Stefan Bader

I am Stefan Bader, member of the Canonical Kernel Team, helping to maintain the kernel on all supported releases. My current role is the be the main contact for the Server Team for all server and cloud related issues that are related to the kernel or closely related areas.


<stefan.bader AT SPAMFREE canonical DOT com>


<stefan.bader AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>


smb, gnarl







Ubuntu Contributions


  • Xen

    • Packaging Xen 4.4 in Ubuntu
    • Change default toolstack to xl and provide conversion aids
    • Enable arm64 build
  • libvirt

    • Fixed several bugs in libvirt to make Xen xl run smoothly
    • Enabled video type options in Xen through libvirt.


  • Xen

    • Preparing and supporting the Xen 4.3 release in Ubuntu
    • Allow for using old qemu-dm and standard qemu in parallel (xl/xenlight)
    • Change packaging to include development files for libxenlight (needed for example for libvirt)
  • qemu

    • Xen paravirt guest using qemu would cause segfaults in qemu
  • libvirt

    • Xen xm/xend stack broken by recent upstream changes (deadlock when dumping xml, double free when creating new xml definition)
    • Xen xl/xenlight stack got vcpu init wrong and would end up with only one vcpu all the time.
    • Avoid using full pathnames for hvmloader and qemu for Xen guest definitions
  • crash

    • Work with Debian upstream to reduce Ubuntu delta
    • Fix problems raised by compiler hardening options.


  • Xen

    • Bring back qemu-dm which was dropped by Debian.
    • Prepare security uploads for Xen package.
  • crash

    • Ensure crash is working (kept recent enough to support current kernel).
    • Fix up the dependencies of the kernel meta to kdump-tools.
  • openwsman

    • Prepare package after pulling in a new upstream version. Package has no Debian source.


  • Xen

    • Prepare security uploads for Xen.


  • Xen

    • Prepare security uploads for Xen


  • linux-ec2

    • Maintain the linux-ec2 topic branch.
    • Work on bus related to running on EC2.
    • Prepare default virtual kernel to be suitable for running on EC2.


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