The main idea is to build a multi purpose tool where the power users can find any option to tweak and fine tune their system. If you want to know more, the following links try to resume the history of this idea:

General Principles

  • The Tool must be a safe tool ("Building Safety Into Our Work")

  • The Tool must be able to bring the users to previous/safe configuration when something goes wrong

General Features


  • The tool will allow different Plugins making it usable for different user needs and different ubuntu flavours.



  • Undo last change
    • When possible apply the changes and ask the user if keeping it or not. (just like X when changing resolution)
  • Restore to previous configuration (or to a specific date)
  • Restore to default settings (making a backup at the first run)


  • Ability to run as a Command Line Interface program, with parameters such as: "--restoredefault", "--restoredate XXX" and "--restorefile YYY"


Any section can be seen as a stand-alone plugin. Anyway in this page we'll focus on features and not in the software architecture


  • Launcher/Dash background Color and Alpha
  • Icon size
  • Implement a "app-indicator manager" of sorts. Place where you can toggle on-off indicators and/or install/uninstall them.
  • Edit Quicklists
  • List of available options for Unity



  • Merge/Assimilate CCSM?


  • Implement a way to tweak some basic settings regarding KDE applications in Unity/Gnome desktop. Stuff like fonts/size/hinting/DPI, color schemes, icon theme that don't match user settings in Appearance pref. or even Ubuntu default settings.


  • Install settings from others or custom settings you've saved before.
  • Sync with UbuntuOne?

Source center

  • Having the Ubuntu Tweak "Source Center" (untrusted PPAs) into a standalone plug-in (or community extensions), which is not installed by default but user can always install it. So Ubuntu Tweak is possible to put into the official repository.

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