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My name is Nicolas Deschildre, I'm a computer student currently finishing his studies by working in a small Linux company selling computers for people having trouble to learn new technologies.

I'm also involved in FOSS here and there, changing when the fun goes away. Right now, and since UDS-boston, I'm working with St├ęphane, Henrik and Thorsten Wilms on the Tokamak spec, which is now more publicly known as Ubuntu Brainstorm. I am working on the code part, while St├ęphane is making a great admin job, Henrik is coordinating with Canonical, and Thorsten is doing some amazing artwork.

Right now, we are quite busy dealing with the awesome quantity of input we get, and if you are curious, here is my TODO List that will probably keep me busy for the next month or two.

Oh, and I'm usually hanging around #ubuntu-brainstorm, if you want to say hi Smile :)

The "homepage" of the Ubuntu Brainstorm project

The wiki pages concerning Brainstorm

Old stuff

A pre-Brainstorm spec I made about a feedback site

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