Key Details


Many points of this road map was discussed in irc meetings and in the mailing list (some pointers here, here and here).

We have 7 work groups, each one have its planning.

  1. Secretary

    • Federate all the groups to work together in harmony.
    • Define and explain the community rules.
    • Archive and manage the all meetings reports and documents.
    • Keep safe the community assets.
  2. Relationships with companies

    • SIB 2008 exposition, (biggest computer exposition in Tunisia) Nov 08: propose to local manufacturers to use Ubuntu.
    • Build database of Tunisian companies that can offer sponsoring.
    • Periodically visit databased companies.
  3. Relationships with universities

    • Encourage using of ubuntu in universities
    • Contact students groups and clubs to present ubuntu as an alternative and complete OS
  4. International relationships

  5. Events

    • SFD Tunisia 2008 - we are invited by the organisation comity to participate to the SFD'2008. This event will be held after the Intrepid Ibex release. So we plan to present this new version with the new features.

    • Many Intrepid Ibex Install Party's are planed (FST Tunis, ISET Charguiya, ...).
  6. Web&Tech

    • Website : We already discussed the detailed sitemap on the June 9 2008 IRC meeting. The main elements are support forums, event calendar, documentation and planet. We are about beginning the development. It will be online in few weeks.

    • Wiki pages : Rewrite and reorganize Wiki pages related to TunisianTeam to make them more clear and user friendly.

    • IRC : Create our own bot with some user helping features.
    • Mirror : The Government is about offering our LoCo Team a local Ubuntu mirror, we will ensure its installation and maintenance.

  7. Redaction

    • Write all the content for our website.
    • Publish one article or more per month in a national press.
    • Maintain archives for the LoCo Team actions.



  • Install party Ubuntu 8.04
    Organization of an Install party and a presentation of Hardy features for the students of the "Institut Supérieur d'Etudes Technologiques" Charguiya - Tunisia (17 May 2007). [Announcement], Preparation and discussion on the mailing list in French.

  • Install party Ubuntu 8.04
    Organization of an Install party and a presentation of Hardy features for the students of the "Institut Supérieur d'Informatique" Tunis - Tunisia in collaboration with another tunisian team "Free Ways" (30 April 2007). Preparation and discussion on the mailing list in French. The event poster.

  • SFD Tunisia 2007
    Participation in the Software Freedom Day 2007 ( which was organized on 27 October 2007 on sciences city in Tunis. Team preparation and photos.

  • JLL 2007 (Journée du Logiciel Libre = OpenSource Software Day) organized in the Faculty of Science of Tunis.

  • Journée informatique scolaire libre Menzeh 6.

  • Conference about Ubuntu in "Mjez el Beb" city.


  • July 5 2008 Real life : Every work group presented its ambition and goals. We collected information about all past activities during this meeting. Photos: Album1, Album2

  • June 27 2008 IRC : We invited boredandblogging to our IRC channel in order to know more about approuval requirements and get advices about companies contributions Minutes

  • June 20 2008 IRC : We voted the creation of 7 work groups and nominated one coordinator and one assistant for each group. Coordinators and assistants are The Team's Direction Board. More details about groups, elected persons and a summary about each group role on this page (French).

  • June 9 2008 IRC : Discussion about the website structure and various other details.

  • April 30 2008 Real life : During this meeting Alibb and MBB were charged of the mission to create a structure for the Team. Minutes (pdf)

  • April 20 2008 IRC : We voted a new logo and had various discussions about our roadmap, our future website and some other projects. Minutes

  • March 02 2008 IRC, preparing team participation to the Open Fest Day. This event was cancelled by it's organisers.

  • November 04 2007 IRC, Analysis and debriefing of our participation on SFD'2007.

  • October 31 2007 Real life : Meeting with madame la secrétaire d'etat de l'informatique et des logiciels libres (Tunisian State Secretary of computing and FOSS) to present our team and it's goals and how the state secretary can help us. Fast preparation and minutes.

  • August 13 2007 IRC, as well as August 14, 15 and 21, preparing team participation on SFD'2007.

Members participation

Here a summary about participation of some members in Launchpad and in the Team.


  • Custom Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD presented and distributed during JLL 2008

  • Custom Ubuntu 7.04 Live CD (Created by Imen) focused on school tools, created for the Open day : Open source at School.

  • Custom Ubuntu Live CD presented and distributed during JLL 2007
  • ADDON CD (Created by Zied) : The CD was presented and distributed during SFD'2007. Contains major necessary packages for a Tunisian Ubuntu Users :
    • Programming packages : Eclipse, Anjuta, ...
    • Educating packages : Latex, Kile
    • Languages packages : Arabic and french
    • Design packages : Dia, Quanta Plus ...
    • Update packages


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