Warning /!\ NOTE, as of Trusty we as a community are migrating away from specificly scheduled cadence testing. This role will be fulfilled by automated testing. Instead exploratory manual testing is encouraged at all times throughout the cycle. See the tester role for more information. Warning /!\


Cadence testing is a term used to describe how the quality team operates its testing schedule. We follow a 2-week cadence for testing. This means that every 2 weeks, we focus and test the various aspects of Ubuntu. This includes image testing, as well as other areas of concern for QA that are specific to that cadence week.


Each release will have its own schedule. Some adjustments to the strict 2 weeks may be made for holidays, etc, so do pay attention to the schedule for each release. In addition, we normally delay the first week of cadence testing until some initial development work has occurred.


Saucy Cadence Schedule


Raring Cadence Schedule

How does it work?

In practice, every 2 weeks, we as a team test the daily images for Ubuntu over the course of the week. Members download the daily iso for Ubuntu (i386/amd64) and execute the testcases for the iso and report their results to the tracker.

The week is defined as Saturday to Saturday (in your local timezone). In addition during this testing week, we also test some specific testcases that have been chosen for the week. These change every cadence week, but typically include testing specific packages, such as a desktop application like nautilus or libreoffice, or testing hardware, like checking laptop microphone and webcam functionality for regressions.

How can I help?

You can help by testing the daily images during the cadence week, as well as submitting results for the targeted testcases as part of that week's testing. Follow the schedule link above and find the current cadence testing week. Inside you'll find links to the tracker that contains milestones and testcases for you to submit results against. Follow the tests and submit your results.

Need help learning how to submit results and use the tracker? Start here. Then follow the linked tutorial for submitting cadence test results.

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