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Thank you for your interest in helping ubuntu quality! This page will cover the basic setup and workflow for the test writer role within the ubuntu quality team.

Getting stuck

Should you get stuck at any point, don't be afraid to ask for help. We are available to contact in many different ways. Get in touch and we'll be glad to help!


Before undertaking any of the work below you must first ensure you have installed the version of ubuntu that is currently in development. To install the development version of ubuntu on your machine, checkout this guide.

In addition, make sure you are setup to use bzr and launchpad as you will be branching and committing code via bzr to launchpad. Check out this guide to get setup.


It's important to note that most of what you see on the QA Dashboard is an automated test of some sort, running in the CI infastructure. Our goal is to enhance and increase the number of testcases ready to be run. Write your testcase once and ensure the application stays stable!


After you have installed the development version of ubuntu and setup your machine for bzr and launchpad, the following activities are available to you to help ubuntu. You can do any or all of the activities listed below at any time. Pick one and help us today! We appreciate your contributions!

Writing manual tests

Manual testcases are utilized by testers to perform testing against software, images and hardware. You can contribute manual testcases for testing use. No programming knowledge required. Check out this page for full details!

Writing autopilot tests

Autopilot tests are an important part of our testing strategy. They work tirelessly to keep our software regression free.

See this page for more information, including a list of needed tests. We generally have large test writing efforts going on -- check them out!

Writing autopkg tests

Autopkg tests also help ensure we don't introduce regressions, especially at the library level. Check out this page for specifics to get started.

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