Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. Team meetings are organized for members to discuss plans, ideas, goals, projects, funding, concerns, etc. regarding the Ubuntu community

When & Where

The Oklahoma Team Meetings are open to the public. We welcome any and all visitors. Meetings take place in #ubuntu-us-ok on FreeNode.


Feel free to add anything you think needs to be discussed, or any ideas you might have for the group.

Here are a few items that are currently being discussed.
Ubuntu Gaining Approved Status

Ubuntu Member Information Added to Wiki

Ubuntu We need to get new members into the group. Right now we only have a couple of people who are what I would consider active. This makes it hard to get any projects accomplished. We need to come up with a flyer/poster to interest Ubuntu users in Oklahoma to join our Loco.

Ubuntu We need to come up with locations where out Loco promotional flyers/posters will be most effective. Everyone who participates picks two or three locations around there home to hang up the flyers.

Ubuntu Other Suggestions and Ideas



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