The Ubuntu Multiseat team aims to improve multiseat support in Ubuntu.

What is multiseat? See Multiseat.

Some History

Thanks to Martin Pitt's work toward switching from ConsoleKit to logind (also see bug #1153224), most of the code necessary to support multiseat was added to Ubuntu 13.04 (raring). However, two main problems remained:

  • lightdm didn't follow the protocol for supporting multiseat. There was no way to configure raring's version of lightdm to follow the protocol -- source code changes were necessary.

  • While support for logind was completed in Ubuntu 13.10 (saucy), not all raring packages supported logind. Martin started adding support for logind before raring was released, but not all of the fixes made it in to raring.

This team was created to address these problems.


Contact Us

There are a few ways to get our attention:

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