Getting Started in Texas

  • Look for a region
    • Texas is big state. Okay, Texas is a REALLY big state. So obviously this hampers our ability to organize as a state on a regular basis. So what we have decided to do is organize into regional teams. A regional Team is really just code for "People within driving distance to each other".

    • Here are the current Regional Teams (activity may vary!, see-> Don't panic)

    • If none of those teams fit your location, you may want to try and organize your own regional group.
  • Communicate

    • Subscribe to the US-TX mailing list, everyone in the state should use it.

    • Pop into IRC you're regional team may have it's own channel, it may not; Either way #ubuntu-us-tx is a good place for you to start.
  • Don't panic

    • TexasTeam isn't very well established, though we've existed a long while. Give people time and be patient. If you are motivated enough, don't be afraid to start your own regional groups and do your own thing.


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