About Me

My name is Thomas, at the time of this writing I'm 32 years old, married, living in NRW, Germany. Among other things I enjoy travelling, spending time with friends and family, I do read a lot and try to workout regularly (although I'm pretty bad at keeping a regular cadence there :)).

I have been a Debian user before boarding the Ubuntu train at Warty, 4.10. Since then, I have been using Ubuntu for my day to day work and personal computing needs. With joining Canonical around 11.10, I started working on Ubuntu full-time.

Contact Information


  • Attempt to integrate the Open Input Framework with Chromium to enable pixel-perfect scrolling. Did not land on upstream, though.

  • Initial design and implementation of the Jenkins QA infrastructure that provides CI and Autolanding for launchpad projects today, together with work on the overall framework to enable coverage reporting, collection of test results etc..
  • Designed and implemented the platform-api layer for Ubuntu Touch that exposes base OS functionality like window mgmt capabilities, HW-accelerated rendering, input, sensors, camera and HW-accelerated video decoding to the QML SDK. Wrote the backend implementation that relies on hybris to provide the aforementioned functionality by leveraging existing Android components and drivers.

  • Architecture and parts of the implementation of Mir.

  • Architecture and integration of Unity Next with Mir.

Future Goals

I would like Ubuntu to be the first operating system/platform that is able to power a whole zoo of form-factors and provide users with a beautiful and efficient UX, that is consistent and seamlessly adapting to different usage scenarios, form factors and devices. At the same time I want to make sure that Ubuntu stays as open and accessible as possible, welcoming to newcomers, embracing diversity, offering a place for people to collaborate and build awesome things.


  • Thomas Voss is fantastic. I've met him at various UDSes, saw his work in various places and in the last few months worked together with him on making it easier to contribute to some upstream projects. He's very easy to work with, takes stressful times with his incredible sense of humour and I still have got to visit him - I promised! -- dholbach 2013-03-15 10:17:14

  • I have worked with Thomas Voß on the mir project and we had great fun developing a good process, a good team, a good design and great code. He's both very competent and humble enough to carry on learning. -- alan-griffiths

  • Thomas does great work and has demonstrated great contributions in his work Ubuntu Touch, Mir, and other areas. He is also actively working to encourage and welcome community contributions to these project and has demonstrated significant and sustained contributions. jonobacon

  • I've worked closely with Thomas in the development of Ubuntu phones and tablets. He is always concerned about getting the community involved and informed, and keeping the projects he is associated with to a high degree of quality and openness. Thomas would make a great Ubuntu member, especially because his voice in the Ubuntu community would ease our evolution to a truly cross-platform Ubuntu. kdub

  • Thomas is great to work with. He always joins technical discussion with knowledge from his past experience, or from the recent investigations he did, and contributes in useful ways to the discussion. His work is very valuable to Ubuntu today, and in defining Ubuntu what Ubuntu is going to be tomorrow. seb128

  • I work regularly with Thomas and he is a very technical and pragmatic architect; I value his strongly opinionated technical views while maintaining a sense of the priorities. Thomas is making and would keep making useful contributions to Ubuntu. Loïc Minier (lool)

  • In addition to be a very strong and technically skill artchitect who will have a huge impact on Ubuntu components and view as a distribution, Thomas is a really nice guys to work with. He really cares about making Ubuntu successful. He's also very aware about the Ubuntu processes, why we need to respect them and is trying to open more and more discussions to the public to get whole community feedback. Keep up the good work Thomas! Didier Rocher (didrocks)

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