Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


What nothing going on! That's hard to believe.

  • Software Freedom Day - talk about the new Mexico Teams (2) for sure this year. - posted by dthomasdigital
  • Be sure to sign up for the mailing list and launchpad for all new people coming to the meetings. - posted by dthomasdigital
  • Ubuntu specific stuff at New Mexico Linux Fest go here for details. - posted by dthomasdigital

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!


Members Present

  • ColornelPanik

  • doomcat
  • dthomasdigital
  • gcleric
  • genfool
  • jimrz
  • kenneth
  • mneptok
  • Nick125
  • tritium
  • |mando|
  • source3


Meeting called at 8:10pm by dthomadigital

Topics Discussed

<jimrz> +1
<gcleric> jimrz:  fyi.. I'm a Bruins fan... it's a New England thing. =)
<doomcat> +1
<gcleric> +1
<dthomasdigital> Software Freedom day is around the corner
<dthomasdigital> This year is going to be the best ever
<gcleric> agreed.
<ColonelPanik> Yes
<jimrz> no doubt ... sorta like Red Sox Nation, eh
<gcleric> jimrz: which I'm apart of along with Pats and Celtics.
<dthomasdigital> http://softwarefreedomday.org/PortalesLinux new team this year
<dthomasdigital> The Albuquerque just might get Cottonwood mall after all too
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: nice!
<dthomasdigital> we will know first part of July
<dthomasdigital> but it looks good
<jimrz> oooh
<genfool> sounds great
<dthomasdigital> ColonelPanik is representing the East big time thanks for the hard work
<gcleric> dthomasdigital:   is there a plan "B"  ... I like backups.
<gcleric> =)
<dthomasdigital> we touch on that a little last week
<ColonelPanik> Yes plan B is you come to Portales
<gcleric> Ok.. is there a plan "C"... =P
<dthomasdigital> Should we contact the other mall?
<dthomasdigital> or albuquerque uptown?
<gcleric> Uptown... would be difficult and weather permitting.
<jimrz> si
<gcleric> as it is out side.
<dthomasdigital> I'll keep on with my Cottonwood contact, anyone want to contact the other areas?
<gcleric> unless we hang outside the apple store. =P
<dthomasdigital> gcleric that woudl rock
<jimrz> indeed
<gcleric> I think that Corrando would be another choice.
<dthomasdigital> I gree
<jimrz> +1
<gcleric> +1 .. I'll vote for my own idea.
<gcleric> =)
<dthomasdigital> so any volunteers to make contact.
<gcleric> I'll take it.
<gcleric> whom did you ask for when you contacted Cottonwood?
<dthomasdigital> Thanks gcleric I'll keep you posted on Cottonwood mall, they are ready to help but won't know till mid-July
<dthomasdigital> there marketing director
<gcleric> that's the route I'll take.
<dthomasdigital> OK ready for the next item?
<jimrz> sure
<genfool> why not two locations ,,, if they both work out?
<dthomasdigital> Oh ColonelPanik again let me know what we cna do to help support Portales
<kenneth> I'm in walking distance of Cottonwood mall
<gcleric> genfool:  I'm down with that.
<dthomasdigital> genfool, hard enough getting people to show up at one
<jimrz> me too
<dthomasdigital> but I'm open
<ColonelPanik> There are numerous game/computer/coffee places in Albuq/RR  Maybe a display in each of them.  Even if its just a poster and some CDs?
<jimrz> we have enough active folks now to handle
<genfool> If for some reason one falls through the cracks???
<gcleric> ColonelPanik: that's a good Idea!  A mini display with CD's.
<dthomasdigital> That;s true this year we really need to market will hel the LoCo, SFD, and NMLF
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: agreed.
<genfool> exactly
<dthomasdigital> I've all ready started working on flyers
<jimrz> yep
<dthomasdigital> I want to conatct the other LUG's and get them involved too
<gcleric> anyone know anyone at one of the local new outlets?
<gcleric> ...news
<dthomasdigital> I see Rod Green every day snooping through court records
<gcleric> a quick mention doesn't hurt.
<dthomasdigital> I'll see what I can do I know a few camera folks to
<dthomasdigital> also ads in the alibi, and other free newspapers 
<gcleric> and lobo
<genfool> kkob am talk radio has a few hours a week for callers to call in and plug there business.
<dthomasdigital> I'll add the info here http://softwarefreedomday.org/teams/northamerica/NM/Albuquerque/NewMexicoUbuntuLoco
<gcleric> genfool: is there prior contact required or is it a dry call?
<dthomasdigital> genfool good idea as the date gets closer we need to remember that
<tritium> dthomasdigital: on that URL, are you able to edit it to be "LoCo", not "Loco"?
<ColonelPanik> The schools will be in session, hit the science/computer teachers
<dthomasdigital> Sure my bad
<genfool> no, just call in, Fridays  after 5:00 pm, will have to verify, listen to it all the time.
<tritium> ...short for Local Community, and no, it doesn't mean crazy :)
<dthomasdigital> changes made
<dthomasdigital> ask and you shall receive 
<dthomasdigital> tritium you know your my editor anyway.
<tritium> hah, sometimes, I suppose
<dthomasdigital> I'll be adding a item and responsibility list ASAP 
<ColonelPanik> Another venue for promoting FSD and NMLF would be Bubonicon 47.  August 28-30
<ColonelPanik> oops that is Bubonicon 41
<dthomasdigital> Ready to move on?
<gcleric> +1
<doomcat> +200
<jimrz> +1
<genfool> lets go!
<dthomasdigital> Lots of new people have been coming to the meetings
<dthomasdigital> not a lot of new people on the mailing list
<dthomasdigital> we need to be sure and point them to our contacts page when we can
<dthomasdigital> Just a thought.
<jimrz> a good one, though
<tritium> Come on, Dwight.  Make your free throws...
<dthomasdigital> Oh I just figured out why tritium is so quite
<tritium> dthomasdigital: that's part of it.  I'm also working.
<genfool> another thought, remind them that there is usually someone  on this channel during the week, if they need help.
<dthomasdigital> Very good idea genfool
<doomcat>  i am leaving early cause i am tired bye
* doomcat has quit ("lascia alright per andare ed uscire di qui al doomlair(italian for alright lets go and get out of here to the doomlair)")
<genfool> good night doomcat
<dthomasdigital> next item?
<jimrz> ok
<gcleric> I'm floored! Doomcat is speaking my family language.
<gcleric> Well at least on my mothers side.
<dthomasdigital> Just wanted to thank the people signing up to volunteer for the Ubuntu LoCo booths at LinuxFest thanks!
<dthomasdigital> gcleric we speak lots of Italian in the hose my wife's madin name is Trusio
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: I'm still floored.
<dthomasdigital> house and maiden see told ya I need and editor
<dthomasdigital> any other business?
<tritium> Yes, I have one update.
<dthomasdigital> Any news out of EPC?
<tritium> I wish protonchris were here, since he's been working on the website.
<dthomasdigital> the website cool....
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: i have not heard anything from EPC.
<tritium> I've had the DNS and MX records updated to point to birdhouse.org now.
<tritium> http://nm.ubuntu-us.org/ is up and running.
<dthomasdigital> tritium that is huge news how cool
<tritium> Thanks to protonchris for his work on the website, and getting the Launchpad ID integration working.
<dthomasdigital> tritium and protonchris rock!
<jimrz> +100
<tritium> Try it out, and login with your launchpad ID and password.
<genfool> Of course they do,
<dthomasdigital> oh it looks great
<tritium> protonchris did all the work.  I just interfaced with the Canonical sysadmins a bit to get the records updated.
<dthomasdigital> oh man this is great love it
<dthomasdigital> Just added my first comment on the site
<genfool> Thanks tritium  for doing all you do, dont pretend you did nothing.   :)
<jimrz> launchpad ID works fine, was already logged into it so it offered to sign me in, I siad ok and it worked
<|mando|> +1000
<tritium> genfool: :)
<tritium> It was nothing, really.
<dthomasdigital> Wow we just keep moving forward.
<gcleric> g'night all busy day tomorrow... qwest fiber to home... =P
<dthomasdigital> good night gcleric
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: let me know how that VM goes..
<dthomasdigital> I got to head out too, huge day tomorrow.
<tritium> Good night, gcleric.  I'm upgrading to 7 Mbps on Friday.
<dthomasdigital> gcleric you got it
* gcleric has quit ("“It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life.” -Green Day")
<jimrz> good night everyone
* source3 (n=source3@ has joined #ubuntu-us-nm
* jimrz has quit ("Leaving.")
<tritium> Hey there, source3.  Good to see you again.
<source3> Hello all, I think I am a little late.  Been traveling down to Carlsbad, NM.
<source3> You too tritium.
<dthomasdigital> source3 I'm about to go to bed now.
<source3> Shame...I still have work to do!
<source3> good nite
<genfool> source3, hello
<source3> hello genfool

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