1 Introduction

The main mission of Ubuntu-tn team is to spread Ubuntu use in Tunisia. To achieve this mission, the Ubuntu LoCo team-tn organised a day at ESSEC (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Comemrciales). The goal of this day was to introduce Ubuntu to teachers and students of this school.

2 Event context

  • • Event venue: ESSEC (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et

    • Event date: 16 April 2009
    • Event time: from 16:00 to 18:00
    • Event organizer: Ubuntu-tn
    • Number of attendees: about 7 teachers and 100 students

3 Talks

3.1 Introduction to Ubuntu

  • • Presenter: Karim Fathallah
    • Topics: During this talk, the presenter talked about Ubuntu-tn, followed

    • by Ubuntu OS and Free Open Source Softwares.

    • Duration: from 16:18 to 16:50
    • Supported document: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Presentations

3.2 How do they earn money from open source softwares?

  • • Presenter: Zied Alaya
    • Topics: The purpose of this presentation was to explain some parts of the

    • economic model of Free Software and how they have become a strategic choice for companies and how this model allows for the dissemination and

      sharing of technologies.

    • Duration: from 17:05 to 17:30
    • Supported document: see Logiciels Libres- comment ils gagnent de l'argents (odp).

3.3 Open discussion

  • • Presenter: Wajih Letaeif
    • Topics: The aim of this talk was about installing some softwares under Ubuntu, installing Windows softwares under Linux followed by a discussion about use of free open sorce software vs proprietary software. During this discussion, Wajih LETAEIF did a brief presentation of VirtualBox concept, how to install it and use it.
    • Duration: from 17:40 to 17:50
    • Supported document: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Presentations

4 Workshops


5 Acknowledgements

A big thank to everyone who participated in this event and especially to Ms. Lamia Enneifar, professor of computer science, who was the manager of this day.

6 Press release and documents

Event photos: http://picasaweb.google.fr/alaya.zied/ESSEC

7 Ubuntu-tn attendees


8 Conclusion

This day was an opportunity for a first meeting between: Chaker Zaafouri and Karim Fathallah; and a first meeting of: Mouahed Nahale with other members. Karim Fathallah used the same prentation supprot of RachedTN without any changes: not even the name of presenter! Here is an excellent example for the respect of others work.

Credits :
Written by : Wassim DERGUECH
Added and reviewed by : Rached ALEYA, Zied ALAYA & Ubuntu-tn editorial Team & ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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