October 2009 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

Meeting, 2009-10-20:

Forum Council

LoCo Council

MOTU Council

  • MC Meeting, 2009-10-09:
    • Travis Watkins was welcomed back to the MOTU team and recommended for upload rights for compiz-related packages.
    • Robert Ancell joined the MOTU team.
  • Impromptu MC Meeting, 2009-10-29:
    • Jonathan Carter, South-African MOTU #2, joined the ranks of the MOTU team. Congratulations!

Technical Board

  • Technical Board meeting, 2009-10-06
    • Review actions from last meeting
      • Keybuk to find Bdale at LinuxCon to hash out participation: done; Bdale will watch a few meetings, then have a discussion. He is on the TB mailing list now.

      • kees to drive sun-java6 email thread and get resolution on responsibility: Neil is soliciting migration plans; needs to be discussed in-depth at next UDS; Colin made a note about handling it in the foundations track

      • cjwatson to drive DMB email thread to conclusion: followup happened, voting is ongoing

      • Keybuk to finalize unit policy and email to TB for vote: deferred

      • cjwatson to drive vote on Archive Reorg rights for ubuntu-desktop and mythbuntu in email: Blocked on DMB email thread conclusion, deferred

    • Archive reorganization:
    • Naming of new packages:
      • mdz raised the problem that newly created projects often change their name shortly after they get introduced to the wide audience (example: software-store → software-center, espresso → ubiquity); is there a possible process enhancement for this?
      • Keybuk: renaming packages later is better than introducing packages later (and getting fewer feedback)
      • pitti: does not happen often enough to be a major concern
      • cjwatson: we don't need to do this for packages that aren't really significantly user-visible
      • mdz will come back with a list of packages which were renamed and how much developer effort was wasted, to see whether any followup is required
    • core-dev application process
      • TB → DMB application handling is currently in flux, and there were objections against the proposed process
      • DMB meeting next Tuesday 1400 UTC to settle on a process
    • Select a chair for the next meeting
      • Keybuk
    • Actions from this meeting:
      • Keybuk to finalize unit policy and email to TB for vote
      • cjwatson to drive vote on Archive Reorg rights for ubuntu-desktop and mythbuntu in email
      • pitti to announce DMB meeting next Tuesday 1400
  • Technical Board meeting, 2009-10-20
    • Review actions from last meeting
      • Keybuk to finalize unit policy and email to TB for vote
        • See agenda item.
      • cjwatson to drive vote on Archive Reorg rights for ubuntu-desktop
        • and mythbuntu in email
        • This has been done.
      • pitti to announce DMB meeting next Tuesday 1400
        • This was done.
    • Developer Membership Board
      • The inaugural meeting took place last week, and meetings will take place every two weeks thereafter as required. ACTION (continued): jono to review and update governance documentation to reflect that the DMB is now handling developer applications, not the TB
    • Units Policy
      • https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnitsPolicy General consensus on the draft policy has been reached, with a note that the exception section could do with being less rules-based and merely granted to the traditional tools such as df and du, perhaps directly by name. ACTION: Keybuk to drive units policy to completion and vote by e-mail

    • EC2 image updates
      • https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2009-September/028954.html Discussion of Scott Moser's draft proposal for providing updated EC2 kernel (AKI), ramdisk (ARI) and filesystem (AMI) images on a regular basis throughout the cycle. It was agreed that an update to the kernel requires all three images to be updated, and that an update to either the ramdisk or filesystem needs those two images to be updated. The schedule was agreed to be based on the time to download the updates not included in a new image (which users need to configure themselves currently), and based on security issues. These updated images will be provided throughout the support cycle for the given release. ACTION: Scott Moser to dedraft from an RFC to a policy ACTION: Scott Moser to continue working on a system to find the right root filesystem

    • Community Bugs: none this week
    • Next meeting: Keybuk and cjwatson are unable to attend the next meeting, mdz may not be able to attend
    • Chair for next meeting: SABDFL

Ubuntu Development Teams

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for October 2009

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Cody uploaded a new version of xubuntu-artwork

Artwork and marketing

  • Steve released first version of Albatross xfwm4 theme
  • Pasi refreshed the Xubuntu artwork guidelines.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Asturian Team

  • Day 24 September: Introduction to Software Libre and Ubuntu. Library Atenéu (Turón/Mieres) Blog Tapaponga

  • Day 25 September: Ubuntu Install Party. Library Atenéu (Turón/Mieres) Blog Tapaponga

  • Upload poster for Install Party in SpreadUbuntu for the comunity.

  • October 18: This set of GNU/Linux awareness videos, collaborative work with Softastur and AsturLinux LUG (in asturian language, subtitles available in 7 other languages).

  • October 18: Install Party in Sietes. Pictures & post here.

Cameroonian Team

Catalan Team

Chilean Team

  • JRSL (Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre, Santiago) October 7th to 9th.

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

Honduras Team

Irish Team

  • Face to face meet up on Thursday 1st of October with ILUG in the Longstone.

  • The loco held a Global Jam on the Saturday, the 3rd of October in TOG.

  • Regular Monthly IRC Meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 14th October 2009.

  • The loco held a Karmic Koala release party on Saturday 31st October. First we had some food in Jimmy Chungs and then onto the Karma for drinks. A write up about the event can be found here and some photos.

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Norwegian team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

Saint Petersburg Team

Kuban Team

  • Ongoing effort in spreading Ubuntu 9.04 and Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS.
  • Distribution of actual repository snapshots for Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS.
  • Working on Automatic Information System for medicine service applications.
  • Final SFD-2009 events: First Second, Photos.

United States Teams

US Teams Project

California Team

Chicago Team


New York State Team

Ohio Team

Pennsylvania Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

* Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting 2009-10-06

  • Meetings will now take place once every month instead of twice
  • Agree that we need to continue making an effort to get new people interested in joining the team
  • Decide to alternate the meeting time each month to accommodate other time zones.
  • Zach Kleinhenz joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is an active member of many focus groups, and has done a great job of making new Ubuntu users feel welcome in the community.

  • komputes joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is really involved in the ubuntu community, bugs and supporting other users. He is also a key member in the ubuntu-qc LoCo.

  • Raidsong joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He has been doing a terrific job helping other users, and we are glad to welcome him to the team.

  • Diego Turcios joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team. He is very friendly and always attempts to help others with problems in #ubuntu-beginners-help where he can.

Ubuntu NGO Team

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