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Linux/Ubuntu Presentation


Supply members with tools to give a talk

Have resources such as a script and visuals available for members. Give members the ability to give an informative talk about Ubuntu regardless of individual skill level. Reduce the burden on the LoCo member because materials are already produced.


In Progress



Take down website

Currently the team has decided that there is not a need for both a WiKi and a website. Steve has been contacted regarding the teams decision. The possibility of modifying the DNS entries to allow us to use the Google Apps Email accounts (ex. duanedesign@ubuntuoklahoma.org)


In Progress

Loco promotion


make posters and hang them up

We do not have alot of active members right now. This makes getting any projects to move forward difficult. We need to advertise the group and get more Ubuntu users to join. A poster needs to be designed and produced. We need to come up with some locations where Ubuntu users are likely to see it. We also might be able to get a few people who were considering switching but haven't done so yet.


In Progress

OKLoCo Newsletter


Publish a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter

Distribute a newsletter on the mailing list. The newsletter includes news about the LoCo and the broader Ubuntu community. Also included are links and a brief overview of other newsletters, magazines and podcasts about Ubuntu. Also a different selection of links each month. These links can be anything from more news about Ubuntu to tutorials. See current and past issues here.


In Progress

Ubuntu See Below for project documents and tools.

Ideas & Brainstorming

Ubuntu Set up "Ubuntu Pick Up Stations" at libraries, retailers, ect.. where people can get a free CD along with some additional information to show people how Ubuntu can do everything they were doing on Windows.

Ubuntu Community Outreach Team. Start relationships with local non profits, public schools, and businesses. Encourage them to transition to Ubuntu and provide support as they do. Look at whatPennsylvania LoCo Outreach has done.

Ubuntu A fund-raiser to buy computer(s) for underprivileged Oklahoma kids. Start an Email fund-raiser asking for $5 to $10. Use the money to buy a OLPC XO computer or possibly a decent used computer. Another possibility is to encourage people to donate their used computers for us to redistribute with Ubuntu. We could publicize the obvious benefit of open source/free software to underprivileged kids and the opportunity it affords them that they might not normally get. Through press releases and local media coverage use the publicity and credibility to solicit more substantial donations and incrementally grow the project.

Ubuntu Help team members interested in triaging bugs and setting their computer up for the 5-a-day program. As more team members start triaging congratulate members on their 5-a-day stats.

Ubuntu Talk to local LUG, Vo Tech, and computer clubs about giving a presentation on Linux. Derrick contacted us about an event called Open Beta. They are looking for people to give technology demonstrations. We missed the March event but maybe we can have our Ubuntu/Linux Presentation ready for the next event.

Ubuntu Advocate the use of Ubuntu throughout the state of Oklahoma

Ubuntu Local campaigning and activism for GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Free Software, Free Formats,

Ubuntu Help make Ubuntu better by improving the Official Documentation and helping with Bug Triage.

Ubuntu Other Suggestions and Ideas

Project Documents & Tools

Ubuntu This is the current working draft for the Linux Presentation. LinuxPresentationDraft001.odt

Ubuntu These are slides for the Linux presentation. It is a work in progress. LinuxPresentationOKLoco.odp

Ubuntu Poster for Oklahoma Loco promotion

Ubuntu Ubuntu poster with headline "No more viruses"

Ubuntu Ubuntu poster with twitter.com address

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