Approval Application for RussianTeam Group (ubuntu-ru)

Russian Team is a constantly growing group of Ubuntu-involved persons started to work together since 2004.

Key Details

  • Date - Mar 24, 2009

  • Team Contact - Alexey Balmashnov <a.balmashnov at gmail dot com >

  • Membership - 38 as of March 2009

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-ru on

  • IRC - #ubuntu-ru on Freenode

  • Web site -

  • Launchpad -


  • Web site - complete the transformation of web site into Russian Ubuntu community and PR portal.

  • Wiki - knowledge base for all information in Russian about Ubuntu and it's usage. Localized documentation, HOWTOs, etc. Move of pages in Russian from * to *

  • Planet - Russian blogs aggregator on Ubuntu and OSS, joining as many Ubuntu-related resources as possible.

  • Bug tracker - localized system/translation bug aggregator with strong back links to launchpad.

  • Localization - continuous effort of Ubuntu Russian Translators team to deliver localized Ubuntu-specific software and documentation, translated release notes, news etc.

  • Joined Effort - collaboration, coordination, and involvement in spreading word about Ubuntu and Ubuntu itself via various projects devoted to Ubuntu Family in Russian segment of the net.


  • Web site - currently still in development, Ubuntu Linux and Russian Team news and community portal. The aim - to describe Ubuntu Linux in brief and guide users to find out all resources needed to get started with Ubuntu and get involved in our large community.

  • Support list ubuntu-ru on - easy and convenient way to get help from community and to discuss current Ubuntu news (930 subscribers).

  • IRC channel #ubuntu-ru - actively used support channel (up to 100 users online). Well driven by a group of experienced operators.

  • Support forum - the most valuable, well-moderated, part of Team activity (almost 40 000 registered users, about 2 000 000 page hits monthly). Many experienced users are answering questions, discussing news, and sharing system usage tips and tricks with others.

  • Ubuntu Russian Translators - coordinated effort to deliver Ubuntu in Russian, around 40 currently active members in the team.

  • Translators list ubuntu-l10n-ru on - mailing list for Russian translators involved in Ubuntu projects (193 subscribers).


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