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  1. openmcu, openam, gnugk: complete VoIP support with multipoint conference and answering machine to complement gnomemeeting
  2. genius and gnome-genius: good, modern replacement for bc/dc, when the normal calculator isn't enough.
  3. seahorse # LeeColleton: Make it easy for people to manage their GPG keys

  4. gaim-encryption # LeeColleton: Gaim-Encryption uses NSS to provide transparent RSA encryption as a Gaim plugin

  5. beep-media-player # StaffanBjorklund: GTK+2 port of xmms, fits in more consistenly with gnome 2.x.

  6. br2684ctl # NunoFerreira: needed to support PPPoE with USB DSL modems

  7. bzflag # TreyEarl: nice network based tank shooter... very fun and addicting Smile :)

  8. isakmpd # or some other isakmp implementation, such as racoon (MattZimmerman)

  9. pcc-acpi hotkey driver for brightness, volume and other controls for Panasonic laptops (driver page)

  10. fdclock # DanielStone: it's a nice clock

  11. xcompmgr # DanielStone: certainly not in Desktop, but enough people want to use it for it to be worth it to support imo

  12. transset # DanielStone: see above

  13. python-beautifulsoup # AndrewBennetts. No debian package, but it's a single .py file so that's easy to fix. -- extremely useful for screen-scraping scripts.

  14. pythoncard # AndrewBennetts: A "GUI building made easy" application for Python and wx. Or maybe we should support glade-2 or gazpacho instead?

  15. irda-utils # ThorstenTasch: needed for irda

  16. tvtime, zapping or similar # trinux: for watching tv. tvtime is better than zapping and its develop team looks like more dynamic

  17. vnc4server # SebWills: useful for servers

  18. php4-gd2, php4-imagick, php4-mysql, php4-pear, php4-sqlite, php4-xslt # SebWills: many of these are needed by "typical" php4 applications

  19. phpmyadmin # SebWills: used on many servers hosting mysql databases

  20. wpa-supplicant # Alex: allows *basic* security (not complete by any means) of wireless networks

Emacs Support

  1. mailcrypt # JamesTroup: GPG support for emacs

  1. scponly # JamesTroup: limit accounts to scp only

  2. archzoom # JamesTroup: web interface a la viewcvs for arch - will need a security review

  1. wwwoffle # LexHider: allows us dialup users to view pages we've looked at while offline. Note that firefox offline mode is completely inadequate for this task.

  2. privoxy # LexHider: will block a large number of internet advertising banners.

  3. trickle # LexHider: bandwidth shaper to stop some apps from hogging your bandwidth. tiny.


  1. nethack-x11 # JamesTroup: old skool game

  2. tcptraceroute # JamesTroup: useful for network diagnosis [But it's suid]

  3. beep # LexHider: does just that. tiny.

  4. splint # LexHider: remove that unsightly lint from c clothes/code.

Already considered

  1. sl-modem # ThorstenTasch: driver used by many internal modems, daemon can use alsa driver or own non-free driver

    • This is not free software


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