General Testimonials

General Testimonials

Thank you all for the testimonials. Smile :)

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Paultag ( Paul Tagliamonte ) - Since Silver_Fox's induction to the team, I have had the utmost pleasure in collaborating in several areas of the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has taken up administrative roles next to me in the realm of IRC administration, and kick-started many initiatives regarding policy, moderation and activity. She is also helping me with the development of a team-wide web application that will be used to integrate the Ubuntu Beginners Team even further. These efforts mark an extraordinary dedication past the average member. His work with the UBT alone is not only noteworthy, but exemplary. Please consider Silver_Fox's application favourably, he is an invaluable member to not only my teams, but to the community as a whole. - Silver Fox is awesome. Paultag really laid it all out why. Silver Fox hangs around IRC and helps answer questions to members and non-members alike. Silver Fox is both caring and patient with answering people, even when frustrated. Silver Fox has proven Silver Fox's commitment to team by taking on leadership of focus groups and participating in meetings to better the team, among other things. Silver Fox has most of all provided hours of entertainment to yours truly, in between classes, an invaluable service greatly appreciated. You may wonder why is referring to Silver Fox only by full name? The answer is simple, Silver Fox is so awesome, third person pronouns are afraid of Silver Fox. If Silver Fox wanted, Silver Fox could probably become Super Silver Fox, donning a super hero outfit and saving people from boredom and linux problems single-handedly while coding some application with free hand. So, in case it isn't clear enough, Silver Fox must become a member! That's a fact because said so. Smile :)

swoody - It has been my pleasure to be a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team alongside Silver Fox. With his full knowledge of Ubuntu, and the way he answers others' questions with patience, it is obvious that he knows his way around the block, but he's not full of himself for it. He does not mind setting aside something he is working on, if he can offer assistance when it's needed. Silver Fox has also become a great leader within the Beginners Team, and a person many others look up to. I have no reservations giving Silver Fox my unabashed support in his application for Ubuntu Membership. I feel he has all the qualities one could wish for of an Ubuntu Member, and I hope that more people can learn and be influenced by this gentleman as he continues being a great leader and role-model for the Ubuntu community.

forestpixie -Silver_Fox has blasted into the UBT and seemingly set about shining a torch into all the little nooks and crannies and bringing them out into the open again - at least that is how it seems Smile :) It is a somewhat gratifying feeling to see someone who I mentored become a member of the UBT and for them to then go on to apply for Ubuntu membership makes it doubly so, once again I come late to the party and have to tack a testimonial on to the end of a list. Silver_Fox embodies in my mind all the traits that Ubuntu members should have. A sustained contribution on the forums has been joined with a great contribution to the little corner of IRC in which we hang about trying to help people away from the hustle of #ubuntu. In my opinion we need more people in our community like Silver_Fox and I, without reservation, strongly support their application for Ubuntu membership.

DiegoTc -Silver_Fox has been a great guy contributing a lot on the UBT. He is always available in helping others. He has been a great master(even he doesn`t like they tell him like that)If you need help just ping Silver_Fox and he will help you and if can't he will help you find the correct answer. He is a great person that has many influenced in guys like me who wants to contribute on the Ubuntu Community. I strongly support his application for Ubuntu Member.

andrew.46 Silver_Fox is not only an extraordinarily helpful and valuable member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team but he is also a fine representative of the Ubuntu ethos and a man who has made substantial contribution to the Ubuntu community in general. I strongly support his application for Ubuntu Membership.

Bhavani_Shankar I ve been following Silver_fox's posts on the forums and he is very active and enthusiastic to help people out(even on the IRC) and I think he should be a defacto Ubuntu Member Smile :)

jgoguen Silver_Fox has been active since day one and shows no signs of slowing down. She is always very pleasant and is a real joy to interact with. Every team within the Ubuntu Beginners Team Silver_Fox has become involved with has benefited greatly from her experience, not just because of her enthusiasm but also because of the great willingness to help she demonstrates that always improves the experience for everyone involved.

BodhiZazen I has been an absolute pleasure to have SilverFox working with the beginners team. I agree with everything that has been stated above , but would like to add a few words on the "human side". SilverFox has many virtues, but most important, IMO, maturity, patience, and kindness. SilverFox has been most helpful with mentoring new members, helping them integrate not only in the BT but also into the Ubuntu Community. I fully support SilverFox in membership to the Ubuntu Community.

Joeb454 I've spoken with Silver_Fox_ on numerous occasions, about a wide range of things to do with the Ubuntu community (our choice of LUG's is/can be the same). Silver_Fox_'s involvement within the beginners team alone warrants membership (in my opinion), as somebody who is always willing to help, provided they're awake of course, and calm & patient with the most trying of users. Silver_Fox_ is not only a fantastic addition to the Ubuntu Community, but also somebody I'm glad to have met through the Ubuntu Community.

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