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Report and triage bugs. Improve processes.

Exploratory Testing

With an installed version of the development release up and running, you can perform exploratory testing against any packages of components you wish. Go wild! Try and break things! See if the new software can handle the unexpected, or even the normal use cases. If you find a bug, report it!

Manual Testing

There are three main types of manual testing: ISO, package and hardware testing. For all of them, we use the QA trackers.

In the trackers, we have a list of products and testcases that need running. For example, in the ISO testing tracker, you will be able to find all the flavors and architectures as well as all of the different installation testcases we will conduct during the cycle.

Once in a while there will also be specific calls for testing against a certain package or software. These calls are sent to the Ubuntu Quality mailing list and shared in the social media. The instructions for these tests will be sent along the call.

Ubuntu Touch Testing

If you have a supported phablet device, you can help the team by running and reporting bugs you find within in the Touch images.

Unity 8 Testing

Instructions on testing Unity 8 can be found at the Unity 8 Desktop page.

Supporting Tasks

Reporting bugs

You will encounter bugs when you are running and testing the development release. When you do, you should file them so developers can start working on them.

When you file many bugs, it's useful to learn to provide the right information for a bug. However, even more important than that is that you are ready to answer any questions, give any additional information and ultimately, try to reproduce the bug if the developers ask you to.

Triaging bug reports

In addition to filing bugs, you can also help confirm and triage existing bug reports.

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