Help Wanted!

Many hands make light work, and there's lots to do! We'd love any help we can get, no matter how small:

  • coding new features
  • fixing bugs
  • reviewing code changes
  • packaging
  • testing
  • spiffing up the wiki pages
  • writing documentation
  • answering questions
  • creating artwork (I'd love to have a nice logo for the team)
  • planning
  • responding to bug comments
  • providing translations
  • etc.

Anyone who has signed the Ubuntu code of conduct is welcome to join.

Why Join?

By joining, you will:

How to Join

The ubuntu-multiseat team is a moderated team, which means that membership must be approved. But don't let that scare you -- joining is easy.

Interested in joining the MultiseatTeam? Here's how:

  1. sign the Ubuntu code of conduct

  2. send us an email and tell us:

    • Your launchpad username (so we can check to see if you've signed the code of conduct)
    • How you would like to contribute to the team. Remember: no contribution is too small!
    • Any relevant experience you might have. For example: Have you ever created a custom .deb? Have you ever uploaded a package to a PPA? Do you know how to use bzr? Do you know any programming languages?

  3. Go to and click the "join" button


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