Meeting opened by pedro_ at 19:00

  • <kamusin> Smile :)

    <pedro_> Hello everybody and welcome to our weekly meeting!

    <sense> Ah, winter time!

    <sense> hello everybody

    <pedro_> As usual agenda for today can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings

    <pedro_> [TOPIC] Agenda


  • <pedro_> # review previous action items (all)

    <pedro_> # Bugday -- pedro_

    <pedro_> # UDS Feedback -- all

    <pedro_> # Selection of new chair -- pedro_

    <pedro_> i don't see the SRU report there, is that ok jibel ?

    <jibel> no that's not ok

    <pedro_> ok let's fix that then Wink ;-)

    <jibel> there IS an sru report today, as usual

    <pedro_> thanks jibel

    <pedro_> ok let's go for the first item and then jibel can give us the SRU report

    <pedro_> [TOPIC] review previous action items

review previous action items

  • <pedro_> according to the log : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings/20101103

    <pedro_> there's only 1 action item for this meeting

    <pedro_> which is: pedro_ to reset Google calendar for QA meetings

    <pedro_> and that's already done

  • charlie-tca raises hand

    <pedro_> but looks like Google calendar went crazy

    <pedro_> and it's showing all the meetings 1 hour later

  • charlie-tca lowers hand again

    <pedro_> is that due to the DST ?

    <pedro_> charlie-tca, go ahead please Smile :-)

    <charlie-tca> you said it already

    <pedro_> ah ok, so i guess we need to adjust the calendar again?

    <charlie-tca> or wait to see if it fixes itself soon

    <pedro_> ok let's wait till the end of the week otherwise i'll contact the fridge folks again

    <pedro_> [TOPIC] SRU Testing

SRU Testing

  • <jibel> * A total of 37 packages have been published to maverick

    <jibel> * 9 packages published to maverick-updates: chromium-browser, gdb, hplip, kde4libs, linux-linaro, linux-meta-linaro, linux-ti-omap4, system-config-printer, sysvinit

    <jibel> * 4 packages published to maverick-security: cups, flashplugin-nonfree, freetype, pidgin

    <jibel> * 24 packages published to maverick-proposed: apparmor, apport, armel-cross-toolchain-base, bzr-builddeb, cairo, chromium-browser, eclipse-cdt, eglibc, evolution, gnome-keyring, humanity-icon-theme, light-themes, linux, linux-ti-omap4, nautilus, nautilus-share, openldap, pianobar, plymouth, rhythmbox, software-center, vino, x-loader, xserver-xorg-video-intel

    <jibel> * A total of 16 packages have been published to lucid

    <jibel> * 4 packages published to lucid-updates: chromium-browser, docky, redhat-cluster, udev

    <jibel> * 5 packages published to lucid-security: cups, flashplugin-nonfree, freetype, libvirt, pidgin

    <jibel> * 7 packages published to lucid-proposed: chromium-browser, debian-installer, dnspython, evolution, glusterfs, linux-meta, plymouth

    <jibel> * A total of 9 packages have been published to karmic

    <jibel> * 3 packages published to karmic-updates: linux, linux-mvl-dove, xserver-xorg-video-intel

    <jibel> * 4 packages published to karmic-security: cups, flashplugin-nonfree, freetype, pidgin

    <jibel> * 2 packages published to karmic-proposed: mesa, tomboy

    <jibel> * 4 packages published to hardy-security: cupsys, flashplugin-nonfree, freetype, pidgin

    <jibel> * 2 packages published to dapper-security: cupsys, freetype

    <jibel> Thanks to Evan Broder (ebroder), DLCBurggraaff, Claudio Veschetti, D Tangman, dicairo, eballetbo, Gary M (game2), Irihapeti, John Rigby, Daniel Kulesz, Louis-Dominique Dubeau, Torez Smith, Martijn, mypc, NTolerance, Riccardo Murri, Rohan Garg (evilshadeslayer), madbiologist, Sebastien JAN (sebjan), Scott Howard (showard), The Loeki and Wolfgang Kufner for testing packages in -proposed.

    <jibel> As always, you can see the current set of packages needing testing in the -proposed queue at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html . Your assistance in testing is always appreciated!

    <pedro_> indeed thanks a lot to all the contributors Smile :-)

    <jibel> any comment/question ?

    <pedro_> any questions for jibel?

    <pedro_> heh

    <jibel> ok then, one more thing.

    <jibel> Last week we talked about adding update testing as opportunities in Harvest.

    <jibel> Its done, congrats to bdmurray !

    <pedro_> awesome news!

  • bdmurray waves

    <pedro_> thanks bdmurray!

    <jibel> To see it live, go to http://harvest.ubuntu.com/opportunities/, in the opportunities list on the left, you'll find update-testing-RELEASE

    <jibel> Checking these items will display the current SRUs (uncheck the limit on packages)

    <pedro_> nice nice Smile :-)

    <pedro_> anything else jibel ?

    <jibel> no, that's all for today

    <pedro_> jibel, ok, thank you!

    <pedro_> [TOPIC] Bugdays


  • <pedro_> ok long time without having a bug day

    <pedro_> for tomorrow we organized one for the Bugs without a package: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20101111

    <pedro_> as you can see there, the vast majority of the bugs were already triaged!

    <pedro_> so we might need to add some more bugs to that list Wink ;-)

    <bdmurray> heh, awesome

    <pedro_> thanks to our rocking contributors : komputes, kamus, mistrynitesh and yofel for their amazing work

    <charlie-tca> Great!

    <komputes> pedro_: and the bugday didn't even start yet Wink ;)

    <pedro_> let's add another 100 for tomorrow Smile :-)

    <komputes> pedro_: lets

    <komputes> Smile :)

    <pedro_> komputes, that makes you even more amazing Smile :-)

    <komputes> hehe

    <jibel> pedro_, don't be shy. add the remaining 513 bugs without a package and see how low we can go.

    <pedro_> as always if you have an idea please add it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/Planning

    <pedro_> jibel, heh only if you help us too Wink ;-)

    <pedro_> ok lets roll

    <jibel> ok, I need some karma

  • kamusin jibel, yes! we can do it Smile :)

    <pedro_> [TOPIC] UDS Feedback

UDS Feedback

  • <pedro_> i see that item also included on the previous meeting agenda

    <pedro_> is there anything else to discuss or that was added/leaved there for mistake?

    <pedro_> marjo, ^

    <charlie-tca> I think pedro_ wasn't here to discuss his stuff, maybe?

    <marjo> pedro_ left there by mistake

    <pedro_> charlie-tca, we discussed our items at the bugsquad meeting anyways

    <pedro_> ok next item on the agenda is

    <pedro_> [TOPIC] AOB


  • <pedro_> anything else to raise, discuss, announce, etc?

    <marjo> pedro: yes

    <pedro_> please go ahead marjo

    <marjo> blueprints reminder: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu?searchtext=qa-n

  • pedro_ pass the mic to marjo

    <marjo> please review and update the blueprints assigned to you, so we can finalize all blueprints by end of this week

    <marjo> thx

    <marjo> that's it from me, pedro_

    <pedro_> thank you marjo

    <pedro_> anything else guys?

    <jibel> o/

    <pedro_> go for it jibel

    <jibel> with DST this meeting time is not really convenient can we move it by 1 hour ?

    <jibel> in europe it 2000

    <jibel> or 8:00PM

    <pedro_> eek...

    <marjo> ditto

    <pedro_> same to ara then

    <pedro_> so 1 hour backwards, 1800 UTC ?

    <jibel> same to all the community members in europe

    <jibel> excepted UK.

    <pedro_> 1800 UTC sounds good to everybody ?

    <jibel> lets vote

    <marjo> jibel: we chose 1700 and 1900 a few months ago, so that we can accommodate as many time zones as possible (independent of DST)

    <jibel> +1

    <mainerror> +1

    <pedro_> wait wait wait

    <hggdh> +1

    <charlie-tca> wait

    <kamusin> +1

    <pedro_> [VOTE]


  • hggdh waits

    <pedro_> now you can vote

    <hggdh> +1

    <mainerror> +1

    <jibel> +1

    <kamusin> +1

    <charlie-tca> Keep in mind, every other week we meet two hours earlier

    <pedro_> +1

    <marjo> folks: please see my note above!

    <marjo> jibel: we chose 1700 and 1900 a few months ago, so that we can accommodate as many time zones as possible (independent of DST)

    <hggdh> hum

    <marjo> remember?!

    <pedro_> but is not good now since the application of DST

    <hggdh> perhaps 1600 and 1800?

    <charlie-tca> That seems wrong. Wasn't 20:00 UTC the most popular hour?

    <jibel> marjo, yes, I remember.

    <marjo> charlie-tca: the compromise we reached was to flip every other week

    <marjo> that's how we ended up with these two times; do we want to reconsider based on jibel's request?

    <charlie-tca> but this is going the wrong way, and when time changes again, we move them again?

    <marjo> charlie-tca: yes, we would have to flip at every DT/non-DT change

    <marjo> that's the beauty of UTC!

    <hggdh> and the bane...

    <pedro_> so what would be?

    <charlie-tca> yeah. that puts me at 8 am for the earlier meeting.

    <hggdh> bdmurray: what about you?

    <bdmurray> charlie and I are in the same tz

    <marjo> can we defer vote until next week (to include ara in discussion)?

    <hggdh> yes.

    <pedro_> sure

    <hggdh> pedro_: voting is still open

    <marjo> pedro_ thx much

    <pedro_> [ENDVOTE]

Results: 5 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstained.

Overall: 5

Motion Carried:

Motion Denied:

Deadlock. If someone has a casting vote now is the time to use it

  • <pedro_> [ACTION] Discuss meeting times

Discuss meeting times

  • <pedro_> so we don't forget about it

    <pedro_> anything else?

    <charlie-tca> Might be good to see what else we are conflicting with moving these meetings

    <pedro_> 3

    <pedro_> yup, lets review it and share it next week

    <pedro_> ok if there is nothing else:

    <pedro_> [TOPIC] Selection of new chair

Selection of new chair

  • <pedro_> any volunteer ?

  • hggdh hides

    <marjo> pedro: i've updated the next meeting agenda for that topic and assigned it to jibel

    <pedro_> thank you marjo

    <hggdh> oh, jibel is the volunteer?

    <pedro_> didn't i heard jibel?

    <marjo> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings

    <jibel> yes

    <hggdh> \o/

    <pedro_> [ACTION] jibel to chair next meeting

jibel to chair next meeting

  • <jibel> is that all, I was expecting a general ovation Wink ;-)

    <pedro_> last call, anything else to raise, discuss, etc?

    <hggdh> I did Wink ;-)

    <pedro_> 3

    <pedro_> 2

    <pedro_> 1

    <pedro_> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 19:36

People Present

  • kamusin
  • pedro_
  • sense
  • jibel
  • charlie-tca
  • bdmurray
  • komputes
  • marjo
  • mainerror
  • hggdh

Actions Recorded

  • Discuss meeting times
  • jibel to chair next meeting

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