This page details information for the testdrive hackfest(s). A hackfest is a gathering of interested contributors with the goal of contributing new code and documentation as well as fixing and enhancing existing code. Members from the quality and testdrive teams make themselves available during the hackfest to help streamline contributions.


08:00–16:00 UTC, Saturday, 10th August, 2013 with a hangout run from 08:00–09:00 UTC.


#ubuntu-quality on freenode and a G+ hangout.

How can I participate?

  • Show up on IRC and/or G+ during the scheduled time
  • Put your name on the list of things that need doing

Who to contact

0800-1000UTC: Noskcaj, 1000-1600UTC: smartboyhw

Where do i get testdrive?

If you want to translate, use the launchpad page. The bazaar branch is lp:testdrive, so run <code>bzr branch lp:testdrive</code> to get it. The PyPI repository is at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/testdrive

If you want to translate, use the launchpad page.

To Do List



Improve Documentation on wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Testdrive

Write manpage for testdrive-gtk

Translate (Some languages are completed) (If you need a translation file to be made, contact Noskcaj)

Get UbuntuGNOME into testdrive (lp#1170618)


Remove or fix Parallels (lp#1171045)

Change the time testdrive resets to (lp#1171054)

Add netboot to testdrive (difficult) (lp#1077158)

Add VMWare support (lp#527161)

Allow download speeds to be limited (lp#703349)

Increase available Storage space (lp#1183153)

Increase available RAM (lp#1183153)

Make Testdrive able to boot PAE ISOs using Virtualbox (lp#940755)

Fix the gui options for setting RAM to "Other"

Fix the gui options for setting Storage to "Other"

Make testdrive able to launch an CD/DVD Burner

Package testdrive for debian d#718365

Package testdrive for other distros

What can I expect as part of the hackfest?

  • A opportunity to learn and get help with python, PyPi, gtk, bzr and general testing stuff.

  • Noskcaj complaining about timezones
  • Bad sound quality
  • Seriously, a good time!

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