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(Office) +507 391.38.83 - (Mobile) +507 666.99.872

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Kubuntu Gusty Gibbbon.

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Panama City, Rep. of Panama

Join us now and share the software,
You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free.

About me

Colombian living in Panama City, '83 edition. I'm studying computer science at Universidad Interamericana de Panamá and working in Mantis Technology Solutions as developer. I like to learn and read C/C++ source code from free software programs like KDE, Amarok and VLC (great code Smile :) ).


My Goals

Short term

  • Become a KDE and Amarok developer. (good progress and priority)

  • Help creating a strong Ubuntu LoCo Team Panama. (good progress)

  • Comment in the new GPLv3. (done)

  • Create a new comunity website for the Ubuntu LoCo Team Panama. (slow progress)

  • Create Ubuntu LoCo Template for TYPO3 CMS. (good progress)

  • Help my friends and co-workers to use free software tools to design websites. (good progress)
  • Help spreading GNU/Linux and free software. (good progress)
  • Helping and promote more InstallFest in Panama. (medium progress)

Long term

  • Take GNU/Linux and free software to the enterprise and schools in Panama. (slow progress)
  • Become a Ubuntu MOTU. (plan for 2008)
  • Promote the first Software Freedom Day in Panama. (slow progress)

Free Software and Ubuntu Collaboration

I am an Free Software and Ubuntu enthusiast, this is some of the collaboration that I make for the comunity:

  • I'm the current contact for the Ubuntu LoCo Team Panama.

  • I create the old Ubuntu LoCo Team Panama Website.

  • I'm under IRC helping and learing (#ubuntu-pa, #ubuntu-ve, #ubuntu-co, #ubuntu-locoteams, #launchpad, #plasma, #kde-devel, #qt, #amarok, #kde4-devel).
  • I've done some spanish translations in launchpad.
  • I'm doing bugs reporting in launchpad.
  • I'm working and learning Qt/KDE in the SVN of KDE4.
  • Current contact for Panamá in the Proyecto LoCos Hispanos

I'm member of the follow teams:

I create the follow teams:

These are all pages to which I have either created or significantly contributed to.

These are some Free Software Foundation Campains I'm interested:

GNU/Linux History


  • I have know Mario for quite a few months now. Ever since he started participating in LoCo teams in latin america, he has always had a very positive and energetic approach to all the new Spanish LoCo team projects (Documentation / Community), He gives the growing ubuntu-pa (Panama team) the soulful touch every LoCo team should have and he has brought in a new sense of unity between the spanish-speaking loCo teams. - EfrainValles ubuntu-ve

  • Our First Team Leader (ubuntu-pa), great person and pal, Mario made a great contributions to our team!. Diego Tejera ubuntu-pa


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