This is the 1st 2011 meeting of the Wisconsin Team, starting at 19:00 CDT, 20110810 (24:00 GMT, 20110811) and finishing at 20:07 CDT (01:07 GMT, 20110811)


h00k, bludude, EgyParadox, mikeputnam, ltseeley, thezombified, Cheesehead, twopoint718, tbast, lostson


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  1. Meet and greet
  2. Ubuntu Hours (Now in 2 cities!)
  3. Ubuntu Global Jam - what we can do.
  4. Call for Artwork


[TOPIC] Meet And Greet

  • Milwaukee Area: Cheesehead, bludude
  • Madison Area: twopoint718
  • La Crosse Area: ltseeley
  • Oshkosh/Appleton/Green Bay: thezombified, mikeputnam, tBast
  • Rhinelander: h00k
  • Outside WI: EgyParadox

[TOPIC] Ubuntu Hours

  • [IDEA] mikeputnam may suggest an Appleton Ubuntu Hour to NEWLUG
  • [IDEA] h00k may organize a Rhinelander Ubuntu Hour

[TOPIC] Ubuntu Global Jam

  • Milwaukee Ubuntu Hour is Sept 2, part of the Jam

  • Member Interests:
    • Bugs: Cheesehead, bludude
    • UGR: bludude
    • Testing: ltseeley
    • installation/upgrade: thezombified
  • Cheesehead requested assistance from event organizers for monthly reporting

[TOPIC] Call For Artwork

  • One member on the mailing list has show interest
  • Anyone interested post to the mailing list

Next Meeting: Global Jam Planning Followup: 20:00 CDT, 17 Aug 2011.


IRC Log source

[00:01] <h00k> bludude, EgyParadox, KBme, lostson, mikeputnam, nickmoeck, ripps, thezombified: we're going to get this started, who'se around?
[00:01] <EgyParadox> ?
[00:01] <bludude> I'm here. connection is spotty though
[00:01] <h00k> EgyParadox: we're having our LoCo Meeting for August
[00:01] <h00k> ltseeley: welcome :)
[00:01]  * mikeputnam here
[00:02] <h00k> cool.
[00:02] <mikeputnam> thezombified: welcome
[00:02] <ltseeley> Thanks! =)
[00:02] <h00k> We can get started right away.  You can follow along our agenda here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/164/detail/
[00:02] <thezombified> mikeputnam:thanks!

# TOPIC: Meet and greet

[00:03] <h00k> First off, let's go around and do a meet-and greet, I'll get started.  I'm Anthony, the LoCo contact. I [try to] help the LoCo have events and fun things. I'm from Rhinelander.
[00:03] <h00k> and especially welcome to the new faces we have :)
[00:04] <h00k> Who'se next?
[00:04] <thezombified> I'm Joel, from Oskosh, just kinda scoping things out :)
[00:04] <h00k> thezombified: welcome, welcome. Are you familiar with what the LoCo is?
[00:05] <thezombified> Not really, no
[00:05] <h00k> thezombified: http://loco.ubuntu.com/about-loco/ It's a Local Community of users, usually organized by state or country.
[00:06] <h00k> From the site, "the LoCo project is here to help groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu.:
[00:06] <h00k> "
[00:06] <h00k> we occasionally hold meetings, talks, events, and things like that. Both online, as well as meatspace.
[00:07] <h00k> ltseeley: do you want to go next?
[00:07] <ltseeley> Sure. I'm Logan and I'm from Westby. I've been using Ubuntu for a year and want to start getting involved.
[00:08] <h00k> ltseeley: welcome, this may be the first time we've met, apologies if my brain is fuzzy
[00:08] <ltseeley> Haha, no worries.
[00:08] <h00k> anyone else care to go?
[00:08] <h00k> mikeputnam?
[00:09] <mikeputnam> I'm Mike Putnam, from Appleton. Casual Ubuntu user, open source fan, ERP programmer by day, generally nerdy.
[00:09] <h00k> Cheesehead, we're doing meet-and-greets yet. Name, rough location (whatever you're comfortable with, etc)
[00:09] <h00k> welcome back, mikeputnam.
[00:09] <mikeputnam> thx
[00:09] <mikeputnam> thezombified: Madison and Milwaukee have "Ubuntu Hours" where they demonstrate or otherwise espouse the good stuff about Ubuntu to prospective new users.
[00:10] <h00k> He does a lot of stuff with DHMN as well
[00:10] <mikeputnam> and that
[00:10] <h00k> ^ this is next (the Ubuntu hour stuff ;))
[00:10] <h00k> Cheesehead: care to go?
[00:10] <thezombified> mikeputnam:ahhh okay
[00:11] <h00k> Some movie on TV, (AMC) is talking about "Linux, the preffered OS of hackers" or something
[00:11] <h00k> mentioned Torvolds.
[00:11] <h00k> Anyway.
[00:11] <h00k> Cheesehead's connection is terrible, he can step in when he wants
[00:11] <h00k> chris___1: Hi! We're doing meet-and-greets, care to go?
[00:12] <h00k> Chime in when you can, we'll keep truckin'

# TOPIC: Ubuntu Hours

[00:12] <h00k> Next up is Ubuntu Hours
[00:12] <mikeputnam> ltseeley: Have you been to http://orangecomputerlax.com/  in LaCrosse?  The owner Matt is very Linux-oriented
[00:13] <h00k> mikeputnam: you killed him.
[00:13] <mikeputnam> with kindness!
[00:13] <h00k> So, back to Ubuntu Hours. We have two spots hosting them now, which is pretty awesome
[00:14] <h00k> bludude: welcome back
[00:14] <bludude> thanks. I have yet to figure out these wifi issues with my laptop :(
[00:14] <h00k> Ubuntu hours cal be held in a public place like a coffee shop, someplace visible,
[00:14] <h00k> bludude: it turns out LoCo's can do support as well ;) we can check that out after the meeting
[00:15] <h00k> *can be held
=== chris___1 is now known as twopoint718
[00:15] <mikeputnam> Tomorrow night NEWLUG is having a remote meeting via Google+ Hangout as well as their usual in-person meeting in Appleton. If I can stop by, I'll suggest an Appleton Ubuntu Hour.
[00:15] <twopoint718> h00k: ha, not before I change my nick
[00:15] <h00k> Here's a wiki about them, which I largely clarified: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour
[00:15] <h00k> twopoint718: feel free, jump on in
[00:16] <h00k> mikeputnam: I would tomorrow as well, but I won't be available :(
[00:16] <mikeputnam> we got yer back
[00:16] <h00k> There's this sweet map: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ and an events listing
[00:17] <h00k> as well as http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/events
[00:17] <twopoint718> sorry to crash and dash, but I gotta run.  I'll check the logs (Chris, your Madison correspondent signing off)
[00:17] <h00k> There you can check out where and when they are, and if you care to host an Ubuntu Hour, please feel free.
[00:17] <h00k> twopoint718: sounds good, take care.
[00:18] <h00k> I may consider doing one up here in Rhinelander, as well.
[00:18] <twopoint718> (Next Madison Ubuntu Hour is on the 20th IIRC)
[00:18] <h00k> Anyone have any questions about the Ubuntu Hours?
[00:18] <h00k> twopoint718: yep
[00:18] <h00k> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/1085/detail/
[00:19] <h00k> thezombified, ltseeley, do you two have any questions?
[00:19] <h00k> does anyone else have anything to add about the Ubuntu Hours?
[00:19] <thezombified> Not so far!
[00:20] <ltseeley> Nope, thanks.
[00:20] <h00k> Cool.
[00:20] <h00k> anyone else?
[00:20] <h00k> I just got an email from Cheesehead, network issues, may be here, may not be

# TOPIC: Ubuntu Global Jam

[00:20] <h00k> So, next up is the Global Jam
[00:20] <Cheesehead> Here for now
[00:21] <h00k> I'm not even going to make a 'large sandwich' joke because that'd be lame
[00:21] <h00k> The Global Jam is an awesome opportunity for Communities around the world (hence Global) to get together on the weekend of Sept 2-4 to improve Ubuntu
[00:22] <thezombified> Meatspace?
[00:22] <h00k> thezombified: meatspace, online, or both
[00:22] <ltseeley> Sweet.
[00:23] <h00k> This says the things LoCos can do quicker than I can retype them:
[00:23] <h00k> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
[00:23] <h00k> Bugs, Testing, Upgrade (testing the upgrade process, reporting feedback), Documentation, Translations, Packaging, and Other
[00:23] <h00k> (other types of contribution such as marketing and advocacy etc. You can also help fix papercuts or Unity Bitesize Bugs)
[00:24] <h00k> I think it'd be cool if we had a few meatspace meetups around the state, and we could all work on things
[00:25] <h00k> and/or if you cannot, on IRC or some other for of online participation
[00:25] <h00k> *form of online participation
[00:26] <h00k> ltseeley, Cheesehead, thezombified, mikeputnam, bludude: are there any forms of helping you'd particularly be interested in helping with?
[00:27] <Cheesehead> Bugs
[00:27] <h00k> roger.
[00:27] <thezombified> I can probably do online stuff in the afternoon of the 2nd, but that weekend has already been well planned out for me...
[00:27] <bludude> well, uh, the Ubuntu GNOME remix is trying to become an official part of Ubuntu in 12.04 as Gubuntu. I really have no idea what I'm doing on a lot of things, so I could use some help with that
[00:27] <ltseeley> I'm not a really experienced programmer, but I'd be interested in testing.
[00:27] <thezombified> that asside, I'd be interested in going through installation/upgrade stuff
[00:27] <bludude> I'd also like to start helping with ubuntu bugs and such
[00:28] <h00k> bludude: cool, I haven't heard of that at all
[00:28] <h00k> thezombified: that's alright, it happens
[00:29] <h00k> I like the bug testing, reporting, and upgrading tracks, because I have a few machines with different hardware to test things on
[00:29] <h00k> bludude: fixing, or triaging, or reporting? Or not sure?
[00:29] <bludude> mostly fixing
[00:30] <h00k> cool.
[00:31] <h00k> so, are you (all) interested in meatspace meetups in your areas?
[00:31] <bludude> I
[00:31] <h00k> we're spread out, so it makes it a bit more difficult
[00:31] <bludude> 'd like to see how ubuntu does things
[00:32] <h00k> bludude: where about are you from?
[00:32] <bludude> menomonee falls. a few minutes outside of milwaukee
[00:32] <mikeputnam> If there is some traction with NEWLUG meeting I may be able to be at an Appleton meetup. Otherwise remote.
[00:32] <h00k> mikeputnam: cool.
[00:32] <h00k> I think Milwaukee and Madison will probably be the big points of meatspace meetups
[00:33] <h00k> I know we have a few other members from down there that'd probably be interested
[00:33] <h00k> ltseeley: hello on Twitter ;)
[00:33] <h00k> and a few around Appleton, cool.
[00:33]  * mikeputnam @mikeputnam and "Mike Putnam" on Google+
[00:34] <h00k> So, basically what would work best is to have some 'host' at each location to be a point of contact
[00:34] <h00k> also, location, time, (internet access should probably be considered)
[00:34] <h00k> etc
[00:35] <h00k> food/snacks/drinks too, don't forget the good stuff.
[00:35] <h00k> We can reach out to the mailing list to see if people are interested in being this, I suppose
[00:37] <h00k> mikeputnam: I suppose let me know if you're at NEWLUG, and I'll check with the Madison Linux User Group
[00:37] <mikeputnam> hello ubuntuWi-Guest
[00:37] <mikeputnam> h00k: will do
[00:38] <h00k> ubuntuWi-Guest: feel free to change your nickname, /nick newnickhere :) also, welcome
[00:38] <ubuntuWi-Guest> Hi, I have never done this and am kind of new to linux
[00:38] <h00k> ubuntuWi-Guest: welcome :) How did you find us?
=== ubuntuWi-Guest is now known as tBast
[00:39] <tBast> Hey... I 'm learning already
[00:39] <mikeputnam> nice!
[00:39] <h00k> tBast: welcome to IRC :)
[00:39] <tBast> Thanks H00k
[00:39] <h00k> tBast: we can fill you in on what's happened so far in a few, I just want to run down the rest of the items on our list
[00:40] <h00k> Does anyone else have any questios about Global Jam?
[00:40] <h00k> It sounds like we have interest in bugs, upgrading, and bugfixing, which is awesome.
[00:40] <tBast> You mean besides "What is Global Jam?"
[00:40] <h00k> tBast:D yes, it's basically the coolest collaboration ever. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
[00:41] <Cheesehead> h00k: Did you mention the MKE Ubuntu Hour, Sept 2?
[00:41] <h00k> tBast: we're going to get together in our state, along with Local Communities all over the world, to help make Ubuntu better
[00:41] <h00k> Cheesehead: not explicitly, feel free!
[00:41] <Cheesehead> The date was set to be part of the Jam.  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/1093/detail/
[00:42] <tBast> I went to the link and am now doing some reading.
[00:42] <h00k> Awesome, looks like we have a Milwaukee location already. Missed that one ;)
[00:42] <h00k> tBast: Cool. Let us know if you have any questions
[00:43] <h00k> bludude, ltseeley, doing alright? any questions?
[00:43] <bludude> I'm good
[00:43] <h00k> cool.
[00:43] <ltseeley> I'm good too! =)
[00:43] <mikeputnam> Ooo I like that idea.  Do an Ubuntu Hour as participation in the Global Jam
[00:43] <h00k> Also, I just want to mention - this is our LoCo. We can do events whenver, it doesn't have to be on Global Jams day, Ubuntu Hour day, etc.
[00:44] <Cheesehead> mikeputnam: Could you please forward the event infor to relevant LUGs?
[00:44] <h00k> We had a guy do a seminar in Minocqua, WI today with the public at a library about Ubuntu
[00:44] <h00k> Cheesehead: I have MadLUG taken care of
[00:44] <h00k> or, will
[00:44] <Cheesehead> h00k: thx
[00:44] <mikeputnam> Cheesehead: sure.
[00:44] <h00k> So, don't wait for meetings or anything, if you feel like doing activities or events! Feel free to shoot an email to the mailing list
[00:45] <Cheesehead> mikeputnam: thx
[00:45] <h00k> By the way, for the people new, ltseeley, bludude, tBast: I invite you (please, please!) to join the Mailing List: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-wi
[00:46] <ltseeley> Already joined a month ago!
[00:46] <mikeputnam> hello ubuntuWi-Guest
[00:46] <h00k> ltseeley: perfect.
[00:46] <h00k> Hello, ubuntuWi-Guest :)
[00:46] <bludude> ditto, been on it for awhile
[00:46] <Cheesehead> h00k: One note about events - We need to report them. If I'm not there in person, somebody please shoot me a text summary, attendance estimate, (optionally) a photo or two...
[00:46] <h00k> Cheesehead: roger.
[00:46] <Cheesehead> So I have something to say in the reports.  Thx
[00:46] <h00k> bludude: also perfect
[00:47] <h00k> If we keep activities regular, like the hours and meetings, we can become an Approved LoCo
[00:47] <Cheesehead> h00k: Meeting again next month?
[00:47] <h00k> then we get cool things like CDs
[00:47] <h00k> Cheesehead: I'm not there yet ;) but ys
[00:47] <bludude> are we an approved loco atm?
[00:48] <h00k> Also, bragging rights
[00:48] <h00k> bludude: not right now :( I'm hoping soon.
[00:48] <bludude> I always thought we were...
[00:48] <h00k> bludude: no :(
[00:48] <h00k> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved, also http://loco.ubuntu.com/loco-council/approved
[00:48] <h00k> not *yet*
[00:48] <h00k> but we have people that want to be

# TOPIC: Call for Artwork

[00:49] <h00k> so, I'll move on to artwork, and then anything else people have.
[00:49] <h00k> Any questions on events and things?
[00:50] <h00k> I blame EgyParadox for this next one.
[00:50] <h00k> Ready....?
[00:50] <EgyParadox> ?
[00:50] <EgyParadox> haha
[00:50] <lostson> am I fashionably late?
[00:51] <h00k> The Egypt team, which EgyParadox is a part of (EgyParadox is a former Wisconsin resident), has some *awesome* artwork
[00:51] <h00k> lostson: HI!
[00:51] <h00k> we're just on the last point, I can fill you in after
[00:51] <lostson> ok
[00:51] <h00k> lostson: basically, we're doing some local meetups for Global Jam, which is awesome.
[00:51] <h00k> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Artwork
[00:52] <h00k> So, I thought it'd be cool if anyone wanted to bust out their skillz and work up some artwork
[00:52] <lostson> are the meetups all on saturdays ?
[00:53] <h00k> lostson: here's the schedule: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/events
[00:53] <mikeputnam> egypt loco art is awesome1
[00:53] <h00k> mikeputnam: I know, right?
[00:53] <ltseeley> Agreed, it's really well done.
[00:53] <h00k> So, if someone wanted to fire up their skills...
[00:54] <h00k> you know...we'd look pretty good with some artwork...
[00:54] <h00k> I wouldn't even mind going in on some T-shirts.
[00:54] <ltseeley> Same here. T-shirts would be awesome.
[00:54] <lostson> the logo should have some cheese in it
[00:54] <h00k> tBast: are you alright? Do you have any questions?
[00:55] <h00k> lostson: #ubuntu-locoteams was just discussing Cheese and Wisconsin
[00:55] <tBast> Slow reader... just trying to keep up
[00:55] <lostson> ok got to go being paged by the family have to catch up late
[00:55] <lostson> r
[00:55] <h00k> lostson: Peace :)
[00:56] <h00k> So, we already had one person say they might fire up some artwork on the mailing list
[00:56] <h00k> but feel free if anyone's interested.
[00:56] <h00k> Then we can talk tshirts
[00:56] <h00k> I get kinda jealous when other LoCos have their sweet Approved tablecloth, tshirts, etc.
[00:57] <h00k> ubuntuWi-Guest: Are you around yet?
[00:57] <h00k> ubuntuWi-Guest: or did we lose 'ya
[00:57] <tBast> Are most of you from the Milwaukee area?
[00:58] <h00k> tBast: I'm up in Rhinelander
[00:58] <h00k> tBast: where abouts are you from?
[00:58] <tBast> I am in De Pere... suburb of Green Bay
[00:58] <h00k> tBast: alright, cool
[00:59] <tBast> I have started to go to the NEWLUG meetings in Appleton and like learning about this stuff
[00:59] <h00k> tBast: we havce some from Appleton and Oskosh
[00:59] <h00k> *have
[00:59] <EgyParadox> Thanks
[00:59] <tBast> I figured it out :o)
[01:00] <ltseeley> Anybody in La Crosse area?
[01:00] <h00k> So in concluding with artwork (do some, it's cool), we should plan our next LoCo meeting
[01:00] <h00k> ltseeley: We have at least 1 other, I'm pretty sure
[01:00] <tBast> not having done this before... if I preface what I am going to say with a username and a colon, does that notify the person who I am writing to?
[01:00] <ltseeley> Okay, cool.
[01:00] <h00k> tBast: yep, and you can even start typing their name and press [tab]
[01:01] <h00k> ltseeley: feel free to ask the mailing list, too, to catch people that aren't here
[01:01] <tBast> What does the tab do?
[01:01] <h00k> tBast: autocompletes their nickname, and appends a colon
[01:01] <h00k> depending on what client, but I'm pretty sure the web-interface does the same thing
[01:01] <h00k> tBast: try it
[01:02] <tBast> I typed "hoo" followed by a tab and nothing happened
[01:02] <h00k> tBast: use zeroes, or just h[tab]
[01:02] <tBast> h00k: Nevermind. I got it
[01:02] <h00k> I'm the only 'h' in here
[01:03] <h00k> I think a meeting next week would be good, keep things fresh in our head about the global jam, then we can talk about more of what we want to do, how we want to do it
[01:03] <mikeputnam> tBast: Will you be at tomorrows NEWLUG meeting?
[01:03] <tBast> h00k: if I send this to you, do others see what I have sent?
[01:03] <h00k> what does everyone else think?
[01:03] <h00k> tBast: yes
[01:04] <tBast> mikeputnam: My son is playing in the championship softball game... fatherly duty to go cheer his team on
[01:04] <h00k> next week? does the same time work on Wednesday?
[01:04] <tBast> mikeputnam: I was thinking of bringing my laptop and seeing if there is wifi around there
[01:04] <mikeputnam> Wednesdays at 7pm seems ok to me. 8pm would be better (easier to get the kids in bed)
[01:04] <h00k> we should be able to catch up with NewLUG and MadLUG
[01:04] <h00k> mikeputnam: sure
[01:05] <h00k> MadLUG is the Madison Linux Users Group, for anyone that isn't familiar
[01:05] <ltseeley> Yeah, 8:00 would work better for me too.
[01:05] <h00k> 8:00pm next Wednesday it is.
[01:05] <h00k> Anyone else have anything to add?
[01:05] <h00k> Also, this channel is always open for chatting, hanging out, etc, so feel free
[01:05] <tBast> How about 3 + 2... Ha!
[01:05] <mikeputnam> tBast: I'm going to try to attend NEWLUG if only briefly (and remotely)
[01:06] <h00k> tBast gives us 5.
[01:06] <tBast> h00k: gotta love those prime numbers
[01:06] <h00k> tBast: Aye :)
[01:07] <h00k> Meeting next Wednesday (one week, 8:00pm), keep ideas flowing for Global Jam, keep the mailing list up-to-date if you have any ideas you want to do


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