Past Activities

2008 April

Ubtuntu Contributing Developers

Establish the Universe Contributors launchpad group, allowing separation of the grant of Ubuntu Membership from the grant of Ubuntu Developer.

2008 January

MOTU Council election

As AndrewMitchell and DanielTChen left the MC we are looking for two new MC members.

If you candidate, please link your home page from here and mention:

  • your activities in the MOTU team (from beginning to contribute up until today) and mention what your specific interests are today
  • point out what you think the most important challenges of the team are in the next year
  • what you'd like to see change in the MOTU team

  • what you want to focus on as a member of the MC


2007 December

Supervision of Marco Rodrigues' activities

According to the decision on the MOTU future of Marco Rodrigues, CesareTirabassi and DanielHolbach are conducting a supervision of Marco's MOTU activities.



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