smbldap-installer "an easy to use Samba/LDAP installation and configuration tool"

Matt Oquist

Software Engineering Consultant (coding, testing, and other cool stuff)

David Trask

Technology Coordinator/Computer Teacher, Vassalboro Community School, Vassalboro, Maine USA (documentation, bug-hunting, and original "how-to")

Extensive Thanks To

John H. Terpstra

Samba team member and author of the Samba Guide, which you must read. This guide book is here on the Web, and here as a PDF.

smbldap-installer documentation

Welcome to the smbldap-installer wiki!

Here is where you'll find the documentation you've been looking for to help you set up and configure your Samba/LDAP machine. Before you start you'll need a Linux box preferably running Ubuntu, Fedora Core 4 or 5, or K12LTSP (as of this writing 07-12-06...version 5 rc1 is the latest...the new smbldap-installer will be released this week we hope). Once you have that set up you'll need the can get the latest version here

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