Items we will be discussing:


Ubuntu Virtualization Meta Packages

kirkland created a meta-package to depending on all relevant packages to setup a virtualization environment. He wanted to know how these packages should be named and which dependencies should be included. The outcome is that there should be a total of 3 meta packages built from the same source: ubuntu-virt-server (server-only packages, non-gui, packages for hosting vm's, in main), ubuntu-virt-mgmt (virt-manager), ubuntu-virt-extras (other relevant packages from universe).

ACTION: kirkland to upload new meta-package for ubuntu virtualization things and ask for feedback on ubuntu-server@l.u.c


mathiaz reminded that Intrepid is open for business and that Merging is the activity of the week. soren briefly explained what merges are and pointed to the main and universe pages [1], [2] on merges.ubuntu.com.

[1]: http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html [2]: http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html

owh asked about resources covering the Merging process. soren suggested the Package Guide [3] and mathiaz the Merging wiki page [4]. There were also a session during last OpenWeek on the topic [5].

[3]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete [4]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging [5]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/openweekhardy/PackageMerging

SRU for hardy

zul is tracking relevant bugs [6] that should be fixed for hardy 8.04.1 scheduled for July.

[6]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/StableReleaseTracker

ivoks asked about dapper. mathiaz stated that we're still looking into fixing bugs and doing SRUs for dapper (and feisty, gutsy). So any help in these areas is welcomed.

UDS topic and preparation

mathiaz asked about the list of topics and sessions. dendrobates said he is working on it and he'll publish the list of server sessions within a few days.

Server hardware support in the kernel

ivoks raised a concern about server hardware bugs that don't get the required attention from the kernel team. mathiaz asked for bug numbers and added that ogasawara is the person to contact.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Most of the ubuntu-server developers will be traveling to FOSSCAMP/UDS next week and will be at UDS in two weeks. So it was decided to cancel the next two meetings.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 28th at 21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


[22:01] <mathiaz> Let's get started now that ubottu updated the topic
[22:01] <mathiaz> today's agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting
[22:01] <nealmcb> mootbot isn't back up yet
[22:01] <jdstrand> that's my right hand-- I'm facing you
[22:01] <mathiaz> nealmcb: nope - we'll have to live without him for a while :(
[22:02] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Review ACTION points from previous meeting.
[22:02] <mathiaz> Previous meeting logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/20080430
[22:03] <mathiaz> There was no action :D
[22:03] <ivoks> :)
[22:04] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Virtualization Meta Packages
[22:04] <owh> mathiaz: I recall an action you had, but I cannot recall what it was.
[22:04] <mathiaz> kirkland: what's your brand new ideea ?
[22:05] <kirkland> mathiaz: so...
[22:05] <kirkland> mathiaz: basically create a meta package that requires the virtualization packages necessary to get up an Ubuntu virt-host into a useful state
[22:05] <kirkland> mathiaz: we have a handful of documentation right now that details the steps to do so
[22:05] <nealmcb> no gui?
[22:06] <kirkland> mathiaz: but in the grand spirit of Ubuntu making difficult Linuxy things easier, this meta package helps things along
[22:06] <soren> And no ponies, either.
[22:06] <kirkland> I have test packages available in my PPA
[22:06] <kirkland> right now, we're debating the most appropriate name of it
[22:06] <kirkland> right now, there are ubuntu-virt and ubuntu-virt-extras
[22:06] <mathiaz> kirkland: is virt-manager included ?
[22:06] <kirkland> ubuntu-virt being just stuff in main, ubuntu-virt-extras += universe packages
[22:07] <kirkland> mathiaz: yes, ubuntu-virt right now is (virt-manager, kvm, libvirtd)
[22:07] <kirkland> -extras adds stuff like virt-viewer
[22:07] <kirkland> qemu, etc.
[22:07] <mathiaz> kirkland: I'm thinking about a server that one would like to turn into a virtualization host
[22:07] <kirkland> so i'm polling the server team here for two things
[22:07] <kirkland> a) confirmation/information on what packages should be included
[22:07] <kirkland> b) the most applicable name
[22:08] <mathiaz> kirkland: virt-manager requires a desktop IIUC
[22:08] <kirkland> dendrobates suggested ubuntu-virt-host and ubuntu-virt-host-extras, and I tend to prefer those,  but soren and jdstrand like the shorter names
[22:08] <zul> mathiaz: i thought it didnt
[22:08] <kirkland> mathiaz: i think it pulls some X libraries, yes, but not the whole desktop
[22:08] <jdstrand> 'host' doesn't mean anything to me *shrug*
[22:08] <nealmcb> ubuntu-virt-dev for the gui stuff?
[22:08] <kirkland> mathiaz: I *think* you can ssh -X and run virt-manager
[22:08] <nealmcb> probably not....
[22:09] <nealmcb> ubuntu-virt-build?
[22:09] <mathiaz> kirkland: well - virt-manager support qemu+ssh
[22:09] <nealmcb> but requires x11 libraries?
[22:09] <kirkland> to me the key is the ability to create/delete/manage/host virtual machines
[22:09] <mathiaz> kirkland: that's how I run it here - I have a server that only has kvm and libvirt
[22:09] <nijaba> kirkland: I think we would need an ubuntu-virt-client, another ubuntu-virt-server
[22:09]  * nealmcb would prefer offhand that ubuntu-virt just be what you need to run stuff, and have gui stuff on top of that
[22:09] <mathiaz> kirkland: and then use virt-manager on my laptop to manage the vms
[22:09] <kirkland> one package for the bare minimum to do that.  a second package with add-on niceties
[22:09] <nealmcb> client! yeah
[22:10] <owh> Why are we referring to it as "virt", as in ubuntu-virt, rather than ubuntu-vm?
[22:10] <mathiaz> kirkland: would it make sense to have a -gui package to pull in the gui part ?
[22:10] <kirkland> mathiaz: yes, perhaps
[22:10] <nijaba> owh: vm= virtual machine, not virtualization server
[22:11] <nijaba> mathiaz: that's what I meant with ubuntu-virt-client
[22:11] <owh> nijaba: I realise that, but the thing makes virtual machines does it not?
[22:11] <owh> nijaba: Originally the script was ubuntu-jeos-builder.
[22:11] <kirkland> mathiaz: i find the most useful combination to me (kvm, libvirt-bin, virt-manager) ...  what would you call that?
[22:12] <mathiaz> owh: we're talking about kvm and libvirt
[22:12] <kirkland> note that i mainly use that on my desktop machines
[22:12] <mathiaz> owh: not ubuntu-vm-builder
[22:12] <jdstrand> kirkland: -virt ;)
[22:12] <nealmcb> perhaps -gui would be better for the gui stuff, and -client can be used if necessary for cli/api client stuff
[22:12] <nijaba> owh: ubutu-vm-builder and virt-install do, yes (as well as part of virt-manager
[22:12] <jdstrand> there aren't that many packages
[22:12] <mathiaz> kirkland: in my own use case, I'm only using kvm+libvirt-bin on my server
[22:13] <nijaba> kirkland: same as mathiaz here
[22:13] <nijaba> kirkland: and all DC client will do the same
[22:13] <nijaba> kirkland: remeber, no GUI on server by default
[22:13] <mathiaz> kirkland: so I'd have ubuntu-virt for kvm+libvirt, which is what is needed to turn a server into a system that can provide vms
[22:13] <kirkland> nijaba: i understand
[22:13] <mathiaz> kirkland: and then ubuntu-virt-gui or -client to manage the vms
[22:14] <jdstrand> what about moving virt-manager to -extras?
[22:14] <kirkland> mathiaz: hmm, i think that's just virt-manager though
[22:14] <soren> ubuntu-virt-node vs. ubuntu-virt-management?
[22:14] <mathiaz> kirkland: yes - maybe that's enough then
[22:14] <nijaba> soren: not bad
[22:14] <kirkland> soren: define ^
[22:14] <soren> Or mgmt for short.
[22:14] <soren> -node is kvm + libvirt-bin.
[22:15] <soren> +ssh.
[22:15] <jdstrand> 'node' is unclear-- node has a singular connotation to me
[22:15] <soren> -mgmt is libvirt-bin (to get virsh) and virt-manager.
[22:15] <jdstrand> whereas a server could have a gajillion vms
[22:15] <dendrobates> I think it important that the name clearly represent what it is.  I think the -host or -server helps that.
[22:15] <kirkland> jdstrand: soren: okay, i like this, but i agree that -node is ambiguous
[22:15] <kirkland> i'd suggest -host or -server
[22:15] <soren> Really?
[22:16] <soren> I have one virtualisation node on which I run 27 vm's.
[22:16] <soren> That makes sense in my book. I'm not insistant on it, though. At all.
[22:16] <kirkland> :-)  I'd say you have one "virtualisation SERVER  on which you run 27 vm's"
[22:16] <soren> It's never struck me as ambiguous.
[22:16] <dendrobates> hmm node? it sounds a bit jargony.
[22:17] <nijaba> so ubuntu-virt-server and ubuntu-virt-mgmt?
[22:17] <kirkland> okay, votes between ubuntu-virt-server and ubuntu-virt-host where either = (kvm, libvirt-bin, openssh-server) ?
[22:17] <soren> Maybe I'm infected with the clustering terminology.
[22:17] <nealmcb> of course a vm can be a whole network with servers and networks....
[22:17] <owh> +1 ubuntu-virt-host
[22:17] <mathiaz> kirkland: ubuntu-virt-host +!
[22:17] <mathiaz> kirkland: ubuntu-virt-host +1
[22:18] <owh> mathiaz: The first vote doesn't count, but is it a dimple?
[22:18] <kirkland> okay, and the other is ubuntu-virt-mgmt ?
[22:18] <soren> -server +1
[22:18] <nijaba> kirkland: ubuntu-virt-server +1
[22:18] <sommer> ubuntu-virt-server +1
[22:18] <jdstrand> -mgmt +1
[22:18] <nealmcb> -host +1
[22:18] <ivoks> a tie :)
[22:18] <dendrobates> -server +1
[22:18] <ivoks> -server +1
[22:18] <soren> I'm not sure where ubuntu-vm-builder fits in, though.
[22:18] <sommer> ubuntu-virt-creator ? :)
[22:18]  * owh is also unsure.
[22:18] <kirkland> soren: i was going to put that in -extras
[22:18] <jdstrand> does this mean no -extras for universe stuff?
[22:18] <soren> kirkland: Ah, good. :)
[22:19] <jdstrand> ok
[22:19] <nealmcb> hosting runs things, servers serve things (like download your vms from my server...)
[22:19] <nealmcb> but it is all hopelessly ambiguous :-)
[22:19]  * owh changes vote from host to server
[22:19] <soren> I'm hosting server vm's on my cluster nodes.
[22:19] <soren> It's great.
[22:19] <jdstrand> unless you're like me, and have your vms on the local machine
[22:19] <kirkland> +1 from me for ubuntu-virt-server
[22:19] <kirkland> another poll now, ubuntu-virt-mgmt vs ubuntu-virt-extras ?
[22:19] <mathiaz> Ok - so it seems ubuntu-virt-server is the prefered choice
[22:20] <ivoks> we have -server for everything else
[22:20] <ivoks> people will understand
[22:20] <nijaba> I think it wold be neet to have a ubuntu-virt-full that is -server + -mgmt for the desktop guys
[22:20] <ivoks> bringing in -host, which is uniq is... 'what's that all about?'
[22:20] <mathiaz> kirkland: -mgmt +!
[22:20]  * nealmcb goes with the flow
[22:21] <owh> -extras +1 (to stay consistent with the other names)
[22:21] <nijaba> kirkland: what is in -extra?
[22:21] <nealmcb> nijaba: how about -desktop?  full seems more ambiguous
[22:21] <kirkland> nijaba: virt-manager, ubuntu-vm-builder, qemu, virt-viewer, kqemu (perhaps) ... other goodness in universe
[22:22]  * nealmcb is cautious about too much stuff in -extras
[22:22] <nijaba> kirkland: isn't that what -mgmt is supposed to be?
[22:22] <owh> nealmcb: That has too many connotations with ubuntu-desktop.
[22:22] <nijaba> and u-v-b should be in -server (or not, since not in main)
[22:22] <jdstrand> how is qemu 'mgmt'?
[22:23] <kirkland> nijaba: i was suggesting either -mgmt or -extras ...  perhaps we should split that into 3?
[22:23] <ivoks> jdstrand: how about kqemu? :)
[22:23] <nijaba> and qemu should be both in -server and mgmt
[22:23] <jdstrand> ivoks: exactly
[22:23] <nealmcb> nijaba: I'd think u-v-builder would be part of the management stuff offhand
[22:23] <kirkland> nijaba: qemu is universe
[22:23] <jdstrand> nijaba: that puts -server in universe then
[22:23] <kirkland> nijaba: kvm includes a subset of qemu code (enough)
[22:23] <nijaba> jdstrand: right
[22:23]  * nijaba hides
[22:24] <jdstrand> heh
[22:24] <ivoks> -addons
[22:24] <kirkland> okay, so then we'll have a total of 3 meta packages built from the same source.....
[22:24] <owh> ivoks: They're hardly addons, they're needed to get started :)
[22:24] <kirkland> ubuntu-virt-server, ubuntu-virt-mgmt, ubuntu-virt-extras
[22:24] <mathiaz> kirkland: works for me
[22:24] <mathiaz> Let's move on
[22:25] <kirkland> with ubuntu-virt-server being server-only, non-gui, packages for hosting vm's
[22:25] <kirkland> and in main
[22:25] <jdstrand> kirkland: I like the idea, but -mgmt seems to then only contain virt-manager...
[22:25] <mathiaz> kirkland: could you upload these meta-package to your PPA and then ask for feedback on the ubuntu-server ml  ?
[22:25] <kirkland> mathiaz: you bet.
[22:26] <kirkland> mathiaz: i'll build against Hardy (since most people still running that) and Intrepid too
[22:26] <mathiaz> kirkland: ok.
[22:26] <mathiaz> kirkland: but the meta-package won't make it hardy
[22:26] <kirkland> mathiaz: i understand this
[22:27] <mathiaz> kirkland: great
[22:27] <mathiaz> [ACTION] kirkland to upload new meta-package for ubuntu virtualization things and ask for feedback on ubuntu-server@l.u.c
[22:27] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Merges
[22:28] <mathiaz> As you may have noticed, intrepid is open for business
[22:28] <soren> Wooh!
[22:28] <ivoks> what's that? :)
[22:28] <soren> :)
[22:28] <ivoks> a joke, a joke...
[22:28] <mathiaz> There is a huge stack of packages from debian waiting to be merged
[22:29] <mathiaz> I'd add that this is probably the best time to get started in packaging
[22:29] <soren> "merged" means that in hardy, we took the package from Debian and changed it somehow, and now Debian has a new version and we need to merge the two change sets.
[22:29] <mathiaz> I'd like to know if any has a list of easy merges
[22:29] <mathiaz> /any/anyone/
[22:29] <soren> *cough* dpkg *cough*
[22:29] <soren> :)
[22:30] <owh> mathiaz: Microsoft and Yahoo?
[22:30] <zul> *cough* mysql *cough*
[22:30] <ivoks> i'm sure bacula won't be the easy one... :/
[22:30] <mathiaz> so that we can hand them to people that want to start packaging.
[22:30] <zul> ivoks: already done :)
[22:30] <ivoks> :]
[22:31] <soren> Wow.. I hardly have any left. :(
[22:31] <soren> Maybe only like 20 or so.
[22:31] <soren> Well, the basic rule is:
[22:31] <kirkland> owh: LoL  :-)
[22:32] <soren> Look at either: http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html or http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html and find things that look interesting.
[22:32] <soren> ..and poke the person named there.
[22:32] <soren> ask them if they're working on it already.
[22:32] <soren> If not, dig in :)
[22:33] <mathiaz> soren: it's sugested to contact the last uploader before doing a merge - wouldn't the laste merger make more sense ?
[22:33] <sommer> cool
[22:33] <soren> mathiaz: It's hard to say anything in general about it.
[22:33] <soren> mathiaz: The last uploader will usually know who to talk to.
[22:33] <soren> ..so that's probably fine.
[22:34] <mathiaz> soren: well - or look into the changelog
[22:34] <mathiaz> soren: to figure out what the last uploader did
[22:34] <owh> Is there any documentation to actually do the merge, that is, something to help new people get started?
[22:35] <zul> owh: check the wiki
[22:35] <nealmcb> owh: and the recent open week logs
[22:35] <soren> owh: The packaging guide is a good starting point, I believe.
[22:35] <mathiaz> owh: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging
[22:35] <owh> Tah
[22:35] <mathiaz> owh: and the last openweek sessions - there were a couple of sessions related to Merging.
[22:36]  * owh adds that to the ToDo list which is threatening to avalanche off the desk.
[22:37] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] SRU for hardy
[22:38] <mathiaz> zul: how are we doing on this front ?
[22:38] <_ZeuZ_> Sorry to interrupt, just wanted to join and see what's going on... Hope you guys don't mind
[22:38] <nealmcb> _ZeuZ_: welcome
[22:38] <zul> mathiaz: pretty good been slowly going through my list
[22:38] <owh> _ZeuZ_: The meeting is open to all comers, welcome.
[22:38] <zul> added a couple more today as well
[22:39] <mathiaz> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/StableReleaseTracker
[22:39] <zul> people are welcome to add to the list as well :)
[22:39] <mathiaz> is the place where SRU are tracked
[22:40] <_ZeuZ_> Lovely, will do my best... I come from  Debian desktop enviroment seeking for easier network administration... Well, actually, easier traffic contorl and bandwidth managment and prioritizing... Hope I can help in something
[22:41] <mathiaz> anyone that comes across a bug worth fixing in hardy should ping zul about it
[22:41] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] UDS topic and preparation
[22:41] <zul> or if Im idling zulcss@ubuntu.com
[22:41] <mathiaz> As I said last week, we're preparing for UDS
[22:41] <ivoks> mathiaz: sorry to interrupt
[22:41] <ivoks> mathiaz: what about bugs in dapper?
[22:42] <ivoks> dapper is still supported and should get our attention also
[22:42] <mathiaz> ivoks: we're still looking into them
[22:42] <mathiaz> ivoks: aggreed. But now we have two LTS to look after
[22:42] <ivoks> right
[22:42] <mathiaz> ivoks: we plan to 8.04.1 in July
[22:42] <Nafallo> only LTSes? or just priority?
[22:42] <mathiaz> ivoks: so we focus on hardy until then
[22:43]  * kirkland guesses we'll see more -server users come the first hardy dot-release
[22:43] <mathiaz> ivoks: of course it doesn't mean we drop dapper - if bugs pop up we should aim at fixing them.
[22:43] <ivoks> mathiaz: ok, i do understand, i'll fight for some bugs in dapper :)
[22:44] <mathiaz> ivoks: great - we're still issuing SRU for dapper, feisty and gutsy.
[22:44] <mathiaz> ivoks: any contribution is of course accepted
[22:44] <ivoks> sorry for distraction, please continue with topic...
[22:44] <mathiaz> (a new cyrus-sasl2 package has been uploaded to dapper-proposed)
[22:45] <mathiaz> to go back to UDS topics and preparation
[22:45] <mathiaz> dendrobates: how are things going ?
[22:46] <dendrobates> mathiaz: good, the schedule is nearly final.
[22:46] <mathiaz> dendrobates: where/when will the schedule be published ?
[22:47] <dendrobates> mathiaz: I am not sure.  All the track leads need to be done first.
[22:47] <mathiaz> dendrobates: right - is a topic list available ?
[22:48] <mathiaz> dendrobates: UDS is in one and half week - people should start preparing the subjects
[22:48] <dendrobates> mathiaz: not yet.  But soon.  I'll announce it in #ubuntu-server.
[22:48] <mathiaz> dendrobates: ok - thanks.
[22:49] <mathiaz> Anyone has questions about UDS ?
[22:49] <_ZeuZ_> yes, a noob question here...
[22:49] <nijaba> who's coming?
[22:49] <_ZeuZ_> what is UDS?
[22:49] <soren> Is it going to be fun?
[22:49] <_ZeuZ_> I dunno, was it?
[22:49] <ivoks> nijaba: o/
[22:49] <sommer> o//
[22:49] <nijaba> _ZeuZ_: Ubuntu Developper Summit
[22:49] <_ZeuZ_> oh...
[22:49] <owh> soren: Only if you bring your 27 virtual machines...
[22:49] <zul> is there going to be beer?
[22:49] <_ZeuZ_> Gotcha
[22:50] <mathiaz> _ZeuZ_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Intrepid?highlight=%28UDS%29
[22:50] <ivoks> zul: in prague... lots of cheap beer
[22:50] <soren> owh: Aw.. :(
[22:50] <owh> soren: Ok, perhaps it will be fun if you turn up :)
[22:51] <mathiaz> ok - that's all I had for this week
[22:51] <owh> Are we onto other items yet?
[22:51] <soren> \o/
[22:51] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Any other business
[22:51] <ivoks> yeah
[22:51]  * owh would like to know about vmware-server in hardy. Do we have a time-line yet?
[22:51] <kirkland> mathiaz: i'd like to thank those that tested my Documentation Search ....  newz2000 is using it for the basis of a revamped search.ubuntu.com
[22:51]  * ivoks would like to start bigger disscusion with kernel team
[22:52] <ivoks> we need to coordinate better
[22:52]  * nealmcb still wishes we could see proposed blueprints -  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/blueprint/+bug/66093
[22:52] <owh> kirkland: I use it regularly :)
[22:52] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 66093 in blueprint "Meeting specifications page omits whether they have been accepted" [Medium,Confirmed]
[22:52] <kirkland> owh: ;-)
[22:52] <_ZeuZ_> is there any GUI for TCNG or Iptables bundled with Ubuntu Server? It would make it be even more used for newcomers,ISPs(news and old ones wanting to migrate)  and such...
[22:52] <nealmcb> o/ at uds
[22:52] <mathiaz> ivoks: how come ? why not talk directly to them ?
[22:53] <mathiaz> ivoks: in which area should we cooperate ?
[22:53] <kirkland> _ZeuZ_: perhaps a better topic for #ubuntu-server ...  as soon as this meeting is over, most of us will migrate our attention back over there
[22:53] <ivoks> mathiaz: there are bugs which impact servers, but are kernel bugs
[22:53] <_ZeuZ_> Oh, lovely... sorry...
[22:54] <mathiaz> ivoks: and they don't get the required attention ?
[22:54] <ivoks> mathiaz: right
[22:54] <_ZeuZ_> Just thought it would help for ubuntu's supremacy in this territory... Red Hat allready has one... I got the ISOs and burned them to test, we can't fall under red hats feets on what to servers come
[22:54] <ivoks> mathiaz: or no one notices them
[22:54] <mathiaz> ivoks: hm.. seems like we need to make more noise then
[22:54] <ivoks> mathiaz: i just wante to point out that we need to talk with them more often :)
[22:55] <mathiaz> ivoks: do you have a list of the bug numbers ?
[22:55] <ivoks> mathiaz: no, but i did encounter 2-3 in last 7 days :)
[22:55] <mathiaz> ivoks: we can talk with ogasawara  - she's the kernel bug triagger
[22:56]  * owh wonders if the vmware-server question was noticed.
[22:56] <mathiaz> I'm sure nijaba has an answer :D
[22:57] <ivoks> mathiaz: i'm not really sure what to do, but i have a feeling we aren't doing enough
[22:57] <nijaba> mathiaz: I'd love to have one, sincerely
[22:57] <ivoks> mathiaz: as soon as i figure out what's wrong, i'll be first to op to fix it
[22:57] <mathiaz> ivoks: right - the right person to talk about that is ogasawara
[22:57] <ivoks> :D
[22:57] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] #
[22:57] <mathiaz> Agree on next meeting date and time.
[22:57] <_ZeuZ_> a kernel bug? Hmmm... I'm pretty noob at that, but, shouldnt that be caused for a patch on the ubuntu's flavor of linus kernel?
[22:57] <nijaba> we have a meeting with vmware next week, so may have more info then
[22:58]  * kirkland will be enroute to Prague this time next week
[22:58] <owh> nijaba: Tah.
[22:58] <mathiaz> [TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time.
[22:58] <ivoks> kirkland: me too
[22:58] <mathiaz> same place, same time ?
[22:58] <owh> I'll be in sunny Perth waiting for the sun to rise :)
[22:58] <kirkland> mathiaz: perhaps meet a day earlier next time?  or a day later, from Prague?
[22:58] <nealmcb> I"ll be wandering around prague...
[22:58] <nealmcb> starting tuesday
[22:59] <sommer> just wanted to point out this link for uds attendees: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Prague/Attendees
[22:59] <mathiaz> most of us will be in Prague on Thursday
[22:59] <mathiaz> or travelling to Prague on Thursday
[22:59] <ivoks> sommer: i tought we use lp for that
[22:59] <mathiaz> and some of us will also be travelling to Prague on Wednesday
[23:00] <sommer> ivoks: ah, I just noticed it on planet ubuntu this morning in someones blog
[23:00] <ivoks> sommer: ups... nice wiki
[23:00] <mathiaz> Anyway - I guess not a lot of people will show up for next week's meeting
[23:00] <nealmcb> save our energy for the coming week....
[23:00] <owh> mathiaz: Any point in skipping a week?
[23:00] <sommer> ivoks: thought it'd work good for shared cabs and such :)
[23:00] <mathiaz> I'll be available as I'll already be in Europe then - and be travelling to Prague on Thursday
[23:00] <kirkland> someone should seed that wiki page with the attendees from https://edge.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-intrepid
[23:01] <ivoks> sommer: yeah... it's 00:00 over here, so i have late start and didn't notice taxi, flights etc...
[23:01] <mathiaz> owh: it seems most of us won't be available
[23:02] <owh> mathiaz: Sorry, I meant it as, "Let's skip next week..."
[23:02] <mathiaz> north american will probably be flying over the atlantic then
[23:02] <mathiaz> owh: we'd also skip in two week, when most of use will be at UDS
[23:02] <sommer> mathiaz: +1 :)
[23:02] <nealmcb> that should be a sub page of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Intrepid
[23:02] <owh> mathiaz: You mean, I can sleep in ?
[23:03] <owh> excellent!
[23:03] <mathiaz> owh: hehe
[23:03] <mathiaz> so let's say we skip the next two meetings ?
[23:03] <sommer> owh: nope, I don't think anyone said that :)
[23:03] <owh> I'm happy either way mathiaz. If there's a meeting, I'll be there.
[23:04] <owh> Do we know where UDS intrepid + 1 will be?
[23:04] <mathiaz> owh: somewhere in North America
[23:05] <mathiaz> owh: probably on the West Coast (according to the location of the previous UDS)
[23:05] <owh> mathiaz: Ah, so it alternates between USA and Europe then?
[23:06] <mathiaz> owh: yeah - this is how it was done in the past
[23:06] <jjesse> @schedule detroit
[23:06] <ubottu> jjesse: Schedule for America/Detroit: Current meeting: Server Team | 08 May 09:00: Desktop Team | 09 May 00:00: MOTU | 14 May 02:00: Platform Team | 14 May 17:00: Server Team
[23:06] <owh> mathiaz: If that's the case, then I might be at a UDS in a year from now :)
[23:06] <mathiaz> alright - so we haven't decided if we meet next week
[23:06] <owh> So, was it agreed that we skip the next two meetings?
[23:06] <nealmcb> owh: full list at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperSummit
[23:07] <jjesse> sorry for joing late
[23:07] <mathiaz> who's is in favour of having a meeting next week ?
[23:07] <owh> +1
[23:07] <owh> -1
[23:07] <owh> Doesn't matter :)
[23:08] <owh> Well it does, but I'll be here if there is one :)
[23:08]  * mathiaz wonders if owh and him are the only one around
[23:08] <ivoks> nope
[23:08] <sommer> owh: just make sure to wake up either way
[23:08] <jjesse> i', around not that it matters
[23:08] <jjesse> on a confrence call :)
[23:08] <owh> sommer: Only if you come and tuck me in the night before :)
[23:09] <sommer> heh, more fun when people wake up grumpy :)
[23:09]  * kirkland pats mathiaz on the back
[23:09]  * owh hasn't had a surrogate mother for years:)
[23:09]  * owh thanks mathiaz for all the hard work and suggests we take a fortnight's leave.
[23:10] <mathiaz> Alright - so no meeting next week - we'll meet in three weeks again - May 28th
[23:10]  * nealmcb thinks we already have, in effect :-)
[23:10]  * kirkland waves
[23:10] <mathiaz> thanks all for attending
[23:10] <sommer> thanks mathiaz
[23:10]  * ivoks drops ons bed
[23:10] <owh> Later all, I'm off to brekkie.
[23:10] <mathiaz> and see ya in Prague for those of you that will be there :)
[23:10] <owh> ivoks: ons?
[23:10] <ivoks> owh: on
[23:11] <owh> ivoks: You need more sleep ;-)
[23:11] <sommer> later all, have a good one
[23:11] <ivoks> owh: it's late... i baerly keep my eyes open
[23:11] <nijaba> thanks for hosting mathiaz
[23:11] <owh> ivoks: Go to bed. You're eyelids are getting heavy.
[23:11] <ivoks> mathiaz rulez

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