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›  A development setup
›  Development tools setup
›  Basic understanding of Bzr and Launchpad merge proposals

›  Writing Manual Tests
›  Writing Autopilot Tests
›  Writing Autopackage Tests

Improve processes. Maintain tests.

Writing Manual Tests

Manual test cases are utilized by testers to perform predefined test cases against software, images and hardware. No programming knowledge is required to write manual test cases.

Writing Autopilot Tests

As the name suggests, Autopilot tests are tests that are automatically ran against software. They also report any errors found during the tests automatically. The Autopilot tests are written in the Python programming language with the help of a custom API.

Writing Autopackage Tests

Autopackage tests are another type of automatic tests that are built in to Debian packaging. Writing Autopackage tests requires some programming knowledge and understanding the basics of Debian packaging is useful as well.

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