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Hello all,

My name is Todd and I have been using Ubuntu since 2009. I have been interested in computers for 40 years and after learning about Ubuntu, I made the switch. I am a member of the AZ Loco Team and a member of several bug bug teams. I started with several installfests and became a regular team member and soon co-hosted installfests when others were unavailable. I then started organizing several other installfests in Tempe and Paradise Valley. In fall of 2010 I took over as Team leader and have enjoyed a slow steady growth of Azloco. I started several projects for our Team and with Team support we now have current servers wikis and test servers and just added a Big blue button server and ISO server. We have recently added an Owncloud server to our list of tools and services. We usually have two installfests every month at University of advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona, USA and Four ubuntu hours across the State. I run weekly meetings on #ubuntu-us-az and attend other events to promote Ubuntu, Loco and pass out DVD's. I also help with other local Linux user groups, monitor IRC and help answer questions. I maintain the team mail servers and mailing lists.

Current Level Of Involvement

Current Team Leader since 2010 running weekly IRC meetings.

  • -Team Member since April 21 2009 -I help run twice monthly Installfest with Plug at University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, AZ, USA -Planned and facilitated the installfest at University of Arizona. Currently planning and organizing Prescott Community College Installfest in Prescott, AZ. -Started and attend monthly Ubuntu hour in Tempe AZ and assisted in starting the Sierra Vista and Surprize AZ and the Phoenix ubuntu Hours. -Planned, set up and ran Installfest at City of Tempe on March 20 2010 -Edit, update and maintain; azloco wiki; azloco mail and mailing lists. -Organized and ran Global Jam for 11.04; 12.04; 12.10; 14.04. -Check, monitor and offer help on Team IRC and craigslist Linux Forum. -Manage all our own email and web servers -Attend local Linux events for training and expanding the use and knowledge of Ubuntu and open source

leader and run weekly meeting - AZ LoCo Weekly Meeting

Team Memberships

Arizona LoCo Team

  • Member Since: April 21, 2009
  • I promote Ubuntu at every opportunity, carrying install CDs everywhere I go and talking to everyone I see using a PC.
  • I am active on IRC channels #ubuntu-us-az, #kubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-bugs-announce.
  • I attend every monthly Installfest and many Phoenix plug events along with several other state wide Lugs events classes and pass out cd's at all events and promote AZLOCO and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu BugSquad

  • Member Since: April 21, 2009
  • Daily work on finding bugs, finding duplicates, and triaging bugs
  • Looking for more ways to help the team
  • Monitor #ubuntu-bugs-announce

Ubuntu LoCo Enthuiasts

  • Member Since: February 12, 2009
  • Continue to inform Ubuntu using friends of the importance of LoCo Teams

  • Do everything asked of me by my LoCo team

Ubuntu Users

  • Member Since: April 21, 2009

Ubuntu 64-bit

  • Member Since: April 21, 2009

Ubuntu Bugs

  • Member Since: April 21, 2009
  • Daily work on finding bugs, finding duplicates, and triaging bugs
  • Looking for more ways to help the team
  • Spend time on #Natty-bugs

US Teams Project

  • Via Arizona LoCo Team

  • Organized, arranged, set-up and facilitated Installfests at University of Arizona 2011
  • Organized, arranged, set-up and facilitated Installfests at University of Advanced Technology, Tempe, AZ 2009-current
  • Helped with InstallFest in Tucson: Tucson Intrepid Install Fest

My Goals With Ubuntu

  • My Short Term Goals
    • Become an Ubuntu Member (Done)
    • Help increase the AZ LoCo knowledge and use of Ubuntu throughout the community

  • My Long Term Goals
    • Continue to promote Ubuntu and Open Source wherever I can
    • Always live by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

    • Improve on Launchpad Karma
    • Help AZ LoCo expand to educate the public about the benefits of Ubuntu Linux.

    • Help the UWN expand and reach more of the Community.


How can I define Todd's contributions without missing anything? That's a hard one and it will require me to think back over 5 years when The Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team was an infant. You see Todd has been active as long as I can remember. After I resigned my position as Team Leader he stepped up and took over. His efforts to help the team were then and still are substantial. As a matter of fact he has accomplished much more than I managed to. His commitment to this LoCo and to Ubuntu is something for anyone to aspire to – he embodies The Ubuntu Code of Conduct on and off-line. The amount of time he puts in precludes him from doing much outside the team. His mentoring skills and his ability to attract helpful LoCo-ers has really paid off in that the team has grown not just in raw numbers but in real active participants and in Team Activities: he's even gotten me active again. If it weren't for Todd's tireless efforts I fear for continued Team Meetings, Installfests, Release Parties, and Ubuntu Hours, and continued interaction with other LUGs in Arizona. I know I can't demand anything on the Membership Council, but I can easily say that Ubuntu would be a better Community with him as a Member, Ambassador, and Evangelist. J Scott Gwin

I have known Todd for several years now and he is one of those exceptional people who help out, contribute and be persistent in the quest to promote and improve free software, and Ubuntu in general. I have seen many people become aware of (and interested in) the open source community and the Linux/Ubuntu alternative. I consider Todd a very good friend that helps me when needed, and goes above and beyond what could be expected from a volunteer.

Walter Mack,

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