This Ubuntu Developer Summit is going to be in Dallas, Texas and we will have five action-packed days in which we set the goals for Ubuntu 10.04, code-named the Lucid Lynx. The end of UDS is going to be very special, we'll have an Ubuntu Allstars Jam again.

This is how it's going to work: if you play an instrument, sing or can contribute to a jam in any way, we need you. We will kick off the planning for the event now on the mailing list of the Ubuntu Allstars team. You can suggest songs and find people to play your songs with. During the week we will have a room in the evenings in which you can rehearse.

On the Wednesday of UDS week we will meet to kick off rehearsing and planning. Time and place will be announced during UDS.

We have a Texan BBQ on Friday followed by the jam and Karaoke is going to be available as well. Smile :-)

This is going to be fantastic. Make sure you join the team today, help out with the planning please!

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