Translations from Universe demotions

While a package is in the Ubuntu main repository, its translations are available through Launchpad Translations and everyone can see their status and download them.

When a package is demoted from main to the universe repository, the translations will no longer be updated in Launchpad Translations and the template will be disabled and thus not exposed for translation (but never deleted!).

While a template is disabled, users can no longer submit suggestions or request downloads.

If changes where made in Launchpad and not commited upstream, disabling a template could lead to loosing those translations.

In order to avoid this, before disabling a translation the Ubuntu Translation Coordinators team exports the translations, puts them in a public place and makes an announcement on the ubuntu-translators mailing list.

Below is the list of templates moved from main to universe in recent times. If on the index page the status bar for your language contains a blue or purple section, you should consider sending those changes upstream.


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