When installing a new iso, you can hit a bug during the actual install. This table is to give guidance on what best to report such a bug at.


Report against

During the graphical installation itself

ubuntu-bug ubiquity

During the alternate installation itself

ubuntu-bug debian-installer

During the mini-iso / netboot installation istself

ubuntu-bug debian-installer

While booting the ISO image

ubuntu-bug syslinux

While booting the system after installaton

ubuntu-bug grub2

With the graphical display after installation

ubuntu-bug xorg

With an application

ubuntu-bug PACKAGE_NAME

If you are unsure of the application, or for further information, please have a read of Finding the Right Package

  • Sometimes the machine with the bug has no internet access, in this case:

ubuntu-bug is a wrapper around apport-cli and apport-cli has an option for saving the report for later. The documentation says:

--save=PATH In bug filing mode, save the collected information into a file instead of reporting it. This file can then be reported later on from a different machine. This can also be useful if X does not start during an install and you can transfer the file to another machine on your LAN and report the bug from there where it will open a graphical browser.

Saving the bug report to a file can be useful when the machine you are testing on does not have internet access. After saving the file and moving it to a system with internet access you can use 'apport-cli my.crash' (where my.crash is the saved crash file) to send the report to Launchpad.

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