May 2008 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Community Council

  • Meeting 2008/05/06:
    • Recent problems in the Ubuntu IRC world were discussed with members of the Ubuntu Community (Paladine and emma), members of the IRC Council, members of the Freenode staff (christel).

    • Core Issues that were identified and possible solutions that were pointed out:
      • Unacceptable behaviour by some ops was complained about and everybody agreed that the CoC should be upheld, especially by leaders of the community.

      • The team of Ubuntu Ops is understaffed.
      • More regular IRC Council meetings
      • More transparency about escalation processes.
    • The advertisement of the ##ubuntu-uncensored channel was discussed.

    • The IRC Council was asked to deal with the complaints about the IRSeek service first.

MOTU Council

  • Established the Universe Contributors launchpad group, allowing separation of the grant of Ubuntu Membership from the grant of Ubuntu Developer.
  • Recommended Till Kamppeter for Ubuntu Core Developer
  • Recommended Jamie Strandboge for Ubuntu Core Developer
  • Rick Clark (a.k.a. dendrobates on IRC) is the newest addition to the MOTU team. Rick is also the technical lead of the Ubuntu Server team.

  • MC 'Call' May 7th 2008:
  • Stefan Ebner - Stefan has been working to bring in most of the universe package changes in Debian since the beginning of the year, and has been very active in the development community becoming the 21st most active developer in the Hardy cycle. He also participates in the German language support forums.

  • MC 'Call' May 14th 2008:
    • Open applications: Steve Stalcup, Pedro Fragoso, Emanuele Gentili, Stefan Potyra
    • Existing discussion of ubuntu-bugs@ thread regarding use of Malone for workflow bugs highlighted for focus at UDS
    • Review of updated MC reporting practices (TeamReport + Email report)

LoCo Council

  • LoCo Council will start doing approvals at the next meeting: 04-June-2008, 16:00 UTC

  • LoCo Team approval guidelines were discussed, minor changes still required.

  • Approved LoCos will be re-approved on a yearly basis.

    • This is to support LoCos and see if they need any help.

    • LoCos should apply for re-approval close to their anniversary dates.

      • LoCos approved in the last year have approval anniversary dates on LoCoTeamList.

      • LoCos without approval anniversary dates are over a year old and need to be re-approved.

  • Resource allocation and conflict resolution procedures being worked on.

Ubuntu Development Teams

Team Name

  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item

Full Circle Magazine

  • Unfortunately Matthew Rossi no longer has the time to devote to the podcast so the podcast is now defunct.
  • #13 is finished its second round of proof-reading and the marketing preview will be sent out on Monday 26th with release date set at Friday 30th May.
  • #11 in both Chinese traditional and simplified, and #11 Italian are up for download.
  • Robert Clipsham has had to devote some of his time to real-life 'stuff' so as of #14 will hand over his Q&A section to Tommy Alsemgeest.

  • The Brazilian magazine (which covers both Windows and Linux) has asked if they could include some issues of FCM on their cover CD which we have of course agreed to.
  • We always welcome new articles especially My Opinion, My Story and/or Reviews.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Japanese Team

  • Released Japanese Remix Desktop CD 8.04 on 25nd April.
  • Planning to attend "Open Source Conference 2008 Kansai" on July 18 - 19 as an exhibitor.
  • Members have written an article about fonts, including installation in Ubuntu, for the Japanese magazine "Software Design", published in the May 17 issue.
  • Members has written articles for a Japanese book "Ubuntu World" which will be published on May 30.

Catalan Team

Tamil Team

Team Name

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