This page is work in progress. Feel free to contribute to the work redefining how the mozilla team processes bugs.

Triagers Handbook

For now we have a handbook for triagers which gives a really quick overview of what to do with bugs in state NEW or INCOMPLETE:

Normalized Bug Format

In order to get all important information in the bug description and also being able to copy the bug description when eventually forwarding bugs, we have come up with a normalized bug format; the MozillaTeam encourages bug triagers to make use of it. In general bringing bugs in this form will increase the likelyhood that a developer can evaluate the bug considerably as he doesnt need to gather the information hidden in various bug comments. Also the bug format is in way suitable for the mozilla upstream tracker, hence also reducing workload when upstreaming bugs:

Bug Escalation - Getting Developers Attention

Bug escalation can be done by subscribing the mozillateam to the bug (note: don't assign!). Please use this feature sensibly and don't play with it.

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