Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu project, offers a limited set of travel and accommodation sponsorships for each Ubuntu Developer Summit that we host.

It is important to be clear that not everyone gets sponsorship, and many great contributors don't receive sponsorship.

The deadline for submissions is 26 March 2010!

Requesting Sponsorship

Requesting sponsorship is pretty simple, and we have a simple system to handle sponsorship requests. To apply for sponsorship, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign In

Go to http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-m and log in with OpenID. When you have logged in, click the Request Sponsorship link.

Step 2: Add Your Details

On the first page, add your Location and use the About yourself box to tell us why you should be sponsored and tell us about your work on Ubuntu – here you should tell us your vital stats – tell us about:

  • If you're a developer:
    • your work on the sponsorship queue
    • what you have uploaded
  • If you're involved in any Ubuntu community work:
    • which teams you are in
    • your LoCo involvement

    • documentation you have written
    • translation work
  • ...and any other work that you have been involved in.

When you have done this, click the Next button. On the final page, answer the questions and then click Finish to finish your sponsorship request.

Step 3: Await The Response

We will review your application and you will get a response in the following few weeks after the deadline. If you don't get approval, please remember that many good and committed contributors don't get approval, purely because we don't have the resources to send everyone: it is not a personal reflection on you or your work on Ubuntu. UDS is open to everyone and we still welcome your participation if you can find a means to cover your expenses. We also encourage you to reapply for sponsorship for the next UDS when it opens. Regardless you will receive an email telling you what the status is, if you do not receive an email please get in contact with JorgeCastro.

Important: There is some weird bug at the end of the process where your browser will get stuck in a loop between launchpad and the summit system, however applications are still going through. If in doubt please contact JorgeCastro.

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