Key Details


  • Ubuntu Events across Pennsylvania

    • Active Event Locations
      • Philadelphia
      • Harrisburg/York/Lancaster
      • State College
    • Target Areas for future development
      • Lehigh Valley
      • Pittsburgh
      • Erie
      • Scranton Wilkes-Barre
      • Williamsport

    Ubuntu Continue support of FOSSCON

    Ubuntu Continue support of GEEKNICS

    Ubuntu Continue support of PACS Linux SIG

    Ubuntu Continue with Release Parties

    Ubuntu Continue Software Freedom Day Event at PACS and encourage more throughout the state

    Ubuntu Continue to support statewide LUG's, Universities, and individuals with official Ubuntu Disks

    Ubuntu Renew relationship with Non-profit Technology Resources

    Ubuntu Teach basic Linux classes at Hive76

    Ubuntu Start Ubuntu Hours

    Ubuntu Active TEAM participation in Bug Jams

    Ubuntu Promote LoCo membership at LUGS throughout the state

Current Events

Experience Since Original Application

List here acivities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:

Ubuntu 20070714 WCOJ Radio Interview (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20070802 Official Disk-tribution to Regions

Ubuntu 20070811 Free (as in freedom) BBQ August 11, 2007 (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20070915 Free Software Day Extravaganza (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20070915 Lehigh Valley Software Freedom Day (Northeast)

Ubuntu 20070915 Susquehanna County Lehigh Valley Software Freedom Day (Northeast)

Ubuntu 20070922 MythTV Seminar (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20071019 Pittsburgh Gutsy Gibbon Release Party (Pittsburgh / Southwest)

Ubuntu 20071028 Philly Gutsy Gibbon Release / Halloween Party (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20080430 Official Disk-tribution to Regions

Ubuntu 20080621 MythTV Seminar (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20080823 Ubuntu NJ LAN Party

Ubuntu 20081101: Philadelphia Intrepid Release Party (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20081108: Pittsburgh Intrepid Release Party

Ubuntu 20081206: Philadelphia NTR Imaging party (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20090221: Global Bug Jam - Philadelphia (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20090419: Geeknic 2009 (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20090423: Jaunty Release Party (Pittsburgh / Southwest)

Ubuntu 20090502: Jaunty Release Party (Philly / Southeast)

Ubuntu 20090808: Harrisburg PA Social/Planning Meeting (Harrisburg/York/Lancaster Region)

Ubuntu 20091109 Official Disk-tribution to Regions

Ubuntu 20090919: Software Freedom Day at PACS (Philly/Southeast Region)

Ubuntu 20091003: Mythbuntu Installfest/Jam (Philly/Southeast Region)

Ubuntu 20091017: Table at Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference (CPOSC) (Harrisburg/York/Lancaster Region)

Ubuntu 20091031: Karmic Release Party

Ubuntu 20091030: Pittsburgh Karmic Release Party (Pittsburgh / Southwest)

Ubuntu 20100218: Millersville University: Open Options: Remix Computing with Open Source Software Event (Lancaster Region)

Ubuntu 20100619: FOSSCON 2010 @ RIT

Ubuntu 20100911: Geeknic

Ubuntu 20100925: Software Freedom Day

Ubuntu CPOSC 2010
Saturday, October 16, 2010 at Harrisburg University

Ubuntu 20110723: FOSSCON

Ubuntu 20110804: IRC Meeting - Team Leader/Contact

Ubuntu 20110917: SFD @ PACS

Ubuntu 20111013: 11.10 Release Party (Philly)

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