SwissTeam and CatalanTeam meeting in Barcelona

A brief summary

  • Meet and greet
  • Global description of both Loco Teams
    • Tormod says one great big cornerstone of the CatalanTeam is localisation, as long as the catalan language is one of the main features of the team. SwissTeam has to use English as a language so that nobody in Switzerland feels excluded.

    • Tormod says they have a list of members of the team, sorted by cities/districs, that are willing to help within the specified area.
  • Conversation about the situation of LUG's in both countries.
  • Conversation about GNU/Linux distros Linex and Linkat, and Public Administration involvement in FLOSS.
  • Conversation about release parties done by both teams, and some additional activities.
  • LoCo Teams' gift exchange.

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