Any project needs a good set of documents to allow users to help themselves when they get stuck, the MozillaTeam is no exception. We aim to produce a comprehensive set of documents relating to various aspects of Mozilla in Ubuntu. This document aims to set a series of guidelines for writing and maintaining these documents properly.


If you are new to the Ubuntu Wiki in general we suggest reading over the HelpOnEditing pages, they detail the various methods used to get content to display the content you are writing about correctly. These tags will be useful when defining complex documents so try not to skip over them.

Naming Conventions

To keep the wiki organized we have devised a naming system, this system uses categories to maximize the ease of finding pages. If you wish to create a page about a new topic then please start it in the root folder, (eg. "MozillaTeam/New").

However if the topic you are starting is already relevant to another existing section, (eg. A section about Triaging Bugs would go under the category.. "MozillaTeam/Bugs/Triage" with 'Bugs' being the category it is filed under.)

You should start a new sub-category when you feel that the category you create is going to have multiple pages, (eg. If you are going to start a Meeting Minutes page, there are going to be several Minutes over time, thus it needs to be a Category.) Also this particular sub-category falls under the main category "MozillaTeam/Meetings" as it is the Meeting Minutes, thus it is related.

Get the idea? Please try to clarify this a little better if you do not, ask on IRC for example.

Spelling, Grammar & Locales

Even if it isn't your first language please try to force yourself to write in American English [en_US], use correctly spellings, should be a breeze with Firefox 2.0 and greater, also try to remember to use the correct grammar when possible.

If you wish to translate the pages into another Locale please do so under "MozillaTeam/*ISO-Code*" this way we can categorize the pages properly.

Linking Style

With the Ubuntu Wiki you can link in many styles, we prefer it to be done:

  • For internal Wiki links with a different name.


[ Link Name]

Page Headers

Please include Mozilla Teams standard navigational header on all pages you create.


||<tablestyle="float:right; font-size: 0.9em; width:30%; background:#F1F1ED; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position:  98% 0.5ex; margin: 0 0 1em 1em; padding: 0.5em;">'''Contents'''[[BR]][[TableOfContents]]||

Page Footers

Please try to include the new page you are working on in the MozillaTeam Category. You can do this by adding these lines to the very bottom of the page. Please note the formatting, 4 slashes gives a different Horizontal rules to 5. Smile :)



I hope these guidelines are not too strict, don't worry no-one will shout at you if you don't follow them to the letter but please try to keep them in mind.


There is a rather large list of items that need to be completed at Roadmap. Feel free to jump in on any of them and make the page your own. A complete list of pages can be found at wiki pages.

Good Luck!


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