Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team


The Ubuntu US Wisconsin Local Community Team (aka WiLoCo) advocates the use of Open Source software and Ubuntu in the State of Wisconsin, USA. This is done through CD distribution, team expansion, user-base support, and outreach programs.

The Wisconsin Local Community Team is not meant to replace our local LUGs but rather enhance their overall experience by having a dedicated place to discuss, contribute, and gain support from local Ubuntu users. You can find a local event near you by going to the Wisconsin LUG calendar here.


*!* Would you like to join this team? Head over here to learn how!


*!* Join us for an upcoming event. Shake hands, make new friends, and have fun! Smile :)


*!* All meeting agendas/logs are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WisconsinTeam/MeetingAgendas

Everyone can join the virtual meetings(unless indicated otherwise), as long as they follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and if they attend the Hangout, they need to be at least 13 years of age due to United States Internet Privacy laws. If we reach 10 people in the Hangout, then just join IRC and speak through there(although if you have an agenda item or are presenting to us, please arrive a little earlier to get prepared).




Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo Team

*!*Mailing list

Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo Team Mailing List

*!*IRC Channel

#ubuntu-us-wi on irc.freenode.net.
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The badges are a modified version of the ones provided by Google. They are licensed under CC-BY.


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