Key Details

Scheduled Activities

  • Ubuntu-tn classroms for a technical topics (Bzr, LP, triaging bugs, etc).

  • Make our website public with updated content starting from 1st Feburuary.

  • We are going to start a brainstorming sessions as soon as possible to held a local UbuCon for the next LTS version.

  • IRC meetings, we are trying to held meeting or two per month.


  • Supporting all the Tunisian FLOSS community

  • Be part of Software Freedom Day 2017 (DONE)

  • Ubuntu Release Parties

  • Ubuntu-tn classrooms - Get back to have some irc classrooms, including cli 101 and Golbal Jam oriented classrooms.

  • Ubuntu Global Jam - We are planning more advanced contributions in larger number of participants for next Ubuntu Global Jams as the team members now have more technical experience with packaging and bug triagging activities. Our next challenge is to actually have some involved in each Ubuntu development cycle.

  • IRL National Meeting - Our community is in need of a new national meeting to reactivate members in most of the cities and increase the number of new active members. This is planned for the next two to three months.

  • Universities events - Making contact with the new peoples who are running FLOSS clubs in universities to have Ubuntu-tn event in those universities.

  • Increase active FF members - FF members are the heart of our team! they are the members who do most of the job and make the community more active and productive. We have been already working on increasing the number of this team members and we are planning to reach at least twice the number of Current FF members before 2019.

  • More cooperation with other communities - More cooperation with other teams and communities from other countries like Ubuntu Africa and the whole International community.

  • Make use and cleanup the community resources - Clean up our Wiki by removing or archiving the old pages, use LP, LoCo Dir, ML and IRC more often to keep tracks of the community activities.

  • Teach community active members to work on our main resources - ML, irc, Wiki, LP, LoCo Dir.

  • Website - Create a showcase website, it should be user friendly and only have information about the LoCo, try to push community to contribute to it via LP.


November 2017

  • SFD 2017 - Be part of the Tunisian Software Freedom Day

May 2017

  • FreeDev by FREEWAYS ISI - Present the LoCo during the event and present a Docker Presentation and workshop

March 2017

  • ISETJ 17.03 - Host a 2 days event at ISET Jendouba

November 2016

  • SFD 2016 - Be part of the Tunisian Software Freedom Day, hosting 5 workshops:

    • Docker 101
    • Introduction to Lua & 2D Game development

    • How to contribute to the Linux Kernel: Submit your 1st Linux PATCH
    • Git & GitHub 101

    • Raspberry Pi

October 2016

  • Thank You My Teacher - Present the LoCo, Ubuntu and FOSS during the celebration of the International Teachers Day

March 2016

  • LoCo Meeting - A meeting to try to find solutions for the LoCo problems

February 2016

Nouvember 2015

October 2015

  • SFD 2015 - Be part of the Tunisian Software Freedom Day

  • JLLFST - Join the celebration of the 11th anniversary of FOSS club of FST (CLLFST)

  • FSF Anniversary - Join the community during the celebration 30th anniversary of FSF at EPISousse

  • LibreOffice Training - LO training for school kids after a request from JCI Rades.


  • Keeping the LoCo alive

  • Supporting other FLOSS clubs and communities

  • Presenting Ubuntu and Ubuntu-tn LoCo team to the public (Students, professionals, etc)

  • Give speeches, talks and technical workshops during events about different domains related to the FLOSS.

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