translate UWN but there was time to do every week
(04:47:52 PM) BugMaN: yes
(04:47:55 PM) sabdfl: super
(04:48:14 PM) mdke: it's really well built, the italian newsletter
(04:48:18 PM) BugMaN: whit italian version we can produce a wekly news with minor news
(04:48:24 PM) mdke: basically stands on the shoulders of the UWN and customises it
(04:48:26 PM) sabdfl: +1 from me based on testimonials from mdke and luca
(04:48:32 PM) mdke: but retains its own personality and sense of humour
(04:48:44 PM) mdke: +1 from me too
(04:48:45 PM) sabdfl: heh
(04:49:07 PM) elmo: +1
(04:49:19 PM) dfiloni3: I'am not an ubuntu member, but I want to say that Maurizio help me a lot of times.  He deserves membership.
(04:49:44 PM) Seveas: mako, ?
(04:49:45 PM) boredandblogging: mdke: the UWN has no sense of humor? I'm hurt.
(04:49:59 PM) mdke: boredandblogging: it doesn't have an "italian" sense of humour
(04:50:05 PM) mdke: it's a compliment...
(04:50:08 PM) boredandblogging: mdke: lol, fair enough
(04:50:24 PM) boredandblogging: i was kidding anyway
(04:50:27 PM) boredandblogging: :-)
(04:50:31 PM) BugMaN: :)
(04:50:34 PM) mdke: sure
(04:51:14 PM) mako: +1 from me
(04:51:20 PM) mdke: good job BugMaN, thanks for all your hard work and keep it up!
(04:51:23 PM) Seveas: ok, welcome aboard BugMaN !
(04:51:25 PM) DktrKranz: BugMaN, go Maurizio!!!
(04:51:27 PM) BugMaN: thanks :)
(04:51:42 PM) Seveas: next meeting?
(04:52:06 PM) Seveas: in 2 weeks it's oct 23 -- I'll be unavailable that day during work hours
(04:52:07 PM) mdke: my availability is the usual,  London evenings and weekends
(04:52:19 PM) dfiloni3: BugMaN, YOU ROCK!
(04:52:30 PM) Seveas: (EU work hours that is)
(04:52:53 PM) mako: i can try to make just about anything work
(04:53:30 PM) Seveas: early UTC, for asian people?
(04:53:33 PM) mdke: can we push mike's spreadsheet of availability to seveas and do the rest by email?
(04:53:38 PM) Seveas: ah
(04:53:43 PM) Seveas: mdke, please
(04:54:01 PM) mdke: ok, let's call it a day
(04:54:24 PM) Seveas: fine meeting everyone, it's good to be back
(04:54:27 PM) sabdfl: yes
(04:54:31 PM) sabdfl: thanks all!
(04:54:38 PM) mdke: good job everyone, thanks Seveas

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