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  • QEMU is a full system emulator. It can be used to create a sandbox environment in which Ubuntu can be installed and demonstrations can be performed. The host computer can run a screen capture utility to record the window running QEMU.
  • kqemu is a kernel accelerator for QEMU. With kqemu loaded, QEMU is considerably faster.
  • kvm is a kernel based accelerator for CPUs which have the VT extensions to their instruction set.

  • qemu-launcher is a graphical frontend to QEMU, designed to make it easier to start virtual machines, without having to know the command line options.


Installing kqemu & QEMU

Install qemu package from universe repository.

 sudo apt-get install qemu

kqemu is an open-source kernel based accelerator designed for QEMU. Its author is the main developer behind QEMU itself.

Installing kvm & QEMU

Kvm includes a kernel module and a modified QEMU package.

Feisty has kvm in the 2.6.20 kernel.

Other releases need to compile kvm manually from using as a guide.


qemu-launcher is in the standard repository and so can be easily installed:-

 sudo apt-get install qemu-launcher

Using QEMU

Creating disk images

Booting up QEMU

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