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About Me

I first became interested in Linux in 2000 when I saw RedHat, Mandrake and several other distributions being sold as cheap box sets in one of my local bookshops. Unfortunately, I never managed to get any of those early installations working properly so I reluctantly gave up and returned to Windows.

Ten years later, at the beginning of 2010, my father, who had taken up an interest in computing upon his retirement, told me that he was using Ubuntu Linux and shortly after I installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx on an old Dell Dimension 8400 PC which I had purchased in 2005. I have been using Ubuntu or one of its flavours on various desktops, laptops and netbooks ever since.

I am currently using the following Ubuntu versions:

I am a licensed amateur radio operator, call-sign G4MBY, previously G6AVH although now inactive. One day I hope to combine my interest in amateur radio with that of Ubuntu and Kubuntu, and return to the air-waves.

I was granted an Ubuntu Membership on 8th January 2015, primarily I would have thought, for my ongoing contribution to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. I am extremely grateful to those who helped in making this possible and to those who voted in favour of my application.

My Profile Pages

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is PaulW2U although I also use G4MBY from time to time.

I am usually present in the following channels, amongst many others, on the Freenode network:







My Contributions

Ubuntu Forums

I have been a member of Ubuntu Forums since 20th May 2010. I like to answer general support questions especially those related to Kubuntu, KDE and those posted by "Absolute Beginners". I also assist the moderation and administration staff by alerting them to duplicate, inappropriate or "spam" posts.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

For over a year I was a regular contributor to the production of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. Each week, as part of a small team, I collected links to stories, podcasts and videos, wrote summaries for the links that had been collected and then proof read the final draft prior to the newsletter being released. My initial involvement with the newsletter was for 56 consecutive issues from Issue #316 (released on 13th May 2013) to Issue #371 (released on 9th June 2014).

I resumed my participation with issue Issue #387 (released on 13th October 2014) and haven't missed an issue since. I am currently reviewing some of the team's wiki pages to make them more useful to new contributors.

Ubuntu Bug Squad

I joined the Ubuntu Bug Squad on 21st July 2013 with the aim of submitting better bug reports, improve those already submitted, identify duplicate reports and remove any out of date reports that refer to either old versions of software or Ubuntu releases that are no longer supported. Although I have only recently joined the BugSquad I have been reporting bugs for all Ubuntu releases that I have used since I started beta testing Maverick Meerkat in July 2010.

Ubuntu Documentation Team

I initially joined the Documentation Team on 18 August 2013 but did not contribute much before leaving the team shortly after. I have since rejoined with the aim of improving the Community Help Wiki and then move on to the Official Documentation at a later date.

Ubuntu Quality Team

I joined the Quality Team on 1st December 2013. My contributions are currently limited to package and ISO testing although I hope to move on to other activities, including the writing of test cases in due course.

Future Plans

I currently plan to:

  • Increase my contributions to existing teams where applicable.
  • Actively contribute to further Ubuntu related projects.
  • Be more focused on the Ubuntu community rather than on technical aspects that I do not fully understand.


The following extracts, from blog posts by Elizabeth K. Joseph, acknowledge my contributions to the production of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.

  • From
    "Over these past couple of months I’m happy to say we’ve gained the help of Paul White who has not only been doing a great job helping collect links throughout the week for the newsletter, but has also come through for us each week to write summaries (even on Sunday afternoon when we need some final ones quickly!). But it wouldn’t be fair to continue making Paul write so much!" (2013-07-13)

  • From
    "I’m happy to say that today we have some really exceptional work coming from Paul White who participates from beginning to end: link collection, summary writing and editing." (2013-02-04)

  • From
    "Each one of these issues is the result of a team of contributors who collect links for our newsletter (typically Paul White and myself) and then a weekend of writing summaries for many of these collected articles, where again Paul White has been an exceptional contributor, with several others pitching here and there for a few issues." (2014-12-31)


If you wish to describe any of my contributions to the Ubuntu Community in further detail then please feel free to do so. Thank You.

Paul is an amazing guy, always willing to help with the UWN. He's been doing a great part of the job for the issues, and is a vital part of the team nowadays. I definitely believe that he is a great community member, and Membership is well deserved for him. Keep up the good work, and now to Issue 400! - -- jose 2014-12-29 22:14:04


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