1. How to Join

How to Join

Although we look forward to any contributions you can make, the team has taken a little extra time to gather the information to help you get started. We ask that everyone who would like to be a member of the Oklahoma Team read the latest version of the Code of Conduct (CoC) then sign sign the agreement before joining.

We ask that you do this because the CoC is the foundation of Ubuntu development. Signing the CoC does mean that you will have to register with Launchpad and create an account and generate and upload a GnuPG key. Think of Launchpad as the system used by Ubuntu to track and collaborate on projects.

Please contact a team member if you need additional assistance signing the CoC, the IRC channel (#ubuntu-us-ok) is a good place to look.

Once this is done, submit your membership to the Team Launchpad, once this is done, our Team Launchpad Administrator will approve your membership and send you additional details on the team and other resources.

We look forward to having you on the team and hearing about any ideas or you might have.

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