Plenary Ideas and Suggestions

After lunch at UDS we usually have an hour of plenary talks to give people an opportunity to address Ubuntu developers as a whole. Usually these are broken up into :15 minute sessions. If you want to do a plenary then please add your topic below. Here are some hints:

  • The intended audience is the group of Ubuntu Developers and upstreams/downstreams in attendance.
  • "Here's what's going with this upstream project and how it will affect Ubuntu" makes for great plenaries.
  • 15 minutes is preferred but if you need more time then please note that.
  • The presenter should not bore people to death, remember it's right after lunch.

When scheduling starts JorgeCastro will slot your plenary into a session and it will show up on the schedule. It is up to YOU to ensure that your presentation gets delivered to Jorge ahead of time. This can be via USB stick, mail, Ubuntu One, or whatever. Unless you are demoing something that requires your own laptop we'd ask everyone to just use the projector already there. Jorge will also drive your slides if you want and take questions from the audience with the microphone.

Proposed Plenaries



Special Needs

What's in the Qt Pipeline

Jorgen Lind and Thiago Macieira

projector, Monday or Tuesday only

Making Meetings Awesome


projector + internet

Edubuntu - Plans for the future



Happiness through Wine


own laptop + projector: first after lunch is probably best

Community Contributions



State of the Art of OpenPrinting


projector + internet

Contributing with a Ground Control


projector + internet

Reviewing patches with Mergimus

Sense Hofstede

project, internet, access to Launchpad and a notebook. (Plenary most preferably before the two patch initiative talks scheduled for Wednesday)


AlanBell or Popey or Daviey

projector + internet + some people in the room on internet

Launchpad Translations: bridging the gap with upstreams

DavidPlanella + HenningEggers

projector + internet

Maverick Development Process, Schedule Overview



Application Developers and Maverick

rickspencer3 and others


Touch Device Experience



What's this bit do? -- Ghosts of the plumbing layer; past, present and future


projector, 30 minutes, spooky-sounding chains

First look at a new tool - Tracking kernel patches across many git repos


projector + own laptop for demo

Lightning Talks

On the Friday instead of Plenaries we will have Lightning Talks. Remember that it's the end of UDS and everyone will be tired, so don't be boring. We're just going to queue you up next to the projector and fire off a 5 minute timer. Sign up here:

  • Alan Pope - Mumbuntu
  • Steve Langasek - 5 ways to break your system with upstart
  • Chris Johnston - Intro to ClassBot

  • Dustin Kirkland - UEC LiveCD Demo
  • Jonathan Lange - Hack like an evil overlord
  • Travis Hartwell - Debugging and source dependencies

Plenaries and Lightning Talks You'd Like to See

If you'd like to see a topic covered put it down here so we can hunt presenters down:

  • At GUADEC mpt gave a talk on ten things developers can do to improve their software from a design basis. That would be a great talk to have at UDS.
  • At GUADEC mpt once explained to me the details of what makes fonts awesome; stuff I never noticed. We should have mpt/mt do a combined font geek thing.
  • Boot speed progress report
  • Making people aware of what is needed for your application to provide proper accessibility support.
  • A quick talk on what to do and what not to do when starting a new project or team within the Ubuntu Community.

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