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New Jersey LoCo Team

The six core members and more auxiliary members of our New Jersey LoCo Team organize one public event every second month. We frequently work with the approved Pennsylvania LoCo team and several New Jersey Linux User Groups (LUGs). New event ideas are discussed on our mailing list and at our bi-monthly social events.

In 2007, the team distributed over 800 Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs and anticipates distributing 400 more before year's end. We helped a dozen people install or configure Ubuntu at our June InstallFest; one week later, we helped a nearby LUG teach new GNU/Linux user skills at our first New User Night.

In 2008, we plan to double our efforts. We'll distribute even more CDs, host two install fests, and teach people at two new user nights. We'll be spreading our efforts across a larger part of the state, and will hopefully have more frequent and higher quality events.

Brief History

The New Jersey Ubuntu LoCo was founded by Ubuntu Member Og Maciel. In 2006, Mr. Maciel moved out of state and leadership passed to Ubuntu Member Joe Terranova. Mr. Terranova leads the team today with a support base in South-Central New Jersey. In October 2007, Jerry Rivera joined the team as North New Jersey event coordinator.

Key Details

  • Date September 30, 2007

  • Team Contact - Joe Terranova <>

  • Membership - 63 as of September 2007

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-us-nj on

  • IRC - #ubuntu-us-nj on Freenode

IRC Logs


Most of this Roadmap is from our IRC chat meeting September 5th, 2007 (Chat Log)

  1. Events Throughout New Jersey
    • Active Areas

      • South Jersey
        Central Jersey

    • Areas to Develop

      • North Jersey
        East Jersey

  2. Future Events
  3. Community Cooperation
  4. Community Outreach
    • Salvation Army Computer Education - Establish a Linux class as part of their training.
    • Salvation Army Thrift Store computer reconditioning - Install Ubuntu on donated pc's for resale in the thrift shops.
    • County Based Small Business Initiatives - Provide guidance to small businesses in the utilization, or the option of Linux as viable solution for their business requirements.
    • Assist local private education, afterschool, and daycare institutions in the use of Linux as an alternative to current systems.
  5. Regional Coordination


Ubuntu South Jersey Meeting

Ubuntu North Jersey Meeting

Ubuntu Trenton Computer Festival, April 28-29

Ubuntu Cherry Hill June Installfest

Ubuntu August BBQ

Ubuntu Software Freedom Day: Joint Event at PACS with the PA Team

Ubuntu Columbus Farmer's Market, September 28

Ubuntu Canonical Store Group Order

  • The group order saved participants 42% or more of the cost of international shipping

Endorsements / Comments

Joe_CoT and other members of the NJ team have been a huge help to us (the PA team). They have a vast knowledge of the OS, as well as the drive and determination to bring the pain in NJ. +1 from lamalex.

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