To be carried out by the Ubuntu release team


  • Produce a comprehensive, thoroughly tested release intended for final publication
  • Execute a complete functional test of the release process in preparation for the final release

RC minus 14 days:

  1. Notify kernel team of KernelFreeze

  2. Prepare the release announcement and formal $RELEASE/ReleaseNotes
    • Notify leads for Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu-Studio, Lubuntu, Mythbuntu inputs
    • Review -changes mailing list since the last milestone to make sure that all relevant major changes have been documented in the milestone's web page

    • update the page to include any caveats
    • request that contributors to Release Notes provide links to upstream project web pages and change logs in their entries, where appropriate.
    • notify loco teams to translate release notes (coordinate with Matthew Nuzum; URLs should be<releasenotepath>/<lang> for all languages)

    • obtain up-to-date list of triggered release mirrors from Canonical sysadmin
    • Notify to proofread the announcement and suggest changes, CC product owners (from ReleaseManifest) and Marketing.

RC minus 10 days:

  1. Notify developers by mailing ubuntu-devel-announce:

    • Pointer to milestone page
    • Reminder of freeze
    • Reminder for integrating all translations listed in NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline to packages. DavidPlanella can help with exporting the translations from Launchpad to facilitate the work.

    • Target any relevant bugs to the milestone
  2. Review problems and file targeted bugs for those which need resolution for the release candidate:
  3. Update metapackages for all derivatives
  4. Notify Michael Vogt to perform a GnomeAppInstallDesktopDatabaseUpdate

  5. Notify James Troup to remind mirrors to check free disk space
    • Include estimate of disk space requirements for pre-publishing the release candidate
  6. Begin UpgradeTestingProcess

RC minus 7 days (Final Freeze):

  1. All CD-related problems should be resolved
  2. Announce the freeze on the #ubuntu-devel topic and ubuntu-devel-announce. There is generally no need to tell people to hold off on uploads, as they will be held automatically by Soyuz once the next task is performed.

  3. Set the distrorelease status to FROZEN in Launchpad

  4. Review problems and file targeted bugs for those which need resolution for the release:
    • Installation bugs
    • Upgrade bugs
    • High-severity bugs
  5. Selectively accept package uploads to resolve targeted bugs

RC minus 3 days:

  1. Stop all live filesystem and cdimage cron jobs
  2. Modify debian-cd/ to set OFFICIAL="Release Candidate" (Edit from bzr co bzr+ssh:// and pull from /srv/ on nusakan)

  3. Ensure that the ISO tracker lists the new milestone, marked as "automatically publish"
  4. Go through ReleaseChecklist

  5. Produce a full set of images
  6. Notify QA team (Jean-Baptiste Lallement) to begin ReleaseValidationProcess

  7. Notify Cert team (Ara Pulido) and ask for re-certification on test hardware
  8. Iteratively test and accept select showstopper fixes
  9. Ask the marketing team ( to prepare a web page about the changes since the last milestone.

  10. Notify web team (, IRC: ellen) to ensure that the release notes redirection table on is up to date

RC minus 2 days:

  1. Receive certification test results from Ara Pulido
  2. Review targeted bugs and take final decisions on what to fix and what to defer

Night before release:

  1. Pre-publish ISOs (for CDs only): ./publish-image-set --prepublish (from lp:ubuntu-archive-tools) will print the necessary commands.

RC minus 15 minutes:

  1. Copy the beta release from, by moving all *-beta-* in .pool directories under /srv/ to directories under /srv/ If requested by IS, also remove these files after archival; note that this will leave without any visible images for this release for a short while.

  2. Publish the CD images: ./publish-image-set will print the necessary commands.

    • You need to edit cdimage/www/simple/HEADER.html and cdimage/www/simple/.htaccess by hand to change "Beta" to "Release Candidate", since neither publish-release nor publish-image-set is yet smart enough to do the right thing there.

  3. Copy .manifest to .manifest.full, pruning all images from previous releases from the .manifest file to allow timely mirror probing.
  4. Remove any not-yet-official warnings from the announcement and release notes
  5. Verify that all mirrors listed in the announcement or release notes have images, and remove faulty mirrors
  6. Check torrents for proper functionality

RC release:

  1. Update the topic on #ubuntu-devel

  2. Notify the web team (, IRC: ellen) to put the announcement on the website

    • News sidebar
    • /testing

  3. Send the release announcement to ubuntu-announce

  4. Post an announcement on

  5. Post announcement to Launchpad (ubuntu-drivers members have posting rights)

RC plus 1 day:

  1. Continue on ReleaseProcess

  2. If any changes were made to this document in this run, check whether the changes also apply to MilestoneProcess, BetaProcess or ReleaseProcess.


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