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Ubuntu Peru is a growing community of enthusiasts. We have always more people coming on board as we have presence on most of the Free Software events here. We show what ubuntu offers every time we can, so more people knows about it, also we give some support on the IRC channel and mailing list. We are governed by a Council of 5 people: José Antonio Rey, Nicolás Valcárcel, Andrés Rodriguez, Dante Díaz, and Michael Garrido (official Ubuntu Members) who keep the community running.

Key Details


Jul 16, 2012

Team establishment:

September 08, 2006

Team Admins:

Ubuntu Perú Council

Team Contact:

José Antonio Rey


32 launchpad members



Mailing List:

ubuntu-pe on (512 subscribers)


#ubuntu-pe on Freenode (logged on

Google+ Page:

Page (128 followers)

Facebook Page:

Page (422 likes)




Trello board

Statistics: Social Media

We have a lot of social media channels, which are mentioned above, and here are some insights from our Facebook page which has about 422 likes.


Ubuntu Members


Already Implemented

  • Peruvian LoCo Council - The Peruvian Loco Council is the primary community governance body for our community. This group determines the structure, rules and procedures within the LoCo. New positions in the Council are nominated by any of its members, and confirmed and voted by the other members of the Peruvian LoCo Council.

  • Meetings - Meetings every two weeks discussing the state of the community and the different services, as well as proposals for new activities and topics of the Ubuntu-PE community. Meetings will be held at #ubuntu-pe on

  • Local CDs Distribution - Distribution of Ubuntu CDs locally, with the help of LoCo members in all possible regions of our contry, reaching the greatest possible audience.

  • Organize Talks and Installfests - Organize conferences and Install fests localy so more people know/learn more about Ubuntu.

  • Participate on talks and conferences - On Peru there are lots of talks and conferences. We plan to attend, help, and have a stand where we can make live demos of Ubuntu and distribute CDs of Ubuntu and its flavours so more people knows about them.

Future Goals

  • Friendly Hardware - We want to contact local retailers and help them setup PCs and laptops that are 100% Ubuntu friendly and help users find them easily. We have contacted to specialized stores (Saga Falabella, Ripley) , leaving leaflets about Ubuntu and the importance of the FLOSS for home users.

  • Translations - In the Peruvian LoCo there are two Official Ubuntu Spanish Translators, P3L and RoAkSoAx. They, as official translators, are trying to get other Peruvian LoCo Members involved with Translations. They are showing them a nice way to help the Ubuntu Community. This way, we are trying to promote Contributions to the Ubuntu Community among members of the LoCo Team, so that way, they can get more involved with the project and not just in the LoCo Team, so that in a near future we have more Peruvian Contributors for Spanish Translations. We are also aiming to promote Quechua translations, in a effort to reach some speakers in our country.

  • Development - In the Peruviam Team, we also have one official Ubuntu Member and a contributor of the Ubuntu Server Team, Nicolás Valcárcel, who is also on his way to become a MOTU Developer. Nicolás, with help of the LoCo Council, is trying to get other Peruvian LoCo Members involved with Ubuntu Development, giving talks in different universities amongst Lima - Perú. We, as a LoCo Team, are trying to promote Contributions to Ubuntu Development so this way we can get a Peruvian Developer Team contributing to Ubuntu with the support of some local universities.



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