The MultiseatTeam maintains packages in the multiseat PPA. These packages are Ubuntu packages that have been patched to improve support for multiseat.


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Known Issues

  • DVB device ACLs and MythTV: udev and logind want only logged-in users to have access to attached DVB devices. This is accomplished by setting up /dev ACLs when a user logs in. Unfortunately, this conflicts with MythTV, which always wants access to the TV tuner device(s). I'm not exactly sure how to fix this. Modifying /lib/udev/rules.d/70-uaccess.rules and 70-udev-acl.rules and commenting out the dvb lines seems to work, but is fragile -- those files will be replaced the next time systemd-services and udev are upgraded. udev apparently doesn't provide a way to remove a tag once one has been set, so putting a new file in /etc/udev/rules.d won't work. Anyone have any ideas?

  • bug #976124: On some systems, only one user can be logged in by typing a password at a time. All other users must be automatically logged in via LightDM's autologin-user setting.

  • Due to a technical limitation in Linux's virtual terminal subsystem and how it interacts with X, only seat0 can switch users. To switch users on another seat you must first log out and then log back in as the other user. Perhaps Mir, Wayland, and/or kmscon will address this.

  • LightDM is unaware that user switching is unsupported on non-seat0 seats. It will allow you to try to switch, but fails to switch.

  • bug #1190581: Automatic multiseat support has not yet been implemented Automatic multiseat support was added in release 1.11.7. Backported patches for v1.10 are available at trusty-updates repository.

  • bug #1356332: Proper nested-X-server multiseat support has not yet been implemented.


  • Reintroduce packages xorg-server (for trusty and vivid) and xorg-server-lts-utopic (for trusty) in Multiseat PPA, rebuilt with --enable-kdrive-evdev configure option, needed for Xephyr-based multiseat setups (for cases where xserver-xorg-video-nested doesn't work as expected).

  • Delete all xorg-server-lts-utopic related packages from Multiseat PPA, as they are already available in trusty-updates repository.

  • Delete trusty package gvfs from Multiseat PPA. After a closer look, we've found that package version already available at official repository already has all logind support we need. We recommend users to downgrade gvfs to the version available in official repository:

     sudo apt install gvfs{,-{backends,daemons,libs,common,bin,fuse}}=1.20.1-1ubuntu1 
  • Delete trusty package xorg-server from Multiseat PPA, since a new version with backported multiseat patches from 1.16 series is already available at trusty-updates repository.

  • Delete all remaining raring/saucy packages from Multiseat PPA, as they have reached their end of life.

  • Backport latest xorg-server package from trusty-proposed repository to Multiseat PPA, after a security release in trusty-updates that doesn't include required multiseat patches yet.

  • Delete trusty lightdm package from Multiseat PPA, since a new version with automatic multiseat support is already available at trusty-updates repository.

  • Delete some saucy packages from Multiseat PPA, as saucy has reached its end of life.

  • Copy trusty lightdm package from trusty-proposed to Multiseat PPA, lowering package version so it can be updated safely when it reaches trusty-updates.

  • Copy trusty xorg-server package from Canonical X Staging PPA, which already includes our patches backported from 1.16 series, to Multiseat PPA. This package will reach trusty-updates repo soon.

  • Also copy trusty xorg-server-lts-utopic and related packages from Canonical X Staging PPA to Multiseat PPA, for those who want to upgrade Xorg server to release 1.16 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. These packages will reach trusty-updates repo soon.

  • Update trusty lightdm package:

    • Add experimental support to simple globbing in seat config sections for seats handled by logind (e.g. [Seat:seat-*]).

  • Update trusty lightdm package:

    • Backport some logind-related patches from trunk.
    • Update automatic multiseat patch following feedback from upstream.
    • Disable patch to allow starting a bare X server introduced previously, until a new updated one can be written.
  • Introduce two new patches in trusty lightdm package: add automatic multiseat support (bug #1190581), and add a new seat option to make lightdm start a bare X server, needed for Xephyr-based multiseat setups (bug #1356332).

  • update trusty xorg-server package

  • Cherry-pick patch from lightdm trunk revision 2006 to trusty package: "Do timed autologin each time you are returned to the greeter"

  • Introduced package xserver-xorg-video-nested for trusty and utopic. It may be an alternative to Xephyr for single-card multiseat setups.

  • Backport package udisks2 from utopic to trusty. It already includes all necessary changes for logind seat tracking support.

  • Backport package gvfs from utopic to trusty. It may have any additional changes to match logind seat tracking enabled in backported package udisks2.

  • Update Xephyr patches on trusty xorg-server package for window placement once again, after Keith Packard's feedback at xorg-devel mailing list.

  • Fix Xephyr patch introduced at 2014-04-26.
  • Reintroduce Xephyr patches for window placement, following new approach based on multi-seat-xephyr code (trusty xorg-server package only).

  • introduce trusty udisks2 package rebuilt with additional build-dependencies libsystemd-login-dev and libsystemd-daemon-dev.

  • update trusty xorg-server package

  • drop Xephyr window placement patch from package xorg-server for both saucy and trusty

  • update trusty xorg-server package

  • update saucy lightdm package

  • introduce new package multi-seat-xephyr for both saucy and trusty (updated daily)

  • update X.Org server configuration instructions
  • introduce trusty gdm package with multiseat patches

  • move status and instructions to separate wiki pages
  • From now on, this changelog will only note changes to PPA packages. Changes to the wiki pages can be found by looking at the edit history.
  • update gdm status

  • update xorg-server status

  • introduce trusty xorg-server package with multiseat patches

  • update X.Org server configuration instructions
  • update xorg-server status

  • saucy gdm: revert patch introduced at 2013-11-01 (see above)

  • add more details to udev instructions
  • saucy xorg-server: update to newer upstream version

  • update xorg-server status

  • added MatchSeat example for xorg-server configuration

  • update lightdm configuration instructions

  • raring systemd: cherry-pick changes made for 198-0ubuntu12 (to get org.freedesktop.login1 dbus service)

  • lightdm: update to newer upstream version

  • backport newer saucy gdm to raring to get logind support; add multiseat automatic login patch that was just added to the saucy version of gdm

  • raring dbus: cherry-pick changes from saucy 1.6.12-0ubuntu6 and 1.6.12-0ubuntu7

  • raring network-manager: cherry-pick bluetooth bug fix from saucy (also raring

  • raring policykit-1: update to latest saucy version

  • saucy unity-greeter: remove; new upstream version has been released with multiseat change integrated

  • xorg-server: apply fix for bug #1209008 to latest version

  • raring gnome-screensaver, gnome-settings-daemon: update to newer saucy versions to get logind fixes

  • lightdm: apply multiseat patches to latest version

  • update xorg-server and unity-greeter for saucy

  • update lightdm multiseat patch from multiseat bzr branch

  • update patch for unity-greeter

  • add unity-greeter with fix for bug #1201122 integrated

  • add xorg-server with fix for bug #1209008 integrated

  • update known issues
  • update lightdm to the latest upstream version

  • lightdm: change xserver-seat setting name to xdg-seat

  • other miscellaneous internal lightdm cleanups in preparation for submission upstream

  • upload lightdm for saucy

  • backport newer indicator-session

  • remove known issues that I believe are fixed by the newer indicator-session

  • update known issues
  • update dbus

  • update known issues
  • interpret LightDM xserver-vt=0 setting to mean -sharevts

  • add documentation for the new LightDM settings
  • improve LightDM logging
  • update instructions
  • update known issues
  • backport newer upstream (saucy) packages to get better logind support

  • add backported acpi-support package to drop consolekit dependency

  • update instructions
  • update known issues
  • initial upload of packages for raring
  • initial draft of instructions


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